The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ... -
female infanticide in china

The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of ...

wikipedia - 17 Sep 2016
The People's Republic of China and its predecessors have a history of female infanticide spanning 2000 years. Worldwide, the practice of infanticide has been practiced since antiquity for the purpose of population control. It is an unsanctioned method of family planning that has been condoned for centuries in the area until recent times. The phenomenon is also referred to as female gendercide; however, the word gendercide can be used for both sexes.
female infanticide in china

Marriage vote is the 'yes' campaign's to lose

The Sydney Morning Herald - 15 Sep 2017
"I put gay rights, violence against women, female infanticide in countries like China and India, and unnecessary cruelty to animals as developments I'm willing to bet will be significantly improved in the next 50 years." Eradicating the final barrier ...
female infanticide in china

Killing our daughters quietly

Daily Times - 09 Sep 2017
With the advent of Islam, female infanticide was banned and especially since the Prophet's own blood continued through a woman, it was considered very un-Islamic to kill the female child. But habits and traditions die hard. While actual infanticide ...
female infanticide in china

A country for sons - 23 Aug 2017
The problem of aborting or otherwise getting rid of female babies is not a new one. One of the most gruesome crimes mentioned in the Holy Quran is female infanticide, the practice of leaving baby girls to die in the desert that was common in pre ...
female infanticide in china

Millions of women still missing

Daily Times - 29 Aug 2017
An important element of this discussion that does not receive much attention is the female-to-male ratio of the country, a persistent problem that Pakistan, along with India and China, has faced for decades. Preference for male children prevails ...
female infanticide in china

Female infanticide: the dark side of China's obsession with luck

South China Morning Post - 10 Nov 2016
In traditional Chinese society, however, the concept that one's upbringing could be a cause for waywardness was dismissed, both by parents and other family members, as deeply unfilial. To acknowledge – much less accept – the key role that nurture plays ...
female infanticide in china

Behind the Declining Sex Ratios of Indian Cities

The News Lens International (press release) - 06 Sep 2017
Analysis, when taken down to the level of cities and towns, could help identify trends on gender discrimination which could aid the government and non-governmental organisations combat female foeticide and infanticide. Further, research at a local ...
female infanticide in china

The strange death of Punjab

The Hindu - 03 Sep 2017
Along with Mesopotamia and the Yangtze River area in China, the Punjab was also a cradle of civilisation which flourished on the banks of the Indus a few millennia ago. From the Greeks of Alexander to the Mughals of Babur, ...
female infanticide in china

No country for girls

The Statesman - 27 Aug 2017
Somewhat similar to female foeticide is female infanticide, when parents neglect their female child deliberately and let them die (of starvation or thirst), resulting in their premature deaths. Researchers have observed higher rates of malnutrition in ...
female infanticide in china

The war on baby girls winds down

The Economist - 19 Jan 2017
The Chinese authorities have cracked down harder, scrutinising couples who already have a girl and are thus highly likely to abort another female fetus. The sex ratio for second births in China duly became more normal. But, as Monica Das Gupta of the ...
female infanticide in china

China's long history of female infanticide

Times of India - 14 Jun 2016
To be sure, China is not the only country in the world that struggles with the problem of female infanticide. However, take a moment to consider these numbers: while the sex ratio in China was 108 boys to every 100 girls in the late 1980s, it rose to ...
female infanticide in china

​Where 30 Million 'Missing' Girls in China Actually Went

Broadly - 01 Dec 2016
Rather than face these repercussions, the study reports, some families turned to sex-selective abortion and female infanticide (the practice of denying health care to baby girls so they die in their first year). Previous research had suggested 8.5 ...
female infanticide in china

Actually, Not Everything Is a Feminist Issue

The Nation. - 23 Mar 2017
Why not sex-selective abortion and female infanticide in India and China, femicide in Guatemala, bans on abortion from Nicaragua to Ireland, gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia, or the brutal Sisi regime in Egypt, which the United States also supports ...
female infanticide in china

China's one-child policy a 'demographic disaster'

The Australian - 24 Mar 2017
We may hope, however, that the days of forced late-term abortions and female infanticide are past. Fong leaves many questions unanswered simply because there are no answers. But she has shed light on how ill-conceived policy can reverberate through ...

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