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fake food

The best pepperoni pizzas in Austin

MyStatesman.com - 20 Sep 2018
It's another fake food holiday; I mean, really, #NationalPepperoniPizza day? Well, whatever. It is one of my favorite pizza orders, though I sometimes get creative. A pizza from Home Slice Pizza with a red bell pepper heart design. Tom McCarthy Jr. FOR ...
fake food

Why Google Made Commercials for a Fake Food Brand

Food & Wine - 22 Aug 2018
The impact of “fake news” on social media has been a hot topic recently; meanwhile, Google and YouTube have been dabbling in a slightly different kind of endeavor: fake advertisements. In fact, Google created a whole fake food brand and ran over 33 ...
fake food

'Fake meat' is at the center of food fight in Missouri

CNN - 29 Aug 2018
The new measure is drawing backlash from a range of organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union of Missouri, the Animal Legal Defense Fund, the Good Food Institute and the company that produces Tofurky. The groups immediately filed a ...
fake food

Fake food hitting shop shelves

Central Telegraph - 14 Sep 2018
FOOD fraudsters are becoming more cunning and coming up with new tricks to catch consumers and regulators unaware. While honey has made headlines as the latest culprit, several other foods could also be sneaking their way on to the supermarket ...
fake food

'Fake food' in South Africa - myths and misinformation

Independent Online - 17 Sep 2018
There is very little hard data about what's referred to as “fake food” in both the formal and informal sectors. This means the issue is politically charged and dominated by opinions, not evidence. What is counterfeit food? There are many different ...
fake food

Health department probes 'fake' food claims

TimesLIVE - 28 Aug 2018
Following scores of photographs and videos allegedly depicting “fakefood being sold at foreign-owned spaza shops in several townships‚ the Health Ministry announced on Tuesday that it was taking steps to verify these claims. Ministry spokesman Popo ...
fake food

No 'fake food' found after inspections at 470 shops in SA

TimesLIVE - 03 Sep 2018
No “fake food” has been found by the health department after countrywide inspections of more than 400 small shops. “There is no plastic rice or bread that won't dissolve in water‚” health minister Aaron Motsoaledi said at a press conference in ...
fake food

Fake food crunch

Independent Online - 02 Sep 2018
Residents assaulted foreign shop owners, stealing the “fake” and “ex- pired” goods they were objecting to. The African Diaspora Forum, which represents foreign shop owners, also blamed the government for dereliction of duty. Somali Community Board ...
fake food

Government investigates “fake food” claims

CapeTown ETC - 03 Sep 2018
In recent weeks, videos of alleged 'fake foods' being sold by various spaza shops and corner stores across the country have made the rounds on social media. Protests against the sale of these so-called fake foods have even resulted in the deaths of ...
fake food

Crackdown on fake foods

Independent Online - 29 Aug 2018
Johannesburg - Counterfeit goods and expired food have been confiscated during raids, with health practitioners warning communities from consuming such items. Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi's spokesperson Popo Maja on Tuesday said the ...
fake food

Poisoned wells, holy cows, fake food and the road ahead

Daily Maverick - 09 Sep 2018
Reports indicate that the organisation's head, Robbie McKenzie, specifically targeted shopkeepers originally from Pakistan with rumours about “fake food”. Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi has reported that health inspectors did not find a single ...

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