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Nobody Wants To See Your Facebook Look Back Video

Huffington Post - 04 Feb 2014
This might hurt your feelings, but I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't care about your Facebook history. For its 10th anniversary, Facebook came out with a new feature called "A Look Back." It's a slideshow of a smattering of photos from ...
facebook lookback

This startup wants to become the Facebook of death

TNW - 20 Sep 2018
As Alhermizi explained to me, users can revisit communities on anniversaries and birthdays, look back on previous posts, or share new tributes and memories. This approach is in stark contrast to Facebook, where pictures and threads are standalone and ...
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Take a Look Back at Twitter's Earliest Incarnation

Entrepreneur - 20 Sep 2018
In early September, Dorsey joined Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg on Capitol Hill to testify before the House and the Senate about what they were doing to prevent people at home and abroad from using the platforms to spread misinformation, especially with ...
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The Register's high school Athletes of the Week for Sept. 9-15 - 20 Sep 2018
The Register's Male and Female Athletes of the Week have been named for the week of Sept. 9-15. The winners are Griffin Parker of Waukee and Emma Lucas of Bedford. Parker, a senior golfer, won with 46.93 percent of the votes cast by readers. Lucas ...
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Reputation Scores on Facebook? Bring Them On

Bloomberg - 30 Aug 2018
Facebook just came up with a really creepy idea: To stem the flow of disinformation, the social network has started assigning reputation scores to users. If you post stuff that the company deems suspicious, your score will fall and you will be filtered ...
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A look back at Irma and the role of technology in disaster response

University of Miami - 10 Sep 2018
The University of Miami and Facebook joined forces Monday to host a Disaster Response Forum at the UM's Newman Alumni Center, bringing together local residents, nonprofit organizations, technology leaders, and industry experts to discuss the role that ...
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Facebook backs new Brazil-Argentina submarine cable

ZDNet - 12 Sep 2018
Facebook is backing the construction of a submarine cable system that will link Brazil and Argentina and enhance connectivity between the Southern Cone and the United States. The 2,500km submarine cable Malbec will be the first to reach Argentina since ...
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Facebook deletes Burt Reynolds Cosmo photo from user posts

WGNO - 11 Sep 2018
Facebook users were angry over the weekend when the photo of Burt Reynolds in the iconic Cosmo centerfold kept vanishing from the social network. Apparently, the photo violated Facebook's community standards. After his death, the photo was repeatedly ...
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Real Parent: What to do when the Band Plague runs amok

SW News Media - 20 Sep 2018
I can prove it, because this morning, Facebook thought I'd “like” to look back on a post from exactly two years ago, which has a photo of our TV set with the caption, “All the Sweeney girls are sick — what else to do but a 'Pride and Prejudice' marathon?

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