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Why Flappy Bird Had to Die

Slate Magazine - 10 Feb 2014
This past weekend, 29-year-old Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, tweeting, “I cannot take this anymore.” The 50 million people who had already downloaded the improbable smash hit can still play it on their ...
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Learn how to develop apps for Android Oreo — Just $15 [DEALS]

Android Community - 28 Jun 2017
By the end of the course, students will have a firm grasp on the app development process as they create clones of popular Android apps like Flappy Bird, YouTube, calculator, and more. You do not need to be computer whiz in order to succeed. In fact ...
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The gaming revolution you probably ignored

Telemedia Online (registration) - 24 Jun 2017
Most of us want to build products at the intersection of the offline & online worlds; 'Indianising' global business models. Gaming as a space is something we rarely think about, writes Ashish Kapoor, Kalagato. Ironically, this is one area in which ...
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Vietnam's mobile game market poised to explode

VietNamNet Bridge - 27 Jun 2017
VietNamNet Bridge - In recent years, millions of electronic game fans have gradually left internet cafes, where they played games on PCs, and have shifted to mobile phones. The mobile game market is expected to boom in the time to come, when the 4G ...
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Apple goes after clones and spam on the App Store

TechCrunch - 21 Jun 2017
Some of them are clear — if a popular game like Flappy Bird or Red Ball hits the charts, there will be hundreds or thousands of clones within weeks that attempt to capitalize on the initial wave of popularity. But there are also other kinds of scams ...
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Best new iOS and Android games of the week: June 4

Pocket Gamer - 04 Jun 2017
SUP Multiplayer Racing is a bright and chaotic online multiplayer racing game, but it's got more in common with ReRunners than Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. Switch between two lanes, utilised the slipstream effect, collect nitro boosts, and ...
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Flappy Bird online: get your fix for free without an app

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
Flappy Bird might have been pulled from the app store but addicts can still play the game online on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Multiple websites have seized upon the void left by Flappy Bird's sudden removal from the Apple and Google app stores, ...
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Flappy Bird online: what does the data say?

The Guardian - 03 Mar 2014
Since the online game launched two weeks ago, the game has not only seen a surge in popularity but has also undergone a number of iterations. Besides adding extra servers, the developers have heightened the graphics by making the user interface more ...
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Văn hóa khởi nghiệp ở Israel

enternews.vn (lời tuyên bố phát cho các báo) (sự đăng ký) (Blog) - 28 Jun 2017
Năm 2015, startup Beeketing với giải pháp marketing online đã vượt qua 50 startup khác trong cuộc thi khởi nghiệp Start Tel Aviv tại Việt Nam, giành vé đến Israel vào tháng 9/2015 để tìm hiểu về hệ sinh thái khởi nghiệp tại đây với các nhóm khởi nghiệp ...

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