ABC's 'Forever' follows an immortal medical examiner -

ABC's 'Forever' follows an immortal medical examiner

WJLA - 22 Sep 2014
HOLLYWOOD (ABC/WJLA) - If you are a fan of sexy, perceptive, eccentrics who solve crimes, you're going to love Dr. Henry Morgan on ABC's new fall show 'Forever,' which debuts Monday at 10 p.m. on ABC7. Continue reading. "Forever": On Monday on ...

Film Review: 'Forever My Girl'

Variety - 18 Jan 2018
Much of “Forever My Girl” is devoted to Liam's eager if not desperate attempts to bond with Billy. Much to his delight, and Josie's discomfort, she readily accepts him as her dad — but not before busting his chops. (“I said I wanted to meet him ...

'Forever My Girl': Film Review

Hollywood Reporter - 17 Jan 2018
A country music superstar reconnects with the woman he left at the altar in this romantic drama based on Heidi McLaughlin's novel. You have to give credit to Bethany Ashton Wolf's adaptation of Heidi McLaughlin's novel Forever My Girl' for not shying ...

Donald Trump vs. Guantánamo's Forever Prisoners

New York Times - 17 Jan 2018
The rest have been held as enemy combatants, but without charge, for up to 16 years. Five of those have been cleared for transfer, meaning that the Pentagon, the White House and intelligence agencies long ago agreed that they pose no security threat ...

USPS: Slight increase in cost of Forever stamps

WPRI 12 Eyewitness News - 17 Jan 2018
Postcard stamps are also going up a cent to 35 cents, and the U.S. Postal Service's flat rate envelopes and boxes will cost consumers 5 cents more to send. Christine Dugas, a spokesperson for USPS, said the price increase is necessary. “The Postal ...

If Aubrey de Gray is right, you could live forever

Boing Boing - 18 Jan 2018
I first met Aubrey de Grey over ten years ago, when he presented at a conference I attended. And his core message blew my mind. It was -- and remains -- that it should soon lie within technology's reach to eliminate the scourge of human aging. Not ...

More animals find forever homes in wood county than ever before - 18 Jan 2018
The Wood County Humane Society has helped find forever homes for more animals than ever before. McGriddle is a short-haired kitten meeting her new family. "We kind of woke up and were like we should get a cat,” said Taylor Barr. “So that's literally ...

Dog found covered in icicles, sores, needs forever home

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 18 Jan 2018
A Memphis firefighter rescued a dog in the middle of a busy road (not pictured). The dog had icicles and sores on her body, according to the man. MEMPHIS, Tenn. A firefighter was driving home from work when he saw a dog in the middle of the road. While ...

3 Stocks You Can Keep Forever

Motley Fool - 16 Jan 2018
It's important to note that even choosing solid businesses with great opportunities provides no guarantees that the companies will continue to be worthwhile investments. Buffet himself has said that his favorite holding period is forever, but even the ...

'Forever Young' brings a lifetime of tunes to the Mansfield

Great Falls Tribune - 17 Jan 2018
The Great Falls Community Concert Association's 2018 concert series continues Thursday, Jan. 25, with Forever Young at the Mansfield Theater. Forever Young features a cast of five male singers telling the story of their lives with the songs they were ...

Dylan Matthew talks new single 'Forever & Always'

Digital Journal - 17 Jan 2018
Singer Dylan Matthew chatted with Digital Journal about his moving song "Forever & Always." He also opened up about his views on how technology has impacted the music business. The musician shared that "Forever & Always" was written a few days after ...

New films: '12 Strong,' 'Forever My Girl' and 'Den of Thieves' - 17 Jan 2018
This week the cineplexes are invaded by soldiers attacking on horseback, a Louisiana look at country music and down home values and a heist movie with Gerard Butler. Sponsored Links Sponsored Links · Promoted Links Promoted Links · Bonner and Partners ...

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