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full moon november 2016

How Mars's Close Encounters Helped Us Map the Red Planet

National Geographic - 27 Jul 2018
Using two hemispheres is also typical of most lunar maps, because the moon has a near side that always faces Earth and a far side that faces away, creating a natural way to split up the sphere. The last Mars supplement prior to 2016, published with the ...
full moon november 2016

How to Watch the Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

TIME - 09 Aug 2018
Anyone who was disappointed by the brightness of the nearly full moon obscuring the 2017 Perseid meteor shower will have a chance to turn their stargazing luck around this weekend. This year's Perseid meteor shower will be highly visible Sunday night ...
full moon november 2016

With one month left in primary season, what is the left winning?

Washington Post - 17 Aug 2018
For most of the cycle, JD's success was limited to races where Democrats did not really plan to compete in November. In Texas's primaries, for example, four Justice Democrats seized their nominations. But on average, Trump won their districts in 2016 ...
full moon november 2016

Taking Stock of Painting Today

Hyperallergic - 12 Aug 2018
Done quickly on a smooth, resistant surface, they are of dewdrops on grass, the full moon in a night sky, and a view from a barn window. Spread out across all three of Marks's exhibition spaces, these ...
full moon november 2016

Media Watch Dog: Leigh Sales comes top for self-regard

The Australian - 17 Aug 2018
But The Saturday Paper morning editor did not criticise the ABC for the fact that Cottrell was interviewed on Hack Live with Tom Tilley on 22 September 2016 in an episode entitled “Aussie Patriots”. ABC management ...
full moon november 2016

What Is a Supermoon? - 30 Nov 2017
An even closer full moon took place in January 1912; it was roughly 100 kilometers nearer to Earth than in November 2016. But skywatchers who are around in November 2034 will get a special treat, as that moon will be even closer than both the 1912 and ...
full moon november 2016

Don't Miss Tonight's Supermoon: The Biggest Full Moon Of 2017

Forbes - 03 Dec 2017
The 2016 supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest the moon got to the Earth since 1948, which won't happen again until November of 2034, 17 years from now. Tonight's supermoon will be 222,761 miles from Earth, 16,139 miles closer than the ...
full moon november 2016

Independence Day: Images that defined India's history

The Indian Express - 15 Aug 2018
For most Indians, the words of that iconic speech from August 15, 1947, are permanently etched in the mind: “Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now that time comes when we shall redeem our pledge, not wholly or in full measure, but very ...

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