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flight 370 found

Malaysia Airlines flight 370: the conspiracy theories

South China Morning Post - 15 Oct 2017
Leaked Malaysian police documents, first reported by New York magazine, alleged the pilot had flown a similar 'suicide route' on a home flight simulator. Media pounced on the idea the pilot was heartbroken. Malaysian police dismissed the theory.
flight 370 found

Australia Releases Final Report on Missing Malaysian Plane

Voice of America - 07 Oct 2017
Australian investigators have released their last report into missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370, saying it is "almost inconceivable" the aircraft has not been found. The Boeing 777 disappeared in March 2014 while flying to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur ...
flight 370 found

Airline crisis festers in Malaysia as state action scrutinized

Nikkei Asian Review - 18 Oct 2017
Flight 370 disappeared enroute to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur in March 2014 and is yet to be found, and Flight 17 was shot down over Ukraine in July that year. But even before 2014, Malaysia Airlines was already struggling with high costs and making losses.
flight 370 found

Melbourne mum and daughters found

The Australian - 24 Sep 2017
Malaysia to announce that US company Ocean Infinity will resume the search for missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Malcolm Turnbull must choose cheaper power over all else. More. Iain Shedden was a drummer and writer who knew his product. More.
flight 370 found

New Black Boxes Won't Slumber on the Ocean Floor

Newser - 02 Oct 2017
(Newser) – There have been a number of instances where a plane has gone down at sea and the black box was never found—most recently in the case of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. When it comes to avoiding that fate, the ultimate goal is to get the ...
flight 370 found

New analysis reaffirms likely MH370 location

CBS News - 21 Apr 2017
The new analysis confirmed findings released in December that the airliner had likely crashed north of the searched area. The December findings were based in part on drift analysis of six replicas of a piece of Flight 370 known as a flaperon which was ...
flight 370 found

Bodies Found in Search for Missing Myanmar Plane

The Atlantic - 08 Jun 2017
Wednesday's events also closely resemble a prominent flight disaster that took place in March 2014, when Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 went missing on the path from Malaysia to Beijing. The plane reportedly crashed into the Indian Ocean, taking the ...

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