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Nobody Wants To See Your Facebook Look Back Video

Huffington Post - 04 Feb 2014
This might hurt your feelings, but I'm just going to come out and say it: I don't care about your Facebook history. For its 10th anniversary, Facebook came out with a new feature called "A Look Back." It's a slideshow of a smattering of photos from ...
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Order's up! A nostalgic look back to restaurants

Herald-Mail Media - 12 Nov 2017
We'll post the photo again on the Herald-Mail Media Facebook page as well as our other Facebook page called Remember When in Hagerstown, which takes a nostalgic look back at events in Hagerstown and Washington County. We encourage you to share ...
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'We Thought You'd Like to Look Back on This Post from 1 Year Ago'

The Atlantic - 08 Nov 2017
Posts by Clinton voters processing their shock and disappointment appeared alongside their happy photos from earlier in the day, thanks to the nonchronological design of Facebook's feed. And today, Facebook is dredging these posts up from the depths ...
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How Much Did Facebook's Profits Grow in 3Q17?

Market Realist - 15 Nov 2017
If we look back over the past several quarters, we can see that Facebook has sustained steady profit growth by growing revenues faster than its expenses. In 2Q17, revenues grew 45% YoY, while expenses grew 33% YoY. This caused its net profit to grow ...
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Why Russia's Facebook ad campaign wasn't such a success

Washington Post - 03 Nov 2017
There was a sense in this past week's congressional hearings with executives from Facebook, Twitter and Google that Russia's meddling in the 2016 presidential campaign was a raging success. “If you look back the results,” said Sen. Mark R. Warner (D-Va ...
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Every Ever Takes a Look Back at the History of Star Wars Games

IGN - 10 Nov 2017
Every Ever is just one of several shows we have on Facebook's new "Watch" platform. Don't miss our variety of other series, including IGN's Expert Mode and Next Big Game, and stay tuned for more shows to come, including Cosplay Makeover, IGN Brick ...
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Pictures from 2008 Bendigo school formals

Bendigo Advertiser - 18 Nov 2017
We'll let you be the judge of fashions nine years ago, as you scroll through the above collection of pictures from Bendigo formals in 2008. The gallery features then-students of Kangaroo Flat Secondary College, Flora Hill Secondary College, Eaglehawk ...
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Facebook's Slack competitor is getting a standalone messaging app

Mashable - 26 Oct 2017
"I remember a lot of people, the first time they ever heard of Workplace, they were kind of somewhat skeptical as to why Facebook is building this, and were they serious about it," says Workplace Product Manager Simon Cross. "If I look back on the last ...
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Two Years Later: A look back at Windstorm 2015

KHQ Right Now - 16 Nov 2017
Friday marks two years since a devastating windstorm blew through Spokane, knocking down trees and power poles, and leaving hundreds of thousands of people in the dark. It was (really) cold and dark and crews worked tirelessly to restore power and ...

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