The Florida election recount of 2000 was a period of vote recou... -
florida election recount

The Florida election recount of 2000 was a period of vote recou...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The Florida election recount of 2000 was a period of vote recounting in Florida that occurred during the weeks after Election Day in the 2000 United States presidential election between George W. Bush and Al Gore. The Florida vote was ultimately settled in Bush's favor by a margin of 537 votes when the U.S. Supreme Court, in Bush v. Gore, stopped a recount that had been initiated upon a ruling by the Florida Supreme Court. That in turn gave Bush a majority of votes in the Electoral College and victor
florida election recount

Florida Takes Steps to Bolster Election Security

StateTech Magazine - 17 Aug 2018
The episode puts a spotlight on election security in the Sunshine State, the epicenter of the 2000 presidential election recount and a perennial swing state. In June, the state received $19.2 million in federal grants to boost cybersecurity in advance ...
florida election recount

Wyden, Blumenauer call for paper ballots nationwide

Pamplin Media Group - 18 Aug 2018
With just 81 days until the 2018 midterms, 22 states still don't require audits after any election, while many others only require recounts in a few precincts. "We are harmed if any state is destabilized and raises questions about the authenticity, the ...
florida election recount

In Kansas Recount, County Officials Hold the Power

Governing - 14 Aug 2018
The uncertainty about the winner has drawn comparisons to the standoff between George W. Bush and Al Gore during the 2000 presidential election, when a few hundred votes separated the two candidates in Florida. Bryan Caskey, who works under Kobach ...
florida election recount

The Hot Seats: Arpaio Aims for Revenge, Kansas Goes Crazy

Slate Magazine - 17 Aug 2018
Nelson had been saying repeatedly that Russia already had access to Florida's voter systems this cycle. He pointed to a letter that he and Sen. Marco Rubio sent to Florida election supervisors that, in his words, “let them know that the Russians are in ...
florida election recount

Kavanaugh's lengthy paper trail becomes flashpoint

Good4Utah - 20 Jul 2018
The Democrats are demanding access to paperwork from Kavanaugh's tenure as staff secretary in the George W. Bush White House, on the 2000 election presidential recount and on Special Counsel Kenneth Starr's probe of Bill Clinton. ...
florida election recount


Herald-Mail Media - 17 Aug 2018
The Florida Democrat tweeted a breaking news alert from NBC News that said, "Bill Nelson wasn't making things up when he said Russians hacked Florida election systems." 300 by Alex Leary in Washington. MOVED. PHOTO. ^Senate not in session much ...
florida election recount

How Sandra Day O'Connor's Swing Vote Decided the 2000 Election

History - 07 Aug 2018
After a flurry of lawsuits, the Florida Supreme Court weighed in, ruling for manual recounts throughout the state. Bush's legal team appealed to the Supreme Court, asking for the recounts to stop and arguing that Florida was reaching beyond its ...

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