Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-s... -

Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-s...

wikipedia - 15 Nov 2017
Mozilla Firefox (or simply Firefox) is a free and open-source web browser developed by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary the Mozilla Corporation. Firefox is available for Windows, macOS and Linux operating systems, with its Firefox for Android available for Android (formerly Firefox for mobile, it also ran on the discontinued Firefox OS), and uses the Quantum layout engine to render web pages, which implements current and anticipated web standards. An additional version, Firefox for iO

Mozilla revenue jump fuels its Firefox overhaul plan

CNET - 01 Dec 2017
Well, now we know what paid for all those programmers cranking out the overhauled Firefox Quantum browser: a major infusion of new money. Mozilla, the nonprofit behind the open-source web browser, saw its 2016 revenue increase 24 percent to an all-time ...

Firefox will soon flag sites that have been hacked

Engadget - 23 Nov 2017
Firefox is having a good run right now, having just released its much speedier and better-looking Quantum browser. It's now working on a new feature that security fans are bound to like: It will warn you if you're visiting a site that has suffered a ...

Ciao, Chrome: Firefox Quantum Is The Browser Built for 2017

WIRED - 25 Nov 2017
It's been years since I gave a second thought to my web browser. Safari's fine, Microsoft Edge is whatever, I think Opera still exists? None have ever offered much reason to switch away from Chrome, Google's fast, simple web tool. I'm not the only one ...

How to Save Links as New Tabs Without Leaving Your Current App

Gadget Hacks - 16 Dec 2017
Mozilla baked an easily missed feature into their Firefox Browser for Android called the "tab queue," which you should definitely be using if you find yourself opening links a lot from emails, texts, and other link-heavy apps. With tab queuing enabled ...

Tracing Our Roots: Firefox has a brand new, really fast browser

Star Local Media (blog) - 04 Dec 2017
What you'll notice first is that the new Firefox is blazing fast. In fact, you'll enjoy speeds up to twice as fast as a year ago. It's also more powerful. We've rebuilt Firefox from the ground up to focus on how you use the Web today to watch, listen ...

Firefox challenges Apple with 4K-friendly video tech

CNET - 28 Nov 2017
On Tuesday, Firefox took a step to do even better. The latest Firefox test version, called Nightly, debuts compression technology called AV1 that Mozilla said makes video files 25 percent to 35 percent smaller than those compressed with HEVC and ...

Mozilla's record 2016 revenue funded its Firefox Quantum browser

Computerworld - 05 Dec 2017
Mozilla last week announced that revenue in 2016 exceeded $500 million, the first time it broke the half-billion-dollar bar, while development costs climbed 6% as the organization worked up Firefox Quantum, the revamped browser it shipped in November ...

Mozilla's ultra-private mobile browser just got a big update

TNW - 14 Dec 2017
Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 4.0. The newest version of Mozilla's privacy-focused mobile browser comes with several enhancements, including a fully customizable autocomplete that lets you create shortcuts to individual websites, and the ability ...

Quantum Browsing

WIRED - 01 Dec 2017
We welcome a special guest to the show this week: Mozilla's VP of product for the Firefox browser, Nick Nguyen. Nick is the leader of the team that just released Firefox Quantum, a lighter and more efficient version of the Firefox browser. It's been ...

Firefox Will Warn You About Hacked Web Sites

Forbes - 28 Nov 2017
If there is, a "doorhanger" notification will appear below the Firefox address bar (as seen in the image above). The Alert also allows you to enter your email if you want to be alerted by HIBP if your address appears in any new breaches that Hunt adds ...

How to Change Your Search Engine in One Tap

Gadget Hacks - 15 Dec 2017
Besides its extensive collections of add-ons for Android, Firefox's mobile browser apps have many built-in features that you won't see in other mobile browsers. One feature in particular, available for both Android and iOS versions, makes it easy to ...

Firefox Quantum: A leap forward, or a fatal trip?

Computerworld - 27 Nov 2017
I used to really like Firefox. Back in 2004, when Firefox 0.93 rolled out, I loved it. It was so much better than the competition. Mind you, when your chief rival is Internet Explorer 6, it doesn't take much to be impressive. My love didn't last ...

Firefox 57.01

TidBITS - 09 Dec 2017
Because of Mozilla's non-stop minor Firefox releases with major integer version numbers, we haven't covered Firefox in the TidBITS Watchlist for over a year (see “Firefox 49.0,” 22 September 2016). However, the release of Firefox 57 — dubbed Firefox ...

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