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Hands-on with Firefox 29: More “customizable”, more Chrome-y

Ars Technica - 19 Jul 2017
Today, The Mozilla Foundation released Firefox 29.0, the first full release of the browser based on the new Australis “user experience.” Featuring a new toolbar layout, an updated version of the Firefox Sync cloud synchronization service, and a host of ...

5 advanced Firefox hacks to level up your browsing

Popular Science - 11 Sep 2017
Whether your computer runs Windows or macOS, Mozilla Firefox makes a great default browser. The free program is quick, intuitive, and packed with features. And you can customize it in all kinds of ways, from tweaking the look of the software to ...

Firefox Screenshots set to launch in late September

Neowin - 15 Sep 2017
Mozilla is planning to release its screenshot tool for all users by late September with Firefox 56. Firefox 56 is due for release on September 26th, and in the meantime, it will be enabling Screenshots Beta for some users on Firefox 55 to work out any ...

You are the one per cent if you read Firefox's privacy spiels

The Register - 07 Sep 2017
Fewer than one per cent of users installing the Firefox browser bother to read the fine print regarding privacy, so the browser's makers at the Mozilla Foundation are going to put it in your face. Firefox 56, due September 26th, will therefore display ...

Mozilla starts rolling out screenshot tool on Firefox Stable

Neowin - 14 Sep 2017
Several months ago, Mozilla added its screenshot tool to its Nightly release, now it appears as though the browser maker is willing to allow Firefox stable users to use the tool. The add-on isn't available for all users just yet but it is for others ...

Firefox containers add-on allows multiple personas

Neowin - 15 Sep 2017
Mozilla has released its Firefox Multi-Account Containers add-on which lets you containerize all of your online lives. Any cookies that are downloaded in one container are not available in other containers so you can keep, for example, your personal ...

Firefox 58: Mozilla to Remove WoSign and StartCom Roots

Hashed Out by The SSL Store™ (registration) (blog) - 31 Aug 2017
The decline of WoSign and StartCom has been one of the bigger stories in the SSL industry over the past year or so, and his January will likely mark the final chapter. In a blog post written on August 30 on its Security Blog, Mozilla Program Manager ...

The 12 must-have Firefox add-ons of 2017

Computerworld - 30 Aug 2017
Firefox isn't the most popular browser in the world — that honor now goes to Google Chrome — but it still has an ardent following. And after slipping in recent years, it has been on something of a rebound of late, too, gaining 4.6 percentage points ...

Taborama for Firefox combines Tab Groups with Containers

Ghacks Technology News - 05 Sep 2017
Taborama is an experimental add-on for the Firefox web browser that combines the use of containers with Tab Groups functionality. Mozilla removed the Tab Groups functionality from the Firefox web browser some time ago. While Firefox users may install ...

Firefox Nightly Adds Bookmark Manager Improvements on Android

App Informers - 19 Sep 2017
If you have an Android device, you might be interested in hearing about the new Firefox Nightly update that will be coming out soon. The new Android version of Firefox Nightly is going to include a newly redesigned and updated bookmarks manager. This ...

How to Preview the Unreleased Version of Firefox

Nextgov - 21 Aug 2017
Mozilla is currently developing the latest iteration of their browser, Firefox 57, but internet users can download a preview dubbed "Firefox Nightly" to see what they can expect. So whether you have been clinging to an outdated version of Internet ...

Firefox 57 ditches the search bar (but you can re-enable it)

Liliputing - 10 Sep 2017
Once upon a time most web browsers had separate text fields for search and web addresses. But these days most take their cue from Google Chrome and feature a single text box that you can use to search the web or enter a URL, among other things. Firefox ...

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