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flight 370 found

Researchers May Have Found MH370's Resting Place

ExtremeTech - 16 Aug 2017
Multiple nations flew to action, searching the Indian Ocean and seeking information from satellites, satellite navigation systems, and radar installations, with everyone well aware the clock was ticking before data from the flight recorders would be ...
flight 370 found

MH370: Major breakthrough in hunt for missing plane

The Week UK - 10 Aug 2017
Australian scientists claim to have found new evidence pinpointing the possible location of missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, potentially solving one of the greatest aviation mysteries in history. "Groundbreaking evidence" from previously ...
flight 370 found

Amateur sleuths hunt for Trump bombshells

Politico - 20 Aug 2017
But Jeffress said he found that amateur bloggers and researchers sometimes turned up important data points that reporters and Washington insiders had missed. “You'd be ...
flight 370 found

New analysis reaffirms likely MH370 location

CBS News - 21 Apr 2017
The new analysis confirmed findings released in December that the airliner had likely crashed north of the searched area. The December findings were based in part on drift analysis of six replicas of a piece of Flight 370 known as a flaperon which was ...
flight 370 found

Bodies Found in Search for Missing Myanmar Plane

The Atlantic - 08 Jun 2017
Wednesday's events also closely resemble a prominent flight disaster that took place in March 2014, when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on the path from Malaysia to Beijing. The plane reportedly crashed into the Indian Ocean, taking the ...
flight 370 found

Malaysia Airlines 370 Update: New Photo Analysis Aids Search (blog) - 17 Aug 2017
“The image resolution is not high enough to be certain whether the objects originated from MH370 or are other objects that might be found floating in oceans around the world,” he said. Flight MH370 departed from Kuala Lumpur on its way to Beijing, but ...
flight 370 found

Shipwreck hunter David Mearns leads push for new MH370 search - 28 Jul 2017
Mearns revealed he's in talks with relatives of those on board missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 about a new, privately funded search for the plane, which vanished in 2014 with 239 people on board, including six Australians. The famed shipwreck ...

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