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fall equinox 2018

Fall equinox 2018: Not as 'equal' as you may think

CNN - 22 Sep 2018
Come Saturday, we'll enter our second equinox of 2018. If you reside in the Northern Hemisphere, you know it as the fall equinox (or autumnal equinox). For people south of the equator, this equinox actually signals the coming of spring. Folks right ...
fall equinox 2018

Here Comes Fall: Harvest Moon 2018 Rises Tonight!

Space.com - 24 Sep 2018
The moment of the equinox — the official end of summer and beginning of autumn — will not arrive until 9:54 p.m. EDT. East of the prime meridian, where the equinox occurs after midnight, the first day of fall will actually be on Sunday (0154 GMT ...
fall equinox 2018

Enormous Harvest Moon greets fall equinox, your photos here

The Weather Network - 26 Sep 2018
Tuesday, September 25, 2018, 4:26 PM - Stargazers across Canada were treated to the enormous Harvest Moon Monday night. Each month's Full Moon comes with a special name -- Wolf Moon in January and Strawberry Moon in July are just two examples.
fall equinox 2018

Review: Ben Howard plays a dreamy fall equinox show in Troutdale

Oregon Daily Emerald - 24 Sep 2018
Concert-goers shed their summer clothes for fall fashion, dawning boots and bringing extra blankets for their seats. The sun set with the dreamy sounds of the North Carolina band Wye Oak, who is touring alongside Ben Howard for the next month. During ...
fall equinox 2018

Fall Is in the Air: Images of the Season

The Atlantic - 09 Oct 2018
Autumn really is the best season. The autumnal equinox took place a couple of weeks ago, marking the end of summer and the start of fall across the Northern Hemisphere. Now it is the season of harvests, festivals, migrations, winter preparations, and, ...
fall equinox 2018

Equilux happens Wednesday, days after Autumnal equinox

KCTV Kansas City - 25 Sep 2018
KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Science is cool and so is the weather. The Autumnal equinox happened a couple days ago, but on Wednesday, we're going to have “Equilux.” What's that you ask? KCTV5 Meteorologist Alena Lee explains it this way.
fall equinox 2018

Students, faculty, public celebrate the September equinox

The Massachusetts Daily Collegian - 25 Sep 2018
He referenced Chichen Itza, a Mayan temple alongside the Mexican coast built centuries ago to monitor the sun. During the fall and spring equinoxes, Schneider said, the sun travels through the windows atop the temple and shines directly onto Kukulkan ...
fall equinox 2018

Unique Halloween activities in & around Fairfax

FairfaxNews.com - 22 Oct 2018
The autumn season is now fully upon us! Pumpkins, hayrides, games amid spooks, Dracula, and a Fall Concert and dance: Whatever your taste and response to the autumnal equinox, there is likely an activity for you in Fairfax County and environs which ...
fall equinox 2018

Fairy fashions flutter in the Myriad Gardens - Photo Gallery

NewsOK.com - 23 Sep 2018
About two dozen children and adults welcomed the autumnal equinox on Saturday, Sep. 22, 2018, by attending the Fall Fairy Fashion event hosted by the Myriad Botanical Gardens. The group gathered on the east side of the Gardens and listened a fairy ...
fall equinox 2018

Seattle may be warmer than usual this fall, meteorologists say

The Seattle Times - 25 Sep 2018
Clearing skies are giving locals another treat: a full view of the harvest moon, or the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. It usually occurs at the end of September but can also fall in October. This year, it just happens to fall on Sept. 24 ...
fall equinox 2018

4 Reposado Tequilas For Your Fall Margaritas

Forbes - 24 Sep 2018
Now that we've passed the autumnal equinox with nights getting increasingly longer, the margarita recipe needs to evolve with the seasons. While I tend to use blanco tequilas for summer margaritas, a reposado is better suited to the fall vibe. Reposado ...
fall equinox 2018

UT Vols: What will the weather be like for the Florida game?

Knoxville News Sentinel - 23 Sep 2018
Nothing quite says "fall" like cool temperatures, warm beverages, and a rivalry football game. But Tennessee fans won't exactly get that for the first day of autumn, which comes the same day as the Vols' game against Florida at Neyland Stadium on ...
fall equinox 2018

Fall Foliage and Festival Report: Sept. 24, 2018

Southern Maryland News Net - 24 Sep 2018
Having sweated our way through a typically hot and humid Maryland summer – exceptionally wet as well – you might be looking forward to the autumnal equinox (also called the September equinox) happening Saturday at exactly 9:54 p.m. This is also the ...
fall equinox 2018

Oktoberfest Is More Than Just Beer and Lederhosen

Eater - 08 Oct 2018
Some festivities last a day, others for a weekend or two, with the mightiest of all Oktoberfests spanning two weeks from the fall equinox through early October. Here now, a look back on the origins of Oktoberfest, its evolution into the mother of all ...
fall equinox 2018

First Week Of Fall To Be Warm, Humid, And Stormy At Times

whnt.com - 23 Sep 2018
The autumnal equinox occured Saturday evening just before 9pm, so regardless of how it might feel outside fall has arrived! Of course, just because the equinox has passed doesn't mean a significant shift in our weather has to follow, and it won't.

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