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With 'Fury,' David Ayer Finally Made A Movie He Likes

Huffington Post - 17 Oct 2014
The violence in David Ayer's "Fury" is relentless and brutal. The first scene of this World War II movie features Brad Pitt, playing a sergeant with the nickname Wardaddy, stabbing a Nazi officer in the eye. Minutes later, a wet-behind-the-ears private ...
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Captain Marvel: How old is Nick Fury in the Captain Marvel movie?

Express.co.uk - 11 Jul 2018
Captain Marvel is set to the be the face of the Marvel Cinematic Universe once Avengers 4 is released and the current generation of heroes retires. But Captain Marvel's solo movie is set long before the events of Infinity War. With the time jump to the ...
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Theory: Captain Marvel Isn't Where You Think She Is In The MCU

Screen Rant - 13 Jul 2018
The most common theory is that Captain Marvel will head into space at the end of her solo film, and that Fury's pager sends a summons to her: come back home, we need you. On the face of it, that's a reasonable explanation. In one of his first ...
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Enes Kanter burns NBA to ground amid Warriors fury

New York Post - 03 Jul 2018
Lol,” Kanter wrote about the “Infinity War” villain and movie assassin. The 26-year-old didn't stop there, turning his attention to the head of the NBA, commissioner Adam Silver, who said before the Cousins signing that the NBA and its fans should ...
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'Ant-Man And The Wasp' Sparked A New 'Avengers 4' Theory

Forbes - 07 Jul 2018
And there was one tiny detail of Infinity War that struck me as important - when Nick Fury encounters Thanos' 50% genocide, he instantly, without any hesitation, reaches for his Marvel pager. It's almost as though he was expecting it. During Loki's ...

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