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flight 370 found

Passenger's Bomb Threat Forces Plane's Return to Australia

New York Times - 01 Jun 2017
Flights to and from Melbourne Airport were briefly diverted, but the airport returned to regular service. Malaysia Airlines, the country's national carrier, made headlines twice in 2014, when Flight 370 — yet to be found — disappeared en route from ...
flight 370 found

New analysis reaffirms likely MH370 location

CBS News - 21 Apr 2017
The new analysis confirmed findings released in December that the airliner had likely crashed north of the searched area. The December findings were based in part on drift analysis of six replicas of a piece of Flight 370 known as a flaperon which was ...
flight 370 found

Bodies found in sea search for Burma plane - 08 Jun 2017
The area is about 700 kilometres (440 miles) north of the last primary radar contact with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, which vanished on a flight from Malaysia to Beijing on March 8 2014 with 239 people on board. That plane is believed to have flown ...
flight 370 found

Diverted SFO flight raises lithium battery concerns

KTVU San Francisco - 31 May 2017
SAN FRANCISCO (KTVU) - A flight from JFK to SFO airport that was diverted to Grand Rapids, Michigan Tuesday because of a battery fire from someone's laptop, has re-ignited concerns over lithium batteries on flights. The Federal Aviation Administration ...
flight 370 found

Airbus to fit ejectable black boxes to A350 from 2019

WHBL Sheboygan - 21 Jun 2017
Recommended by investigators after an Air France A330 jet crashed in 2009, the idea came to the fore after the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 in March 2014, for which the recorders still have not been found. The new ejectable recorder ...
flight 370 found

MH370 Found? Searchers Race to New Sites

Daily Beast - 08 Jan 2017
Dramatic changes in the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, first reported in The Daily Beast, have continued in the past 24 hours. The vessel scouring the depths of the Indian Ocean made a high-speed dash on Friday northward to an area recently ...
flight 370 found

MH370 families push for new search as more possible debris found

CBS News - 13 Sep 2016
CANBERRA, Australia -- Relatives of some of the 239 passengers and crew on missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 called Monday for more of its possible debris to be examined to define a new search area. Malaysia, China and Australia agreed in July that ...
flight 370 found

Malaysia confirms Flight 370 pilot plotted fatal route

CBS News - 05 Aug 2016
KUALA LUMPUR -- Malaysia acknowledged for the first time that one of the pilots of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 had plotted a course on his home flight simulator to the southern Indian Ocean, where the missing jet is believed to have crashed ...
flight 370 found

Why hasn't MH370 been found?

The Guardian - 19 Jan 2017
But the ATSB's analysis of debris that eventually came to be found on beaches in the Indian Ocean and on the east coast of Africa, starting with a flaperon on Réunion Island in late July 2015, occurred at the same time of its search of the seventh arc ...
flight 370 found

Personal items found on beach possibly from MH370

CBS News - 20 Jun 2016
An Australian support group for families of air crash victims has appealed for help in trying to figure out whether a number of personal items found on a Madagascan beach are from missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. American lawyer and adventurer ...

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