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full moon november 2016

DTA appoints new chief

Computerworld Australia - 22 Jun 2018
The inaugural CEO of the DTO, Paul Shetler quit in November 2016 over a “fundamental disagreement” with then Assistant Minister for Cities and Digital Transformation Angus Taylor. “The idea that the Digital Transformation Agency should just become a ...
full moon november 2016

Houston's most notable free-agent signings: Top 5

Houston Chronicle - 23 Jun 2018
After Matt Schaub's game went off a cliff and trying to get by on the cheap with the mediocre likes of Ryan Fitzpatrick and Brian Hoyer, the Texans went all-in on finding a franchise quarterback in free agency during the 2016 offseason. That led them ...
full moon november 2016

Koreas Set Reunions for Families Split by War

Wall Street Journal - 22 Jun 2018
The reunions fulfill a campaign promise by South Korean President Moon Jae-in, who has put engagement with North Korea and reducing cross-border tensions at the center of his agenda. Friday's decision follows through on an agreement ...
full moon november 2016

The Best Places to Take a Trip for the Rest of 2018

Thrillist - 22 Jun 2018
Most of the *chef's kiss* deals are between late August and late November, but for the rest of the year you'll be able to find round-trip tickets -- from cities all across the country -- for as low as $350. ...
full moon november 2016

'Babylon 5' is great, so why does it look so bad?

Engadget - 22 Jun 2018
A great sequence to explain Babylon 5's problem is the monorail scene from the Season 2 finale, The Fall of Night, which originally aired on November 1st, 1995. We begin with an entirely live-action shot, where Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner ...
full moon november 2016

What Is a Supermoon? - 30 Nov 2017
An even closer full moon took place in January 1912; it was roughly 100 kilometers nearer to Earth than in November 2016. But skywatchers who are around in November 2034 will get a special treat, as that moon will be even closer than both the 1912 and ...
full moon november 2016

Singapore Was John Bolton's Worst Nightmare

Foreign Policy (blog) - 21 Jun 2018
And during the 2016 presidential campaign, Bolton presciently warned that Kim might try to break out of his isolation by offering a summit with the next U.S. president, be it Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, on the calculation that they could be ...
full moon november 2016

Don't Miss Tonight's Supermoon: The Biggest Full Moon Of 2017

Forbes - 03 Dec 2017
The 2016 supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest the moon got to the Earth since 1948, which won't happen again until November of 2034, 17 years from now. Tonight's supermoon will be 222,761 miles from Earth, 16,139 miles closer than the ...
full moon november 2016

How to See the Brightest Supermoon of 2017

National Geographic - 21 Nov 2017
Tonight, sky-watchers around the world will get a chance to revel under the first—and last—full supermoon of the year. Sometimes called the cold moon in the Northern Hemisphere, the December 3 full moon will be relatively close to Earth and will ...

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