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The Economist (blog) - 31 Mar 2014
Just as Buddy Bolden can be considered year-zero in the life of jazz, so Frankie Knuckles, who died unexpectedly on March 31st, was the man most commonly credited as the godfather of house music. House eventually conquered the world. It is now the ...
frankie knuckles

House Music - 27 Aug 2018
Our ode to Chicago's pioneering sound — its origins, evolution, songs, and stories.
frankie knuckles

The Greatest Frankie Knuckles Tracks

Complex - 22 Dec 2015
There are some people whose careers in music birth new genres that ultimately change music history forever. Frankie Knuckles is one of those people. Born in ...
frankie knuckles

Death of a Pied Piper

New York Times - 05 Apr 2014
Frankie Knuckles, the veteran club D.J. who died Monday at the age of 59 of complications from diabetes, may have ruled the underground club scene, but his ...
frankie knuckles

In Conversation With DJ Meme

House of Frankie - 26 Nov 2018
DJ Meme is by far the most critically acclaimed and successful remixer/producer in Brazil. Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Meme started DJing at the age of ...
frankie knuckles

In Conversation With Bobby & Steve

House of Frankie - 30 Nov 2018
Born and bred in London's East End, twins Robert and Stephen Laviniere are two pioneers of the Soulful House Sound since 1987. DJs, promoters, presenters ...
frankie knuckles

10 Best Remixes By Frankie Knuckles

Deep House Amsterdam - 18 Jan 2016
On what would have been “The Godfather of House” 61st birthday, we thought to honor the legend of Frankie Knuckles with a selection of his 10 finest remixes.
frankie knuckles

Aesthetic journaling inspires mindfulness

Miscellany News - 28 Nov 2018
Anyone who procrastinates by googling ways to stop procrastinating has probably already heard of bullet journaling: the magical productivity method invented ...
frankie knuckles

Frankie Knuckles: I'll take you there

Resident Advisor - 09 Oct 2013
"How would you feel if you had to tell your life story to everyone you met?" asked Frankie Knuckles before our interview in London. It's a fair question, but when ...
frankie knuckles

The history of acid house in 100 tracks

Mixmag - 03 May 2018
Aciiiiiiiidddddd. Ah the Summer of Love, a period of time in 1988 where hedonism, ecstasy and care-free raves set the precedent for everything else that ...
frankie knuckles

Circoloco Is Landing in Thailand

House of Frankie - 19 Dec 2018
Circoloco will host their first ever South East Asian show this coming January 2019, landing at the amazing Baba Beach Club, a luxury lifestyle hotel located in ...
frankie knuckles

Quite Frankly

Miscellany News - 05 Dec 2018
Have a question you want answered? Submit your quandaries at Hey Frankie,. One of my best friends just came out as trans. I am super ...
frankie knuckles

In Conversation With Alex Jukes

House of Frankie - 15 Oct 2018
Last summer PR and music connoisseur Alex Jukes flied in for an exclusive interview at our headquarters. Here, the Man of the Festivals revealed us how he ...

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