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father of the year movie

'Halloween' 1978: The Times Finally Reviews a Horror Classic

New York Times - 17 Oct 2018
Printing press workers were on strike, and nothing was being published (not even the news of a new pope). Vincent Canby, the chief film critic then, did circle back to the movie the next year, but we've never given this horror classic a proper review ...
father of the year movie

Kevin Smith's daughter Harley Quinn celebrates movie pickup

NJ.com - 19 Oct 2018
In August, Harley Quinn talked about her father's brush with death in a birthday message posted to Instagram. Accompanying the post was a photo of the pair in Red Bank (for his "Vulgarthon" event). "Coming close to losing you this year was the worst ...
father of the year movie

John Carpenter May Be Planning a They Live Sequel

Mental Floss - 19 Oct 2018
The man behind the original Halloween, The Fog, Escape from New York, and The Thing, ​Carpenter has had a long enough career to see many of his most popular creations be remade, including this year's new Halloween film, which features some of the ...
father of the year movie

The stories behind each of San Jose's 15 accused priests

The Mercury News - 19 Oct 2018
The diocese says the abuse was not reported until 1997, seven years after Bettencourt, the 48-year-old scion of two well-known San Jose families and a heavy smoker, died from respiratory failure. From 1974 to 1988 he served at parishes and ...
father of the year movie

Stars come out for New Hampshire Film Festival

WMUR Manchester - 14 Oct 2018
The movie was co-written and directed by New Hampshire's own Tyler Spindel, the nephew of Adam Sandler. “Thank you everybody. Thanks so much for coming. We love New Hampshire,” Spindel said. 'Father of the Year' is just one of 100 movies screened ...
father of the year movie

A monster hit for Milton's Slate and a triple play for Carell

Wicked Local - 18 Oct 2018
Milton actress and comedienne Jenny Slate, who earned critical acclaim in her first leading role in 2014′s well-received indie “Obvious Child,” has another hit on her hands with the comic-book flick, “Venom,” the number one film at the box office for ...
father of the year movie

Made-for-TV Horror Movies Evoke a Delightful Pre-Streaming Past

New York Times - 18 Oct 2018
For anyone who came of age before the advent of streaming, the made-for-TV horror movie was once a low-budget, often camp, and sometimes genuinely horrifying treat this time of year. Original, self-contained and surprisingly high-concept, these stories ...
father of the year movie

Beautiful Boy: Oh, boy

San Diego Reader - 18 Oct 2018
Oscar-nominated Carell is aiming at the rafters, while his young supporting player — and last year's Academy darling, Chalamet — adds depth to his characterization by wisely playing Nic as an addictive personality trying to act “normal” around his ...
father of the year movie

With One Strong Word, 'The Hate U Give' Couldn't Hold Its Tongue

New York Times - 18 Oct 2018
Another filmmaker, Bo Burnham, faced a similar dilemma this year with his movie “Eighth Grade.” The M.P.A.A. slapped the junior-high dramedy with an R rating for strong language, though its curse words would hardly scandalize teenagers. Burnham refused ...
father of the year movie

'The Hate U Give' film gives a clear voice to its young heroine

National Catholic Reporter - 08 Oct 2018
Following a dominant theme of father-daughter relationships in 2018 films, "The Hate U Give" focuses on this as well. But if I could give a "Movie Father of the Year Award," I'd give it to Hornsby as Mav Carter. He is buff, tattooed and hard-working ...

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