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fake food

Josh Tetrick Is the Elon Musk of Condiments

Grub Street - 19 Jul 2018
Despite these reported issues, JUST, Inc. did eventually find funding last year, which it announced when it first revealed its fake egg. But, hey, this is also, as others have pointed out, a food company that likes to call itself a tech company ...
fake food

Peterborough: 'Real Food, Fake Food' at Lyceum

Monadnock Ledger Transcript - 28 Jun 2018
On Sunday, author Larry Olmsted will open the 2018 season of the Monadnock Summer Lyceum with his presentation “Real Food, Fake Food: Why You Don't Know What You're Eating and What You Can Do About It.” Named one of “The Best New Books” of ...
fake food

Fake Corner Store Is Back In North Lawndale For 'The Chi' Filming

Block Club Chicago - 19 Jul 2018
Their frustration only grew when the show stopped filming and boxes of unopened, unexpired food and household supplies from the set were tossed into a dumpster. Residents, some of whom called the area a “food desert” and said they can't easily access ...
fake food

Fake food allergies have no place at my wedding

Herald Sun - 17 Jul 2018
The first ones are the kind of legitimate health conditions confirmed by medical experts that see people carry EpiPens with them everywhere, live in fear of anaphylaxis striking, and look as though they've just learned Hitler has risen from the bunker ...
fake food

FOOD & VINO: Fake it 'til you make it

Spotlight News - 13 Jul 2018
Farm-raised catfish is a great choice for diners who prefer healthy, sustainably sourced seafood. But as flavorful as farm-raised catfish can be, chef Kevin Gillespie, author of “Fire In My Belly” (Andrews McMeel), wanted to up the flavor factor even ...
fake food

Fake food: Massive counterfeit factory found in Northern Cape

All4Women - 12 Jul 2018
According to a statement, the K9 unit were following up on leads regarding the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of household foods and other goods. “Police found goods of well-known branded spices, baking powder, instant yeast, sanitary towels ...
fake food

FDA warns of imposters sending consumers fake warning letters

FDA.gov - 13 Jul 2018
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning consumers about criminals forging FDA warning letters to target individuals who tried to purchase medicines online or over the phone. Based on the agency's experience with criminals posing as FDA ...
fake food

Fake Meat? Environmental Group Worries It May Be Too Early

Fortune - 27 Jun 2018
Lab-made and fake meat are a critical area of food sustainability research, given growing demand for meat products in the developing world, the deleterious effect the meat industry has on the environment and how climate change is altering where food ...
fake food

Utah County's Most Wanted: Man used fake money for fast food

Daily Herald - 03 Jul 2018
The Utah County Sheriff's Office is searching for several people who violated probation conditions after facing criminal charges in Utah County, including two people charged with drug possession, a man who stole a pickup truck and another man who tried ...
fake food

Fake Meat, Served Six Ways

WIRED - 02 Jul 2018
Tasty fake meat is exciting, but not nearly as exciting as the idea of a completely new food system with a diversity of inputs and completely new outputs—a completely new food science. Imagine augmented meat tissue with novel nutritional profiles ...
fake food

Fake food, fake medicine

Trinidad News - 08 Jul 2018
It was amusing to read about our Agriculture Minister's outburst at last week's Food Fraud conference in Port of Spain, a major fraud capital. He was complaining about an outrageous video by a well-known (or should I say notorious?), local, self-styled ...
fake food

Boston University's Fake-O-Nomics Darling

Marshall News Messenger - 19 Jul 2018
As for starving children, government statistics show that hunger has dropped to its lowest levels in a decade as unemployment and food inflation have declined. Federal food stamp usage has also plunged to historic lows. Instead of hitting the books, ...

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