Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo... -
franklin's lost expedition

Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo...

wikipedia - 16 Sep 2016
Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Captain Sir John Franklin that departed England in 1845 aboard two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. A Royal Navy officer and experienced explorer, Franklin had served on three previous Arctic expeditions, the latter two as commanding officer. His fourth and last, undertaken when he was 59, was meant to traverse the last unnavigated section of the Northwest Passage. After a few early fatalities, the two ships becam
franklin's lost expedition

Rethinking the search for the Northwest Passage | Book Reviews ...

Fairbanks Daily News-Miner - 25 Feb 2018
FAIRBANKS — For Arctic history enthusiasts, there's never been a more exciting time. The recent findings of the two lost vessels of the Franklin Expedition, last seen sailing from Greenland in 1845 in search of the Northwest Passage, made global news ...
franklin's lost expedition

'The Terror': TV Review | Berlin 2018

Hollywood Reporter - 22 Feb 2018
Crozier has little patience for Fitzjames' self-aggrandizement, and the antipathy is mutual. "There's nothing worse than a man who has lost his joy," Fitzjames remarks of him to Franklin in one of his constant digs. The unlikelihood of Crozier, an ...
franklin's lost expedition

Out of Canada: The Northwest Passage

Geographical - 16 Feb 2018
On day two of our voyage 'Out of the Northwest Passage', we sailed into a mid-afternoon blizzard. Marc-Andre Bernier, manager of underwater archaeology for Parks Canada, was halfway through a presentation on The Search and Discovery of Sir John ...
franklin's lost expedition

Whit's on this weekend?

The Orcadian - 02 Feb 2018
Passage @ Gable End Theatre, Hoy. If you're heading out to Hoy this weekend, there's a good chance to find out more about a local legend. Tonight, Friday, the John Rae Society will be hosting a showing of a showing of docudrama, Passage — which delves ...
franklin's lost expedition

How the Discovery of Two Lost Ships Solved an Arctic Mystery

National Geographic - 16 Apr 2017
In 1848, the Franklin expedition's two ships, H.M.S. Erebus and H.M.S. Terror, disappeared with all their crew while searching for the Northwest Passage. Their fate is one of the enduring mysteries of the age of exploration. Numerous expeditions were ...
franklin's lost expedition

Museum risks wrath of Inuit with display from tragic Arctic voyage

The Guardian - 01 Jul 2017
After 165 years under icy seas, the lost secrets of Sir John Franklin's doomed British Arctic expedition in search of the North-West Passage are to form the centrepiece of a major London exhibition, Death in the Ice. But who really owns these salvaged ...
franklin's lost expedition

Frankfort man, facing murder charges, indicted in separate case - 20 Feb 2018
Ten days later, on June 14, Moore was driving a Ford Expedition north on Bridgeport Benson Road around 2 a.m. when he lost control of the vehicle, veered right off the road and struck a tree, police said. His 18-year-old front-seat passenger, Alyssa ...
franklin's lost expedition

How did the Franklin expedition crew die?

Phys.Org - 14 Aug 2017
Over the last few years he has become a contributing member of a small but fervent network of Franklin experts around the world. They review historical documents at places like the Smithsonian Institution, share information and hold conferences as they ...
franklin's lost expedition

What lies beneath - 30 Dec 2017
On the Franklin Expedition, it's “in extremis where these people… fully appreciated they're all going to die and that they're never going to see home again,” says Harris. “How did that affect their behaviour? How did that affect discipline on board ...
franklin's lost expedition

Former CEO Stephen Trafton Led Many Adventurous Lives

PR Web (press release) - 27 Jan 2018
set a World Speed Record in a Ferrari at the Bonneville Salt Flats,; pursued what became a landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that resulted in one of the largest monetary judgments against the U.S. Government,; survived a massive avalanche,; climbed ...
franklin's lost expedition

The Hunt for Ships Trapped in the Canadian Ice Nearly 170 Years Ago

New York Times - 07 Apr 2017
When the wreck of the Erebus was finally discovered in 2014, Harper made the announcement at a victorious news conference, where he declared it “a truly historic moment” and went on to claim that the Franklin expedition had “laid the foundations of ...

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