The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ... -
female infanticide in china

The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of female infanticide spanning 2000 years. Worldwide, the practice of infanticide has been practiced since antiquity for the purpose of population control. It is an unsanctioned method of family planning that has been condoned for centuries in the area until recent times. The phenomenon is also referred to as female gendercide; however, the word gendercide can be used for both sexes.
female infanticide in china

Why are there still so few women in positions of power in China?

Slate Magazine - 25 Oct 2017
One of the golden ages Xi often alludes to is the Song Dynasty, a period from 960 AD to 1279, in which Chinese invented the compass and movable type printing. During that period, female infanticide was “extremely prevalent,” the Chinese academic Esther ...
female infanticide in china

Don't whitewash communism's many crimes against humanity

Charleston Post Courier - 11 Nov 2017
Mao's revolution killed tens of millions of Chinese — not counting the millions killed under China's brutal “One Child” policy, which led to widespread female infanticide. Those Chinese girls never got a chance to dream at all. In “Lenin's Eco ...
female infanticide in china

The Miss World Crown Revives An Unfortunate National Hobby

NDTV - 20 Nov 2017
For a state that only recently managed to dilute its image of honour killing and female infanticide by giving us champion wrestlers, this win is now being predictably capitalised politically. "Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao" began three years ago, yet, in ...
female infanticide in china

Declining sex ratios in cities

The Hans India - 08 Nov 2017
Contrary to popular perception that the deeply rooted prejudice against girls, reflected in the country's sex ratio, is mostly present in rural areas, some of the largest cities in India – including Delhi and Mumbai – had imbalanced sex ratios in 2011 ...
female infanticide in china

Female infanticide: the dark side of China's obsession with luck

South China Morning Post - 10 Nov 2016
In traditional Chinese society, however, the concept that one's upbringing could be a cause for waywardness was dismissed, both by parents and other family members, as deeply unfilial. To acknowledge – much less accept – the key role that nurture plays ...
female infanticide in china

UN: Expose Abuses of Women in Detention in North Korea

YubaNet - 06 Nov 2017
A female farmer, who escaped North Korea in 2015, told Human Rights Watch that an interrogator from the SSD raped her in a pretrial detention facility (kuryujang), where she had been sent after China forcibly returned her to North Korea in late 2012 ...
female infanticide in china

Intensive Economic Crisis Threatens India's Federal Union

Kashmir Watch - 01 Nov 2017
For Dr Pascoal Carvalho, a member of the Pontifical Academy for Life, the figures show that “India lost three million girls due to female infanticide.” Indian farmers are paying the price of apathy of Indian government to their sector. Past three ...
female infanticide in china

A Peek Into How Young India Defines Feminism

Youth Ki Awaaz - 08 Nov 2017
When questioned by a reporter about her loyalty to her country, she pointed out that infanticide occurs almost daily, honour killings of young women are frequent, and 30% of girls were married before they were 18. The documentary “It's a Girl ...
female infanticide in china

The war on baby girls winds down

The Economist - 19 Jan 2017
The Chinese authorities have cracked down harder, scrutinising couples who already have a girl and are thus highly likely to abort another female fetus. The sex ratio for second births in China duly became more normal. But, as Monica Das Gupta of the ...
female infanticide in china

Researchers Uncover Misreporting In Chinese Birth Statistics

NPR - 02 Dec 2016
For years, we've heard about a great sex imbalance in China due to the country's one-child policy - way more boys born than girls. It was believed that female fetuses were being aborted, that female infanticide was taking place and that some births ...
female infanticide in china

Many of China's 'missing girls' are likely hiding

Futurity: Research News - 10 Feb 2017
A new study finds that those numbers are likely overblown and that a large number of those girls isn't missing at all—it was more of an administrative story that had to do with the local registration of births in China. “People ...
female infanticide in china

New York Times: Communism 'Made Life Better' for Chinese Women

Patriot Post - 07 Oct 2017
It's a grim picture: abandoned girls, female infanticide, female suicide. That's the shocking truth about women under Chinese communism. Even Hillary Clinton, way back when she was first lady, criticized China for its poor treatment of women. “It is a ...

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