FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN 2014: Google Doodle reflects how inspired fall artists ... -
first day of autumn

CHP officers provide special escort for boy on first day of school

Sacramento Bee - 17 Aug 2017
The son of a Sacramento California Highway Patrol Officer who died on duty earlier this year got some escorts on the way to school Wednesday: his father's fellow officers. Lucas Chellew, 31, died Feb. 22 this year after crashing into another car while ...
first day of autumn

Photography: A Dying Art Form That's Getting More Popular

HuffPost UK - 17 Aug 2017
If we look back just five years, foodie picks weren't a thing; perfectly framed selfies weren't a thing (at least not on the scale we see today); snaps of rainbows, feet sinking into wet sand, a lone browning leaf on the first day of Autumn—all of ...
first day of autumn

Weekend Box Office: Autumn is coming

A.V. Club - 14 Aug 2017
The first real signs of autumn blew through the multiplex this weekend like a bone-chilling breeze, or maybe like an army of blue-eyed zombies marching toward a bunch of characters that haven't been knocked off yet by HBO. (Sorry ...
first day of autumn

What you need to know about Liqiu?

Xinhua - 07 Aug 2017
BEIJING, Aug. 7 (Xinhuanet) -- "Liqiu" is the 13th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese Lunar Calendar, reflecting the withdrawal of summer and the beginning of autumn. Every year, "Liqiu" falls on the 7th or 8th of August. This year, it falls on August 7.
first day of autumn

Cape Town isues first tender to produce extra 500Ml of water

News24 - 17 Aug 2017
Dams that supply Cape Town with water are now down to 11% capacity, amidst an unusually warm autumn in the Western Cape.We spoke to Mayco member for utilities, Xanthea Limberg, about the 'worst-case scenario' should winter rains not come. Watch.

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