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Why Flappy Bird Had to Die

Slate Magazine - 10 Feb 2014
This past weekend, 29-year-old Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, tweeting, “I cannot take this anymore.” The 50 million people who had already downloaded the improbable smash hit can still play it on their ...
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IPCHAIN Database and Gaming — a Natural Fit?

Coinspeaker - 19 Mar 2018
“It's always very difficult to predict success and since you don´t know, if your next game will become the next Flappy Bird or Monument Valley, it totally makes sense to protect your ip as soon as possible — and here comes IP Chain Database with a ...
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Torah games revolutionizes Jewish education

The Times of Israel (blog) - 11 Mar 2018
TorahGames creator Rabbi Shmuel Kaufmann describes his motivation behind his success. “Originally, I was simply looking for a way to keep my students engaged in their learning. I quickly discovered the best method was to use interactive games and ...
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Your Data Shouldn't be Free, So Sell It

Techworm - 05 Mar 2018
The internet has the illusion of freedom and free access that draws millions of users each day. Google, one of the most popular web platforms in the world, is so ubiquitous as a service that it's frequently referred to in its verb form, “Google it ...
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Nghịch lý game online: Càng đẹp thì càng ít người chơi

GameK - 22 Mar 2018
Trở lại với nghịch lý ở đầu bài, tại sao game online từ trước kia, bây giờ hay cả sau này đi nữa, cứ càng đẹp là lại càng ít người chơi? Qua ví dụ về LMHT và Dota 2 ở trên chắc bạn đọc đã hiểu. Nguyên nhân lớn nhất thuộc về hệ thống thiết bị của người ...
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Flappy Bird Doesn't Work on iOS 11 and Never Will

PCMag - 21 Sep 2017
Tens of millions of downloads have been logged over four years, but as Gamesindustry.biz reports, those downloads are set to take a drastic nose dive on the App Store in the months to come. With the launch of iOS 11, Apple is removing support for 32 ...
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Let's build a simple Flappy Bird clone in Android Studio

Android Authority (blog) - 18 Jan 2018
decodeResource(getResources(),R.drawable.bird), 300, 240));. Finally, you may want to change the orientation of your app to landscape, which is normal for these types of games. Just add this line to the activity tag in your manifest: cssSelect All ...
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Flappy Bird online: get your fix for free without an app

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
Not everyone attempting to take advantage of the void left by Flappy Bird is quite as desirable. Security firm Trend Micro discovered that a series of malware-filled fake Flappy Bird apps have infiltrated Android app stores, which are especially ...
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Flappy Bird | Online reaction - what really happened?

USA TODAY - 09 Feb 2014
It's been the talk of the online world this weekend — what really happened to "Flappy Bird"? The smash app, No. 1 on both the Apple and Android app stores, became more popular than Hanoi-based Dong Nguyen ever imagined, so he announced he would pull ...
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Where do downloadable games go when they die?

Eurogamer.net - 23 Jan 2018
Phones with Flappy Bird installed shot up in price after the game was delisted. I mentioned the hypothetical example above of Sony delisting all of the digital PS3 titles, potentially erasing a generation of games in one fell swoop. But Nintendo is ...
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From Snake to Flappy Bird: The Rise of Mobile Gaming

Mobile Marketing Watch - 24 Jul 2017
Even platforms that are equally as modern as mobile games have entered the fray, with many web-based sites creating companion apps to meet customer needs. For example, one of the UK's leading online bingo sites Sun Bingo has created an app for ...
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Flappy Bird online: what does the data say?

The Guardian - 03 Mar 2014
Since the online game launched two weeks ago, the game has not only seen a surge in popularity but has also undergone a number of iterations. Besides adding extra servers, the developers have heightened the graphics by making the user interface more ...
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Flappy Bird Flaps No More, Addicting Game Dies With iOS 11

Crave Online - 22 Sep 2017
Back in 2014, it felt like Flappy Bird had taken over the planet. People were staring at their phones in an even more zombie-like fashion, rhythmically poking the screen in a steady beat, before ultimately sighing, disappointed, and then continuing the ...
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At last! Play Flappy Bird online simultaneously with 1000 people

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
As Gore Vidal said, it's not enough to succeed; others must be seen to fail. And you can really see them failing (along with, perhaps, yourself) at a site which lets you play Flappy Bird online along with a thousand others simultaneously. Available at ...
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Learn how to build VR games for just $15

Mashable - 27 Oct 2017
And “hands-on” isn't an overstatement — throughout the 207 lectures and 77 hours of training content in Unity 3D and Blender, you'll actually build 30 real, mini VR games from scratch. Make sports games, first-person shooters, classics like Tic-Tac ...
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8 Innovative Ways Elon Musk Made Money Before He Was a Billionaire

Money Magazine - 08 Aug 2017
Elon Musk is one of Silicon Valley's most adventurous entrepreneurs, with his two biggest companies, Tesla Motors and SpaceX, skyrocketing in value over the last several years as he aims to transform the transportation industry. He's now worth $16.6 ...
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Say Your Final Goodbyes, Flappy Bird Won't Be Compatible on iOS 11

Twinfinite - 06 Aug 2017
Unfortunately, Flappy Bird was removed from mobile digital storefronts shortly after its boom in popularity due to the developer's feeling of guilt in how addictive the game was. As a result, many smartphones with the title already installed sold for a ...

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