The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ... -
female infanticide in china

The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of female infanticide spanning 2000 years. Worldwide, the practice of infanticide has been practiced since antiquity for the purpose of population control. It is an unsanctioned method of family planning that has been condoned for centuries in the area until recent times. The phenomenon is also referred to as female gendercide; however, the word gendercide can be used for both sexes.
female infanticide in china

Curbing Overpopulation

The Nation - 27 Dec 2017
While this policy was successful for China, it brought a hoard of other problems with it, such as an increase in infanticide, desertion of female babies and a disproportionate gender ratio. Enacting such a policy in a socially conservative Pakistan ...
female infanticide in china

Old Boy's Party

Slate Magazine - 25 Oct 2017
One of the golden ages Xi often alludes to is the Song Dynasty, a period from 960 AD to 1279, in which Chinese invented the compass and movable type printing. During that period, female infanticide was “extremely prevalent,” the Chinese academic Esther ...
female infanticide in china

North Korea exports women to China

Fox News - 12 Dec 2017
“Historically, the largest influence in female migration from North Korea to China has been sex trafficking and marriages,” said Sokeel Park, the Seoul-based director of research and strategy for Liberty in North Korea, an organization that helps ...
female infanticide in china

Female infanticide: the dark side of China's obsession with luck

South China Morning Post - 10 Nov 2016
In traditional Chinese society, however, the concept that one's upbringing could be a cause for waywardness was dismissed, both by parents and other family members, as deeply unfilial. To acknowledge – much less accept – the key role that nurture plays ...
female infanticide in china

The New York Times keeps whitewashing communism's crimes

Washington Post - 10 Nov 2017
In "How Did Women Fare in China's Communist Revolution?" Helen Gao recalls her grandmother "talking with joyous peasants from the newly collectivized countryside" and writes that "for all its flaws, the Communist revolution taught Chinese women to ...
female infanticide in china

The war on baby girls winds down

The Economist - 19 Jan 2017
For sheer attention-grabbing power, nothing beats TV in India. One study found that 51% of women in Kurukshetra, a district in the state of Haryana, had seen a soap opera called “Na Aana Is Des Laado” (Don't Come To This Country, Beloved Daughter ...
female infanticide in china

China's long history of female infanticide

Times of India - 14 Jun 2016
NEW DELHI: Faced with shortages, China's sperm banks are appealing to young Chinese men to donate their sperm, and some of them are willing to offer iPhones and cash rewards of $1,000 in exchange for a few million gametes, reported the New York Times ...
female infanticide in china

Top Hollywood women unveiled a sexual harassment initiative - 02 Jan 2018
Their personal freedom is into shamble till date. They are thoroughly scrutinized about their movement and clothes. Some of the social issues that are been constantly inflicted upon them are dowry harassment, domestic violence, female infanticide ...
female infanticide in china

Reuters poll ranks Shanghai fifth-safest megacity for women

Shanghaiist - 17 Oct 2017
Shanghai's cumulative score is deflated by its middling result in the “cultural practices harmful to women” metric. Reuters does not specify exactly which aspects of Shanghai's culture poll respondents found problematic. “Female genital mutilation ...
female infanticide in china

China relaxed its one-child policy - now there's a baby boom - 31 Oct 2017
But concern about an ageing population and a shrinking workforce saw the country loosen the policy at the beginning of 2016. While some parents had long been allowed more than one child, the change allowed every family a second. Wang said China plans a ...
female infanticide in china

Many of China's 'missing girls' are likely hiding

Futurity: Research News - 10 Feb 2017
“People think 30 million girls are missing from the population. That's the population of California, and they think they're just gone,” says John Kennedy, associate professor of political science at the University of Kansas. “Most people are using a ...

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