Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo... -
franklin's lost expedition

Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic explo...

wikipedia - 22 May 2018
Franklin's lost expedition was a British voyage of Arctic exploration led by Captain Sir John Franklin that departed England in 1845 aboard two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. A Royal Navy officer and experienced explorer, Franklin had served on three previous Arctic expeditions, the latter two as commanding officer. His fourth and last, undertaken when he was 59, was meant to traverse the last unnavigated section of the Northwest Passage. After a few early fatalities, the two ships becam
franklin's lost expedition

When Clairvoyants Searched for a Lost Expedition

JSTOR Daily - 25 Oct 2018
When the 1845 Arctic expedition led by Captain Sir John Franklin went missing, the British Admiralty launched a hunt for their men and ships: the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. In 1848, British ships departed for the frigid coasts where the vessels had ...
franklin's lost expedition

Season 2 of THE TERROR Confirmed To Be Set During World War II

GeekTyrant - 18 Oct 2018
The first season was inspired by the true story of Captain Sir John Franklin's lost expedition to the Arctic in the 1800s. Deadline has confirmed that The Terror Season 2 will be set during World War II in a Japanese-American internment camp. The story ...
franklin's lost expedition

'The Terror' Is a Gory Take on an Arctic Mystery

Outside Magazine - 22 Mar 2018
Still, the story of the lost Franklin expedition holds our attention all these years later because we love a good mystery. The Terror works because it conjures up monsters and murders in place of what were likely, in reality, much slower, less dramatic ...
franklin's lost expedition

UK gifts Canada with long-lost Franklin expedition ships - 27 Apr 2018
Sir John Franklin's ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, have been stuck at the bottom of the Arctic for more than a century, and there has been a battle over who controls them. Ask Mike Le Couteur reports, Canada will now have control of the wrecks and ...

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