Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo... -
franklin's lost expedition

Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo...

wikipedia - 22 May 2018
Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Captain Sir John Franklin that departed England in 1845 aboard two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. A Royal Navy officer and experienced explorer, Franklin had served on three previous Arctic expeditions, the latter two as commanding officer. His fourth and last, undertaken when he was 59, was meant to traverse the last unnavigated section of the Northwest Passage. After a few early fatalities, the two ships becam
franklin's lost expedition

AMC's 'The Terror' may come back for a second season

Meaww - 24 May 2018
"When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show," co-showrunner Soo Hugh told TV Guide,"Meaning Season 1 would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and subsequent seasons would take on a new narrative ...
franklin's lost expedition

The Terror: 5 chilling moments from episode 4

BT TV - 08 May 2018
After last week's especially depressing episode in which we lost the expedition's leader Sir John Franklin, you might think things couldn't get any darker. But somehow in this new episode aptly named Punished, as a Boy, things manage to go from bad to ...
franklin's lost expedition

Shining historic accuracy on Arctic explorer John Rae

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - 20 May 2018
It was the first clue to what had befallen the lost Franklin Expedition, for which the British had begun searching six years earlier. After further mapping work — which led him to determine the Passage's location — Rae interviewed dozens of Inuit and ...
franklin's lost expedition

Everything That's Gone Wrong on AMC's The Terror

IGN - 14 May 2018
Those of you watching AMC's The Terror - based on Dan Simmons' fictionalized account of Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror in the Arctic - know that it's not just as simple as the surrounding land and sea not ...
franklin's lost expedition

Reader's Guide: Down the River Unto the Sea' at Library

Oak Ridger - 09 May 2018
Taking to ground, the expedition tried to reach civilization by foot but were never seen again. Paul Watson's book ‟Ice Ghosts: The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin Expedition” (919.800) not only recounts the ordeal of the original expedition, but also ...
franklin's lost expedition

How The Terror Became One of TV's Best Horror Series

TV Guide - 22 May 2018
AMC's The Terror, based on Dan Simmons' novel of the same name, plays with familiar genres but mashes them together into a unique experience. It's a historical drama detailing the real lost expedition led by John Franklin in the 1840s as the British ...
franklin's lost expedition

One of these 14 TV shows your new obsession? Read the book next - 08 May 2018
Whether it's an acclaimed new superhero show, a prestige limited series sparking conversations over cocktails, or a wild new sci-fi bender getting binged within a few days, chances are at least one of 2018's new book-to-TV adaptations has become your ...
franklin's lost expedition

The Terror: 5 chilling moments from episode 3

BT TV - 01 May 2018
Only his leg is found and is placed in a dignified coffin by Doctor Goodsir. They didn't call it Franklin's Lost Expedition for nothing… Sir Francis Crozier, who'd previously squabbled relentlessly with Franklin and who always believed himself to be ...
franklin's lost expedition

“The Terror” recap: Episode 7

Canadian Geographic : Franklin Expedition (press release) (blog) - 01 May 2018
By the time McClintock got to King William, that part of the 13,000-square-kilometre island had long been a graveyard for Franklin and his men, and the place names that memorialize the dead on our modern maps were already being inscribed. ...
franklin's lost expedition

The Terror Is More Than a Chilling Monster Show

The Atlantic - 01 May 2018
In 1845, two ships under the command of Captain John Franklin set sail from Britain on a mission of exploration. Three years later, both disappeared in the Arctic. None of the 129 men on that expedition came back, and the battered wrecks of the HMS ...
franklin's lost expedition

Morgan Griffith: A day for remembrance

Augusta Free Press - 27 May 2018
You may have seen in the news this past year stories about the famous shipwrecks of World War II that were discovered on expeditions led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. One of these discoveries was the USS Juneau, a cruiser most famous for the five ...
franklin's lost expedition

Chilling “The Terror” Is a Masterclass In Atmospheric Horror

Bloody Disgusting - 28 Apr 2018
Based on Dan Simmons' best-selling novel of the same name, The Terror follows Franklin's lost expedition, in which two ships set sail for the Arctic in 1845 in hopes of finding the Northwest Passage but got trapped in the ice and later abandoned. While ...
franklin's lost expedition

4 disastrous expeditions we'd love to see in The Terror season 2

Culturess - 19 May 2018
In an interview with TV Guide, co-showrunner Soo Hugh said that multiple seasons were part of the creator's original plan — but that we'd be leaving the Franklin expedition behind. “Season 1 would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and ...

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