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Why Flappy Bird Had to Die

Slate Magazine - 10 Feb 2014
This past weekend, 29-year-old Vietnamese game designer Dong Nguyen removed Flappy Bird from app stores, tweeting, “I cannot take this anymore.” The 50 million people who had already downloaded the improbable smash hit can still play it on their ...
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Timberman VS Review

Nintendo Life - 09 May 2018
In hero mode you must save a nest of birds at the top of a burning tree and in the race mode you compete against three other players or AI opponents by reaching the finish line first. Regardless of the mode, essentially the task is to ...
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First 'Family Code Night' at Hamilton K-8 School shows promise

Valley News - 28 Apr 2018
"I don't use computers," Dale Turner said, looking at Christopher who was helping working out a computer puzzle with "Flappy Bird." "This is great," he mused, then asked his grandson to show how he solved the puzzle so quickly. Both grandparents were ...
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The Endless Scroll: How to Tell if You're a Tech Addict

PCMag - 21 May 2018
Seventy-seven percent of Americans go online daily, and 26 percent are online "almost constantly," according to the latest Pew Research Center survey. PCMag's own survey of more than 650 readers' tech habits found that approximately 64 percent of ...
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Let the games begin

The Star Online - 12 Mar 2018
What if we told you that you can create your own videogames ...
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Let's build a simple Flappy Bird clone in Android Studio

Android Authority (blog) - 18 Jan 2018
In a previous tutorial, I walked you through the process of making your first “2D game.” We built a simple script which would let a character sprite bounce around the screen. From there, I insinuated it wouldn't be too much work to turn that into a ...
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Flappy Bird Doesn't Work on iOS 11 and Never Will

PCMag - 21 Sep 2017
Love it or hate it, Flappy Bird will always get a mention in the history of video games due to the popularity of this quite terrible—and terribly addictive—game. It was developed by Vietnamese artist/programmer Dong Nguyen in just a few days and ...
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Flappy Bird online: get your fix for free without an app

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
Flappy Bird might have been pulled from the app store but addicts can still play the game online on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Multiple websites have seized upon the void left by Flappy Bird's sudden removal from the Apple and Google app stores, ...
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Flappy Bird online: what does the data say?

The Guardian - 03 Mar 2014
Two weeks ago, the world thought it was at peak Flappy Bird. But once the developer pulled it from the Apple and Google app stores, a swathe of versions appeared online, none more notable than flapmmo.com, which allows users to compete against each ...
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Prepare to Rage in Real Life with Augmented Reality 'Flappy Bird'

NextReality - 17 Jul 2017
We all remember the game "Flappy Bird." It took the nation by storm, making millions fast. People became addicted to trying to get that little bird to successfully fly between obstacles without crashing. And then as fast as Flappy Bird rose, it fell ...
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RIP Flappy Bird – why the bird has taken its last flight

NME.com (blog) - 23 Sep 2017
Flappy Bird. The ridiculous retro styled mobile game, where you literally just try to make a bird fly through green pipes without hitting them. On the surface it sounds a bit crap, but as we all discovered in 2013 when it hit the market, it's actually ...
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How video games turn teenagers into millionaires

BBC News - 23 Mar 2018
We have indie games like Flappy Bird that become worldwide sensations, achieving overnight success. However, there are now so many being published, it's becoming an ever-more crowded market. Still, the idea of possible success in this field fuels ...
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Flappy Bird | Online reaction - what really happened?

USA TODAY - 09 Feb 2014
It's been the talk of the online world this weekend — what really happened to "Flappy Bird"? The smash app, No. 1 on both the Apple and Android app stores, became more popular than Hanoi-based Dong Nguyen ever imagined, so he announced he would ...
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At last! Play Flappy Bird online simultaneously with 1000 people

The Guardian - 12 Feb 2014
And you can really see them failing (along with, perhaps, yourself) at a site which lets you play Flappy Bird online along with a thousand others simultaneously. Available at flapmmo.com, the site offers a real-time view of how everyone else is doing ...
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Phones with 'Flappy Bird' app fetching big bids on eBay

USA TODAY - 10 Feb 2014
Several auctions have popped up on the online marketplace eBay featuring iPhones that included an installed copy of Flappy Bird, which was removed from app stores by its developer after it skyrocketed to the top of the Google Play and Apple App Store.

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