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flu (film)

Flu (Hangul: 감기; RR: Gamgi) is a 2013 South Korean di...

wikipedia - 19 Sep 2016
Flu (Hangul: 감기; RR: Gamgi) is a 2013 South Korean disaster film written and directed by Kim Sung-su, about an outbreak of a deadly strain of H5N1 that kills it's victims within 36 hours, throwing the district of Budang in Seongnam, with a population of nearly half a million people into chaos. It stars Jang Hyuk and Soo Ae.
flu (film)

Sudburians getting the 'Cinefest flu'

The Sudbury Star - 16 Sep 2017
It must be Cinefest flu. Sudburians may call in sick en masse next week as the city's prestigious and long-running film festival gets underway. But no worries, says Patrick O'Hearn, managing director at Cinefest, what happens at Cinefest, stays at ...
flu (film)

Reeling it in: Characters drive 'The Big Sick'

Kenai Peninsula Online - 22 Sep 2017
I'd like to say right up front that I don't like the title for this week's film, the beautiful, hilarious, and touchingly sweet romance, “The Big Sick.” I'm not sure what I would have called the movie — I mean “The Big Sick” does get at the life ...
flu (film)

Flu arrives early in Maine

WGME - 20 Sep 2017
STATEWIDE (BDN) -- The flu has arrived earlier than usual in Maine this season, prompting health officials to ramp up their annual push for vaccination against the illness. Multiple hospitals in the state have reported positive lab tests for influenza ...
flu (film)

'Shiloh' Star Blake Heron Dies at 35

Variety - 08 Sep 2017
Heron, a native of Sherman Oaks, Calif., made his film debut in the 1995 Disney movie “Tom and Huck,” playing Ben Rodgers, and in the TV series “Reality Check” as Bud McNeight. In 1996, he starred in the Warner Bros. family drama “Shiloh,” portraying ...
flu (film)

How flying seriously messes with your mind

BBC News - 19 Sep 2017
A new survey by Gatwick Airport in London found 15% of men and 6% of women said they were more likely to cry when watching a film on a flight than they would if seeing it at home. One major airline has gone as far as issuing “emotional health warnings ...
flu (film)

Artis dan Kru Film India Ramai-ramai Jatuh Sakit, Ada Apa?

VIVA.co.id - 25 Sep 2017
“Hasil analisis dari tim kesehatan menyebut penyebabnya adalah cuaca buruk, badai kuat berulang kali menyerang pantai barat daya Amerika Serikat, flu biasa," lanjutnya. Sementara itu, Amitabh juga mengungkap jika film ini menuntutnya harus bekerja ...
flu (film)

WA teacher jailed for indecent child films

The Australian - 15 Sep 2017
8 Year old Rosie Andersen who became another flu fatality. Supplied by her father Christen Rebecca Urban, Tessa Akerman, Simone Fox-Koob. A heartbroken Melbourne man has spoken out about losing his eight-year-old “princess” to influenza, after a “bad ...
flu (film)

Techly Explains: Can a dog catch a human cold or flu?

Techly - 28 Aug 2017
Can our beloved and furry companions contract from us our most common and uncomfortable of illnesses? The short answer: No. Well wait, actually, yes. First off, let's differentiate a Cold from the Flu. Although they share similar symptoms they're ...

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