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The Economist (blog) - 31 Mar 2014
Just as Buddy Bolden can be considered year-zero in the life of jazz, so Frankie Knuckles, who died unexpectedly on March 31st, was the man most commonly credited as the godfather of house music. House eventually conquered the world. It is now the ...
frankie knuckles

Morning Links: John McEnroe's Sex Life Edition

ARTnews - 26 Jun 2017
Julia Joern, who has been a partner at David Zwirner Gallery for a decade, will be departing due to health issues. Joern headed up communications at Zwirner during the period when it expanded globally and transitioned from New York mainstay to ...
frankie knuckles

Caroline Polachek Is Going Solo With a Bold New Look - 20 Jun 2017
While some synthesizers evoke the cheesy sounds of the '80s and others the classic house music of Frankie Knuckles's Warehouse parties in Chicago, the vibrating frequencies of sine waves exist in a floating, untouched space, almost like the clean slate ...
frankie knuckles

Is It All Over My Race: Disco's Perpetual Gentrification

Vibe - 22 Jun 2017
Young bedroom producers like Vince Lawrence, Jesse Saunders and Frankie Knuckles filled the dance void with their brand of electronic disco. House thrived both in underground scenes and within pop-music. But eventually it, too, suffered from a severe ...
frankie knuckles

DJ Kaskade reminisces about suburban upbringing

Chicago Daily Herald - 06 Jun 2017
I had two older brothers and we'd go into the city to Medusa's on Sheffield. It was a forward-thinking nightclub that catered to teens and played house music. Frankie Knuckles, a Chicago guy (dubbed "The Godfather of House Music"), was one of my heroes.
frankie knuckles

David Morales interview: Return To The Red Zone - 30 May 2017
Co-founding the Def Mix production house with fellow dance music lynchpins Judy Weistein and Frankie Knuckles, Morales's remix services went on to be requested by the likes of Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Pet Shop Boys, U2, Whitney ...
frankie knuckles

Kaskade: 'Electronic [dance] music is the sound of today'

Chicago Sun-Times - 14 Jun 2017
He counts local house scion Frankie Knuckles as a personal hero and references Hot Mix 5 and Julian Jumpin Perez as early inspiration. “The first wave of house music in Chicago in the early '80s was hugely influential,” says the now 46-year-old who has ...
frankie knuckles

​Premiere: Satoshi Tomiie & Tuccillo send deep house 'To Ray'

Mixmag - 02 Jun 2017
Influential Japanese producer Satoshi Tomiie links with Italian indemand talent Tuccillo to supply material to the upcoming five year anniversary release on Holic Trax, including the raw house cut 'To Ray'. As an early collaborator with Frankie ...
frankie knuckles

Get a glimpse of Frankie Knuckles' record collection

Mixmag - 19 Apr 2017
As “The Godfather Of House Music” Frankie Knuckles helped establish the genre's presence on dancefloors around the world. At a time when music was distributed via physical mediums, he amassed thousands of vinyl records. Now this priceless collection ...
frankie knuckles

Floorplan share stunning Essential Mix: Listen

DJ Mag - 31 May 2017
Father and daughter tag team Floorplan — which consists of legendary techno producer Robert Hood and his daughter, Lyric — delivered a stunning Radio 1 Essential Mix this past weekend. For their Essential Mix debut the father and daughter duo — who ...
frankie knuckles

Selects: Dimitri From Paris

Mixmag - 07 Jun 2017
The first House music records where charmingly raw and minimal, mostly because they were lacking the muiscianship and budget the Disco records they were trying to imitate had. Frankie Knuckles single handedly brought the lushness into House, by putting ...
frankie knuckles

Six Artists To Flip You Upside Down at EDC Las Vegas

EDM Identity (blog) - 02 Jun 2017
Local folklore says that Frankie Knuckles, often referred to as The Godfather of house music, started playing it at South Side club The Warehouse and the name came from that. Whether or not that is real life or a fairytale is a hotly debated topic, but ...

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