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The Economist (blog) - 31 Mar 2014
Just as Buddy Bolden can be considered year-zero in the life of jazz, so Frankie Knuckles, who died unexpectedly on March 31st, was the man most commonly credited as the godfather of house music. House eventually conquered the world. It is now the ...
frankie knuckles

LeTourneau, Jack - 29 Jun 2017
Jack was also involved with early house music in Chicago, working the soundboard for artists such as Joe Smooth and Frankie Knuckles which was part of the beginning of Hip-Hop. In 2005, he helped to establish the former E-Labs studio in Madison. He ...
frankie knuckles

Morning Links: John McEnroe's Sex Life Edition

ARTnews - 26 Jun 2017
Julia Joern, who has been a partner at David Zwirner Gallery for a decade, will be departing due to health issues. Joern headed up communications at Zwirner during the period when it expanded globally and transitioned from New York mainstay to ...
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DJ Mag - 04 Jul 2017
There's a reason people stand outside in line during Chicago's brutal winter months, teeth chattering, waiting to descend the staircase into Smart Bar's steamy, 400-person capacity dancefloor: the club's line-ups are unparalleled. And Marea Stamper ...
frankie knuckles

The Beat Junkies Celebrate 25 Years of Turntablism as Art

L.A. Weekly - 12 Jul 2017
To conceive of what they've done in the '90s, you'd have to imagine New York's DJ kings — Red Alert, Marley Marl, Frankie Knuckles, Grandmaster Flash — all coming from the same neighborhood, forming a crew and staying intact...
frankie knuckles

Swedish Electronic Artist KISSEY Unplugs For Breakout EP

Out Magazine - 11 Jul 2017
I remember seeing Frankie Knuckles for the first time. I was eighteen and was hysteric about what he was doing—I was just listening and staring. That shifted my life, that he did that for me. As someone of mixed race, what was your experience growing ...
frankie knuckles

Toni Shelton talks 'Queens of House' and the future of house music

Rolling Out - 01 Jul 2017
I started going to the Warehouse to listen to Frankie Knuckles was I was 15 years old. I had to sneak in at the time, but I was there. If you caught the episode of TV One's “Unsung” on house music, there was a still shot of 16-year-old me housing it up ...
frankie knuckles

Disco Demolition is now a museum show

Chicago Tribune - 28 Jun 2017
Frankie Knuckles, the father of house, made the case himself. "I witnessed that caper that Steve Dahl pulled," Knuckles told the Tribune, in a quote the show reproduces. "It scared the record companies so they stopped signing disco artists. So we ...
frankie knuckles

Is It All Over My Race: Disco's Perpetual Gentrification

Vibe - 22 Jun 2017
Young bedroom producers like Vince Lawrence, Jesse Saunders and Frankie Knuckles filled the dance void with their brand of electronic disco. House thrived both in underground scenes and within pop-music. But eventually it, too, suffered from a severe ...
frankie knuckles

Get a glimpse of Frankie Knuckles' record collection

Mixmag - 19 Apr 2017
As “The Godfather Of House Music” Frankie Knuckles helped establish the genre's presence on dancefloors around the world. At a time when music was distributed via physical mediums, he amassed thousands of vinyl records. Now this priceless collection ...
frankie knuckles

Check Out Official Lollapalooza After Shows 2017

Mix 247 EDM - 02 Jul 2017
Festival season is upon us, and maybe you weren't able to get a festival pass but fear not there are alternatives. Lollapalooza, an annual musical festival in Chicago's Grant Park, is right around the corner, and it's understandable if you can't fork ...
frankie knuckles

This is the Woodstock of House Music

Everfest - 13 Jul 2017
While fellow Chicago DJs Ron Hardy and Frankie Knuckles are typically bestowed with the credit for the genre's origins in the gay black clubs on Chi-Town's South Side, the transference of underground disco out from that tiny niche and to a wider ...
frankie knuckles

Why would a Chicago library collect racially insensitive art?

Chicago Tribune - 03 Jul 2017
The Edward Williams collection now lives at the Stony Island Arts Bank where you can find thousands of "negrobilia" items dating back centuries. Williams began collecting items to remove the disturbing content from circulation. Now he feels it is ...
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Watch an Unearthed 30-Minute Frankie Knuckles Interview

THUMP - 28 Mar 2017
Disco legend Nicky Siano today shared an extended 34-minute interview with house pioneer Frankie Knuckles, originally recorded for his 2014 documentary Love Is the Message: A Night at the Gallery. The clip was previously only available in full as bonus ...
frankie knuckles

Nicky Siano has uploaded an old interview with Frankie Knuckles

Mixmag - 29 Mar 2017
Disco icon Nicky Siano has unveiled a 2014 interview with house legend Frankie Knuckles, offering a unique look at two of dance music's most revered artists. Originally filmed for Siano's Love Is the Message: A Night at the Gallery documentary, the ...

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