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Nobody Wants To See Your Facebook Look Back Video

Huffington Post - 04 Feb 2014
This might hurt your feelings, but I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't care about your Facebook history. For its 10th anniversary, Facebook came out with a new feature called "A Look Back." It's a slideshow of a smattering of photos from ...
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Facebook, Inc. Hits 2 Billion Users -- But It Won't Stop There

Motley Fool - 27 Jun 2017
The achievement comes over five years after Facebook hit 1 billion users, and it highlights the social network's persistent strong growth in its user base. At 2 billion users, here's a look back at Facebook's user growth -- and why Facebook's user base ...
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A Look Back At PayPal's Impressive Week

Benzinga - 21 Jul 2017
PayPal has now announced deals with Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC), Citigroup Inc (NYSE: C), Android, Samsung, Apple, Visa, Mastercard Inc (NYSE: MA), Discover Financial Services (NYSE: DFS) and even Facebook Inc (NASDAQ: FB) just in the past 12 ...
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The Future of College Is Facebook Meme Groups

New York Magazine - 11 Jul 2017
It turns out that nearly every elite academic institution in America has a booming Facebook group dedicated solely to the creation and sharing of school-related memes — and Martin Shkreli has somehow invaded almost all of them. ...
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Better Buy: Facebook, Inc. vs Twitter

Motley Fool - 11 Jul 2017
Considering, however, that Facebook is still growing revenue while Twitter struggles to turn things back around, the company certainly deserves a higher multiple. If you look back three years ago, when Twitter was growing revenue rapidly, it traded for ...
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A look back at New England's worst hurricanes, in photos - 17 Jul 2017
Charlie Baker has officially devoted this week to hurricane preparedness, urging Massachusetts residents to educate themselves on how to prepare for a worst-case scenario weather event. Here's a look back, in photos, at some of the worst hurricanes in ...
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Liam Gallagher blasts brother Noel for performing with U2

New York Daily News - 10 Jul 2017
Ex Oasis frontman — and resident hothead — Liam Gallagher certainly didn't take the lyrics to the band's song "Don't Look Back in Anger" to heart Monday when he blasted his brother Noel for singing a rendition of the tune Saturday with U2, a band he ...

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