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Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes that resonate today - 07 Mar 2018
Quotes on. Colonisation; Writing; Life and death; Love. On Tuesday, March 6 Gabriel Garcia Marquez would have turned 91 years old. Described as one of the most popular Spanish-language writers, and hailed as "the greatest Colombian who ever lived," we ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Why Google honours him today - 05 Mar 2018
One of the most popular Spanish-language writers in the world, and the best-known practitioner of magical realism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez would have been 91 on March 6. Affectionately known as Gabo, Marquez is also known as "the greatest Colombian who ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel García Márquez: The Man Who Unravelled Solitude

The Wire - 06 Mar 2018
Gabriel García Márquez is a beautiful name. It resonates with such a feeling more so because the name immediately reminds us of the man's imagination, the crushing beauty of his stories that mesmerised audiences reeling from the brilliant but dismal ...
gabriel garcia marquez

García Marquez makes magical realism realistic

Cherwell Online - 14 Mar 2018
Gabriel García Márquez's News of a Kidnapping is a book about a series of kidnappings made by Pablo Escobar in the early 1990s. Not as well-known or widely read as Love in the Time of Cholera or A Hundred Years of Solitude, News of a Kidnapping evokes ...
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Stepping Beyond Cartagena: Exploring Colombia's Northern Reaches

Condé Nast Traveler - 21 Mar 2018
For the past two decades, I have also visited Cartagena annually to give workshops on behalf of a foundation for young Latin American journalists set up by Gabriel García Márquez. After I got to know García Márquez in the course of writing a profile ...
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Macondo has its Doodle

AL DIA News - 06 Mar 2018
In the same way, golden fish, vegetation and even the church of San José de Aracataca - where García Márquez was baptized - are conjugated in the most symbolic tribute to the spirit of Latin American literature. “Gabo is considered one of the most ...
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How love works beyond the Time of Cholera

Egypttoday - 06 Mar 2018
The most prominent aspect of his book, and perhaps the one most underrated, was the characters he built. Yes, they fulfilled their roles as needed, but they did not feel real, despite the author's intention. The story was meant to portray the reality ...
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Katsuko Saruhashi: 4 Quotes by the Geochemist on Women in Science

Inverse - 22 Mar 2018
Google honored Katsuko Saruhashi with a Doodle on Thursday that celebrated the 98th birthday of the late geochemist. Saruhashi was the first woman to earn a doctorate in chemistry from the University of Tokyo in 1957 and is considered a pioneer in her ...
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What you didn't understand about 'The Shape of Water'

Washington Post - 02 Mar 2018
The most well-known purveyor of the technique is Nobel-prize winning Gabriel García Márquez, who used magical realism to help amplify his political critiques. While Arellano would stopped short of calling del Toro a magical realist, del Toro's films ...
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Richard Flanagan and Yu Hua discuss writing and inspiration - 23 Mar 2018
Flanagan's literary influences include Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, many Russian writers and his father. "Writers are people from Europe and the United States, not from here (his hometown)," he says. "Even in 2014, when I visited the US ...
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Singing the most magical element in 'Florencia'

The San Diego Union-Tribune - 19 Mar 2018
Many are illuminated creatively by lighting designer Todd Hensley. These magical-realism touches are enjoyable to watch, but Florencia's metamorphosis finale, which should be spectacular, only disappoints. While the lyricism of García Márquez's ...
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Gabriel García Márquez y su mundo al revés

FRANCE 24 - 07 Mar 2018
El escritor colombiano, ganador del Premio Nobel de Literatura, celebraría hoy su cumpleaños número 91, tras una vida de letras, periodismo, soledad, mar y amor. Noventa y un años atrás, en el norte de Colombia, nació un amante de la magia. Era el ...
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Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Google Doodle posvećen slavnom piscu - 06 Mar 2018
Gabriel Garcia Marquez kolumbijski je pisac, novinar, izdavač i politički aktivist. Dobio je Nobelovu nagradu za književnost 1982. godine. Kolumbijski nobelovac Gabriel Garcia Marquez rodio se na današnji dan u gradu zvanom Aracataca, obalnom gradu u ...

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