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fire balloon

A fire balloon (風船爆弾, fūsen bakudan?, lit. "balloon bomb"), or ...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
A fire balloon (風船爆弾, fūsen bakudan?, lit. "balloon bomb"), or Fu-Go (ふ号[兵器], fugō [heiki]?, lit. "Code Fu [Weapon]"), was a weapon launched by Japan during World War II. A hydrogen balloon with a load varying from a 15 kg (33 lb) antipersonnel bomb to one 12-kilogram (26 lb) incendiary bomb and four 5 kg (11 lb) incendiary devices attached, it was designed as a cheap weapon intended to make use of the jet stream over the Pacific Ocean and drop bombs on American and Ca
fire balloon

Howell hot air balloon crash witness: 'It was soul-shaking'

Livingston Daily - 25 Jun 2018
Brian Karrick II and his dog, Mr. Bradee, have seen and heard enough hot air balloons after a Sunday morning balloon crash in Howell. Karrick was near the Barnard Community Center in Howell around 7:30 a.m. and recording on video as a hot air balloon ...
fire balloon

PETE SIRIANNI: New perspective after hot air affair

New Castle News - 16 Jul 2018
That, or something close, was the basis of a phone conversation I had with Lou Merryman last week a few days before the first night of BalloonQuest, an event I knew involved hot air balloons and little else. After seeing the crowds at Thursday night's ...
fire balloon

Hot-Air Balloons Are Useless

The Atlantic - 15 Jul 2018
The first hot-air balloons drew huge crowds, inspiring onlookers to cry, laugh, even faint. One witness wrote, “Since these exhibitions, there seems to prevail a kind of aerial phrenzy among us. The term 'balloon' is not only in the mouth of everyone ...
fire balloon

Hot air balloon makes 'unexpected' landing in Methuen neighborhood

The Boston Globe - 27 Jun 2018
Officials from the Methuen Fire Department responded to the scene, police said, where they spoke to the six passengers — including the balloon's pilot — following the landing. Everyone who was inside of basket was “safe and unharmed,” authorities said.
fire balloon

Bus service for Hot Air Balloon Rodeo begins at running at 6 am

Steamboat Pilot and Today - 13 Jul 2018
Steamboat Springs Transit will provide early morning shuttle service between the Meadows Parking Lot and Bald Eagle Lake starting at 6 a.m. on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15 for the 37th annual Hot Air Balloon Rodeo. Due to the unique launch ...
fire balloon

Annual parade draws a crowd, kicks off rally week

Wellsville Daily Reporter - 16 Jul 2018
The 19th annual Great Wellsville Balloon Rally Parade marched under sunshine Saturday morning, beginning with motorcycle riders and ending with local hot air balloon pilot Bill Childs firing up the engine in his Child's Play gondola in the bed of a ...
fire balloon

Netanyahu visits arson-ravaged Gaza border, warns of a long campaign

The Times of Israel - 16 Jul 2018
“As far as we are concerned, there is no such thing as a ceasefire which excludes the fire kites and fire balloons… This place, right now, this is the point of friction between Islamic terror and the Jewish state and we are determined to win.” The ...
fire balloon

Hot air balloon pilot dies in Ohio after flight

Fox News - 30 Jun 2018
The pilot was unresponsive and considered to be in traumatic cardiac arrest when he was taken to the hospital, Ashland Fire Capt. Ken Gardner told the paper. Officials at the scene said the victim was teaching another man to fly the balloon, the paper ...
fire balloon

Boat, rope used to rescue hot air balloon at Chatfield State Park

9News.com KUSA - 04 Jul 2018
Littleton — Those aboard a hot air balloon soaring over Chatfield Reservoir Wednesday morning were rescued and towed to shore thanks to quick work from private boat owner John Rojo and a nearby rescue team. Crews with Littleton Fire Rescue and South ...
fire balloon

Security cabinet decides IDF will respond to all kites and balloons

The Jerusalem Post - 16 Jul 2018
Referring to the extensive IDF action over the weekend in response to the rocket fire, Katz said that Israel made it clear that it would not agree to any type of terrorism, “not rockets, mortars, kites, balloons or anything else against the communities ...
fire balloon

Gaza's fire kites and balloon bombs ignite tensions

The Conversation CA - 03 Jul 2018
Many Canadians and Americans are enjoying the fireworks in the sky this week. But Israelis are instead worrying about other kinds of aerial fireworks. Since April, Palestinian protesters have been flying fire-carrying kites and balloons across the Gaza ...
fire balloon

Israel carries out fresh airstrike after Gazans launch fire balloons

The Times of Israel - 18 Jun 2018
Israel's airstrikes in the Strip and the subsequent Palestinian rocket fire followed a day of airborne arson attacks by Gazans, who launched dozens of balloons laden with incendiary devices and explosives at southern Israel, sparking at least 20 fires ...
fire balloon

Copter4 Captures Video Of Hot Air Balloon

CBS Denver - 03 Jul 2018
Campfires, Fireworks Banned In Summit CountySummit County's law enforcement agencies and fire departments are teaming up to remind residents and visitors that campfires and fireworks are strictly prohibited throughout the high country this Fourth of July.

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