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Why Flappy Bird Had to Die

Slate Magazine - 10 Feb 2014
This past weekend, 29-year-old Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, tweeting, “I cannot take this anymore.” The 50 million people who had already downloaded the improbable smash hit can still play it on their ...
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Diablo on Mobile Was Blizzard's April Fools' Joke Four Years Ago

Game Revolution - 07 Nov 2018
With a video of a fan asking Blizzard if Diablo Immortal was an “out-of-season April Fools' joke” going viral, an old post poking fun at a fictional Diablo mobile game is now doing the rounds online. The blog, published back in 2014 on the official ...
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Let the games begin

The Star Online - 12 Mar 2018
Flappy Bird may be no more, but the story proves that it doesn't always take a big studio with hundreds of people to work on a game or make it successful. Nguyen, a self-taught programmer, worked alone on the game for about three days before releasing it.
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Valve's confusing Steam policy is about Flappy Bird, not bigotry

VentureBeat - 07 Jun 2018
A fact I think about a lot is that the human brain runs on about 20 watts of power. That's a tiny number for such a capable computational processor, but your brain makes due with that supply through the use of tricks and shortcuts. An example of this ...
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Flappy Bird online: what does the data say?

The Guardian - 03 Mar 2014
Two weeks ago, the world thought it was at peak Flappy Bird. But once the developer pulled it from the Apple and Google app stores, a swathe of versions appeared online, none more notable than flapmmo.com, which allows users to compete against each ...
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Let's build a simple Flappy Bird clone in Android Studio

Android Authority (blog) - 18 Jan 2018
In a previous tutorial, I walked you through the process of making your first “2D game.” We built a simple script which would let a character sprite bounce around the screen. From there, I insinuated it wouldn't be too much work to turn that into a ...
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Flappy Bird | Online reaction - what really happened?

USA TODAY - 09 Feb 2014
It's been the talk of the online world this weekend — what really happened to "Flappy Bird"? The smash app, No. 1 on both the Apple and Android app stores, became more popular than Hanoi-based Dong Nguyen ever imagined, so he announced he would ...
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Flappy Bird online: get your fix for free without an app

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
Flappy Bird might have been pulled from the app store but addicts can still play the game online on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Multiple websites have seized upon the void left by Flappy Bird's sudden removal from the Apple and Google app stores, ...
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Hardware Reviews

CGMagazine - 23 May 2018
While it's all well and good to have a monster surround sound, 5.1 or even 7.1 set up, there are times, particularly in a family. Page1 … Page24 Page25 Page26. Top Stories. Rob Ford Flappy Bird Spin-Off Now Online · Review of Diamond Select's Marvel ...
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How video games turn teenagers into millionaires

BBC News - 23 Mar 2018
We have indie games like Flappy Bird that become worldwide sensations, achieving overnight success. However, there are now so many being published, it's becoming an ever-more crowded market. Still, the idea of possible success in this field fuels ...
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The Rise and Fall of Flappy Bird

Slate Magazine - 11 Feb 2014
The world's most downloaded game can be downloaded no more. This past weekend, 29-year-old Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, tweeting, “I cannot take this anymore.” The 50 million people who had already ...
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Will Fortnite last?

Tom's Guide - 06 Apr 2018
Gaming trends come and go. Pokémon Go was hot for a single summer; Flappy Bird was cool for about a week. But Fortnite has dominated the video game news cycle for months. And now that you can play it on your phone (much to the dismay of high school ...
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At last! Play Flappy Bird online simultaneously with 1000 people

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
And you can really see them failing (along with, perhaps, yourself) at a site which lets you play Flappy Bird online along with a thousand others simultaneously. Available at flapmmo.com, the site offers a real-time view of how everyone else is doing ...
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Canadiens caught in storm of Pacioretty's awkward situation

Sportsnet.ca - 06 Sep 2018
TERREBONNE, Que.,–Jonathan Drouin stood in front of the backdrop that was set up at his charity golf tournament, eagerly awaiting the opportunity to talk about this important step in honouring his commitment to help raise $5 million over 10 years for ...
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Tesla Wins Electric Vehicle Rebate Lawsuit

CGMagazine - 28 Aug 2018
Intel Announces Powerful New 8th Generation Core Processors · Rob Ford Flappy Bird Spin-Off Now Online · Ontario woman sues Sony for $1 billion · Digital Extremes gets $2.5M from Ontario government. Get the latest gaming stories straight to your inbox!

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