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With 'Fury,' David Ayer Finally Made A Movie He Likes

Huffington Post - 17 Oct 2014
The violence in David Ayer's "Fury" is relentless and brutal. The first scene of this World War II movie features Brad Pitt, playing a sergeant with the nickname Wardaddy, stabbing a Nazi officer in the eye. Minutes later, a wet-behind-the-ears private ...
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Here's The Perfect Cast For 'Fire And Fury: The Movie'

The Federalist - 08 Jan 2018
“Fire and Fury” paints the administration as dysfunctional, desperate and dimwitted, and so far it's been a huge success. The White House has already threatened legal action over the book, which Trump claims is wildly inaccurate, and that will probably ...
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Who I'd Cast in the Fire and Fury Movie

The Portland Mercury - 10 Jan 2018
America's going ga-ga over Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff's literary soap opera about Trump's first year as president, and everybody's wondering one thing: who I'd cast in the inevitable film version. So here are my 100 percent on-the-nose suggestions ...
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How I Would Cast the Fire and Fury Movie

The Portland Mercury (blog) - 05 Jan 2018
For those chomping at the bit to read Fire and Fury, Michael Wolff's literary soap opera about the first year of the Trump administration, your wait is over, because the blockbuster controversial book goes on sale TODAY. The Oregonian has a story about ...
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16 Superheroes Marvel Secretly Redesigned To Match Its Movies

CBR - 17 Jan 2018
For a generation of fans, Marvel's superheroes and villains are defined by the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Marvel's other movies. Even though superheroes dominate pop culture in a previously unthinkable way, the comic books where these characters ...
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The Chilling Sweetness of “Paddington 2”

The New Yorker - 16 Jan 2018
He's not guileless (he uses some marmalade to stick a customer's wrongly shorn hair back onto his scalp), but he's without malice; the closest thing to fury that he's got is what he calls his “hard stare,” which he reserves for “when people forget ...
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The 'Mandy' Poster Features Nicolas Cage in a Chainsaw Fight

/FILM - 16 Jan 2018
Somewhere in the primal wilderness near the Shadow Mountains in the year 1983, Red Miller (Nicolas Cage, in an adrenaline-inducing performance) has fallen deeply for the beguiling Mandy Bloom (Andrea Riseborough). But the life he has made for himself ...
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Catherine Deneuve's attack on #MeToo sparks fury

Deutsche Welle - 10 Jan 2018
French movie star Catherine Deneuve and some 100 other women faced a severe backlash for putting their names to an open letter published in the daily Le Monde, which compared the #MeToo movement to a "witch hunt." A group of leading French activists ...
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Overreaction Monday: Iowa Basketball Brings the Fire and Fury

Black Heart Gold Pants - 15 Jan 2018
We've seen this movie before. Of course, the Hawkeyes will make an early push in the second half. They may even cut this thing to single digits and give us all some false hope of a competitive finish. All this only to go back to giving up wide open ...
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Fogerty irked 'Proud Mary' film borrows from his song's name

New Haven Register - 12 Jan 2018
NEW YORK (AP) — John Fogerty says he's annoyed that Taraji P. Henson's new film, "Proud Mary," borrows from his popular song's name without his involvement. Fogerty does not own the rights to his infamous song. In a statement released Thursday, he ...

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