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What is Section 702 of FISA, anyway?

CNN - 12 Jan 2018
At 7:33 a.m., @realDonaldTrump tweeted this: "'House votes on controversial FISA ACT today.' This is the act that may have been used, with the help of the discredited and phony Dossier, to so badly surveil and abuse the Trump Campaign by the previous ...

The FISA Fiasco's Silver Lining

The Atlantic - 27 Jul 2018
Last Friday, the Justice Department released the 2016 request to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to monitor the former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, an extraordinary development in at least four different ways. Three of them should be ...

FISA documents reveal FBI collusion

Boston Herald - 30 Jul 2018
Our media's valiant efforts to distract us notwithstanding, information continues to seep out that underscores how badly a housecleaning is needed in Washington, D.C.. The article you requested has been archived. All coverage within bostonherald.com ...

Reports: Carter Page Was Subject to FISA Warrant in 2013/2014

Just Security - 30 Jul 2018
If the FBI had already convinced a federal court to issue a warrant to surveil Carter Page under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) in 2013 or 2014, it could add an important data point for discussions of the propriety of the FISA ...

Document: Justice Department Releases Carter Page FISA Application

Lawfare (blog) - 21 Jul 2018
Pursuant to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, the Justice Department has—in a highly unusual move—released a redacted copy of the FISA application seeking a warrant against former Trump campaign advisor Carter Page. The application became the ...

FISA and Fury

The Weekly Standard - 23 Jul 2018
On today's Daily Standard podcast, reporters Andrew Egger and Haley Byrd break down a weekend jam-packed with news, from the release of the FISA application to surveil former Trump staffer Carter Page, to the continued fallout from the Trump/Putin ...

Newt Gingrich: No excuse for FISA warrant to be redacted

Fox News - 24 Jul 2018
SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome to "Hannity." Tonight, we have confirmation right now tonight that America's top secret FISA court system was totally abused for political gain, judges lied to repeatedly and on purpose by the top echelon in our FBI and others.

Rubio: Carter Page FISA surveillance was justified

CNN - 22 Jul 2018
Rubio: Carter Page FISA surveillance was justified. Republican Sen. Marco Rubio tells CNN's Jake Tapper that he doesn't think investigators "did anything wrong" when they applied for surveillance on Carter Page. Source: CNN ...

DOJ Attorney Faces Deposition In FISA Abuse Probe

The Daily Caller - 15 Aug 2018
DOJ attorney George Toscas will be deposed Thursday as part of a congressional investigation into possible FISA abuse. Staffers with the House Judiciary and House Oversight Committees will quiz Toscas about DOJ official Bruce Ohr. Ohr will be ...

The FISA Court's Essential Purpose

Foreign Policy Research Institute - 06 Aug 2018
FISA was a direct response to the concerns raised by programs like Shamrock and Minaret, and a congressional response to the Keith decision which required judicial warrants for any electronic surveillance conducted in the United States—even for ...

Justice Department releases Carter Page FISA warrant

Axios - 22 Jul 2018
Why it matters: The wiretapping warrant on Page was issued and renewed several times under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), and has been heavily criticized by President Trump and Republicans in Congress as an abuse of power by the FBI ...

The FBI Goes Full Nixon with FISA Report

PJ Media - 23 Jul 2018
Now, forced by a long-standing FOIA, the FBI has released, on a Saturday of course (we're lucky it wasn't Christmas day), 400 plus pages of FISA court material used to justify the surveillance of Carter Page...

Read the Carter Page surveillance warrant documents

CNN - 22 Jul 2018
(CNN) On Saturday night, the FBI released a redacted version of its previously classified foreign surveillance warrant application on Trump campaign foreign policy adviser Carter Page. The release of the application, which comes after news ...

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