Should we celebrate Fred Phelps' death? -
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Should we celebrate Fred Phelps' death?

CNN (blog) - 20 Mar 2014
“The words and actions of Fred Phelps have hurt countless people. As a Christian, I'm angry about that, and I'm angry about how he tarnished the reputation of the faith I love so much,” Justin Lee, executive director of The Gay Christian Network, said ...
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Return to Laramie

Volume One - 18 Oct 2018
Among the voices heard in the show are Shephard's murderers and Fred Phelps, the notorious anti-gay pastor. The play will be staged at Riverside Theatre in UWEC's Haas Fine Arts Center. Nimke said Riverside works both because of the theater's ...
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'A strong way to fight'

Stockton Record - 17 Oct 2018
Cobb may be a newcomer, but he plays Fred Phelps, the leader of the Westboro Baptist Church who held extreme views of homosexuality and staged protests with his supporters at funerals of gays, military members and disaster victims, arguing God was ...
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Rob Curley: In the face of hate, Spokane showed its strength

The Spokesman-Review - 12 Oct 2018
Fred Phelps himself made the trip to our offices. Their signs were shocking. And hurtful. And hateful. It's not that I ever got used to them, I just realized it was best to ignore them … especially if I was on deadline. Interestingly enough, that was ...
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Shawn Vestal: Battling hate, one conversation at a time

The Spokesman-Review - 23 Sep 2018
She tells the story of Megan Phelps-Roper, who was raised by the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, Fred Phelps, before turning away from it. The Kansas-based group has made a notorious name for itself with inflammatory hate speech and its anti ...
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Why I am not Voting in the Midterm Election this Year

Patheos (blog) - 09 Oct 2018
I certainly do not want to claim Fred Phelps, and I have yet to run into a Christian who does. But that is not what is happening. Note for example comments from congresswomen Maxine Waters, and Senator Mazie Hirono who either refuse to condemn such ...
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Opening Night at The Q Driven by Goodyear - 17 Oct 2018
Fred McLeod and game analyst Austin Carr are back calling the action with Angel Gray, new this season, reporting sideline. Campy Russell and Jeff Phelps host the pregame and postgame editions of Cavaliers Live 30 minutes prior to and immediately ...

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