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The Economist (blog) - 31 Mar 2014
Just as Buddy Bolden can be considered year-zero in the life of jazz, so Frankie Knuckles, who died unexpectedly on March 31st, was the man most commonly credited as the godfather of house music. House eventually conquered the world. It is now the ...
frankie knuckles

A history of electronic music at The Grammys

Mixmag - 02 Dec 2017
The induction of this award was deservingly handed to none other than the godfather of house music himself, Frankie Knuckles. Originally created as Remixer of the Year (a category which had no particular track attached to it, but rather an overall ...
frankie knuckles

Pet Shop Boys announce third wave of remasters

The Music Universe. - 15 Dec 2017
House music legend Frankie Knuckles created the mix of “I Want A Dog,” while “Domino Dancing” was recorded in Miami with hit producer Lewis Martinée. Introspective also saw Pet Shop Boys introduce a new approach to the format of an album and its ...
frankie knuckles

Musicology: The Birth of House & Acid House

Mixdown (press release) - 06 Dec 2017
Warehouse was largely patronised by members of the gay male African American and Latino community, and so this new music first became popular amongst those subcultures, as had disco before it. However, thanks to its strong European influence, by way of ...
frankie knuckles

A quick-fire history of US DJ culture

Red Bull - 29 Nov 2017
DJing as we know it, then, began in New York's disco havens Paradise Garage and Studio 54, with Nicky Siano and Larry Levan paving the way for what came later, from Kool Herc and Jam Master Jay's pioneering hip-hop sounds to the Chicago house music ...
frankie knuckles

Pop Producer SOPHIE on Anonymity, Honesty, and Artifice - 07 Dec 2017
Rather than J-pop, a genre often linked to her music, SOPHIE reveals that she is very much inspired by the energy of early disco and house music from New York and Chicago, developed in the '70s and '80s under DJs like Larry Levan and Frankie Knuckles ...
frankie knuckles

Frankie Knuckles benefit honors 'godfather of house music'

Chicago Tribune - 06 Sep 2017
The second annual Frankie Knuckles Foundation benefit was held Aug. 25 at Untitled. Nearly 200 fans gathered at the River North nightclub to celebrate the life and legacy of the "godfather of house music," Frankie Knuckles. The event raised over $10 ...
frankie knuckles

La Discotheque - Leeds tickets - 07 Dec 2017
Lisa has spanned two decades working with a who's who of dance, from the early years with the likes of Paul Oakenfold and Frankie Knuckles to the present day with DJ Spen, Jamie Lewis and Juan Kidd. Completing this stellar line-up will be Leeds' PBR ...
frankie knuckles

Ten memorable moments from the history of cult magazine The Face

Interview - 11 Dec 2017
You've likely seen the images of Kate Moss, bounding across the sand in the buff in one, her face scrunched up and beaming out from underneath a headdress in another. Shot by photographer Corinne Day, Moss was then 15 years old, a working class girl ...
frankie knuckles

Abu Dhabi GP: EDM proves pulse of this year's F1 music scene

The National - 21 Nov 2017
But writing off the entire swathe of electronic music – a genre that, like any other, boasts its own fabled, four-decade origins story – with such clichés betrays its sonic diversity. It ignores the divergent tributaries that have flowed since pioneers ...
frankie knuckles

Ms. Sue Ms. Sue: A legend of mystery, music, and photography

Community News Service - 01 Dec 2017
Some of her favorite newer artists include producer/DJ Tony Humphries, Chicago house music pioneer Frankie Knuckles, and Luis “Little Louis” Vega. She names a few old school favorites, like MFSB, the famed ensemble of musicians from Philly's Sigma ...
frankie knuckles

Get a glimpse of Frankie Knuckles' record collection

Mixmag - 19 Apr 2017
With the record collection of Frankie Knuckles now at Theaster Gates's Stony Island Arts Bank in Chicago, The Frankie Knuckles Foundation has shared a video expressing what they hope the archive stands for. Knuckles set up The Frankie Knuckles ...

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