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father of the year movie

Two Netflix Original Dads, Incarnated by TV Favorites

New York Times - 03 Aug 2018
They make the movie. “FATHER OF THE YEAR” opens with unpretty views of a trailer park and a grungy, longhaired David Spade slinking about. But hold your horses, my friends; this is not the long-awaited sequel to 2001's immortal comedy “Joe Dirt,” which ...
father of the year movie

Movie Review: Father Of The Year

CelebMix (blog) - 21 Jul 2018
On July 20th, a new Netflix move was released to the streaming website called Father Of The Year. The late-night comedy features David Spade, Joey Bragg, Bridgit Mendler, and Matt Shively. You may recognize Joey Bragg and Bridgit Mendler from the ...
father of the year movie

Father of the Year Review

Den of Geek US - 23 Jul 2018
Father of the Year was originally set to be titled Who Do You Think Would Win? which honestly may have made it 3% better of a film. The initial “who do you think would win” conversation between Ben and Larry is so random and unexpected that it could ...
father of the year movie

'Father of the Year' lands flat with predictable plot

North Texas Daily - 09 Aug 2018
The only thing good about David Spade's latest role in “Father of the Year” was his wig – and even that was ratty. “Father of the Year,” released exclusively by Netflix on July 20, is a coming-of-age comedy set somewhere in New England. The movie ...
father of the year movie

The 5 Worst Netflix Original Movies Of 2018 So Far

HuffPost - 15 Aug 2018
Netflix originally called this movie “Graduates,” and the marketing images for the movie still use the word “graduates” in the file names. “Father of the Year” clearly got tacked on at the last minute. At no point in this movie does either father get ...
father of the year movie

Spike Lee Just Made the Movie of the Year

GQ Magazine - 30 Jul 2018
In his first year of graduate school at N.Y.U., Lee says, his professors screened The Birth of a Nation: “All you're taught is that D. W. Griffith is considered the so-called father of cinema.” But Birth of a Nation also led to the revitalization of ...
father of the year movie

What Father Bradel Did to Me

New York Times - 18 Aug 2018
Taking her cue, my mother once asked him what he thought of my Catholic high school teacher who'd assigned the book “A Clockwork Orange” to his class despite a church ban on the movie. We weren't just Mass-on-Sunday ...
father of the year movie

Film written by Central grads hits Netflix

NewHampshire.com - 21 Jul 2018
Their fathers had less interest in settling the dispute, but more than a decade later the two friends have found a way to put their points to the test. “Father of the Year,” a Netflix film that the pair wrote and Spindel directed, premiered Thursday at ...
father of the year movie

Premiere Interviews: The cast of Netflix's Father of the Year

HeyUGuys - 20 Jul 2018
Last night in sunny LA the stars of Father of the Year, the latest cinematic collaboration between streaming giant Netflix and Adam Sandler's Happy Madison studio, walked the red carpet to premiere the new film. In this exclusive report Allen Covert ...

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