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Gabriel Garcia Marquez quotes that resonate today - 07 Mar 2018
Quotes on. Colonisation; Writing; Life and death; Love. On Tuesday, March 6 Gabriel Garcia Marquez would have turned 91 years old. Described as one of the most popular Spanish-language writers, and hailed as "the greatest Colombian who ever lived," we ...
gabriel garcia marquez

How One Hundred Years of Solitude redefined Latin America

BBC News - 28 May 2018
The continent, obviously, wasn't a new place when Gabriel García Márquez wrote his acclaimed novel: the authors known as Cronistas de Indias, during the 15th and 16th Centuries, undertook the task of describing the land; they named unknown things while ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Lisa Ling's 10 Favorite Books

Vulture - 31 May 2018
News of a Kidnapping by Gabriel García Márquez A journalistic account of ten notable Colombians kidnapped by Pablo Escobar's Medellín drug cartel. It is a harrowing window into the chaos that ensued in Colombia during the '90s and how no one was ...
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Diez frases de García Márquez para amar el futbol como él - 15 Jun 2018
Gabriel García Márquez (1927-2014). Publicidad. LAS MÁS VISTAS. 1. Así fue la despedida entre Luismi y su padre. 2. Con goles de último minuto, Brasil se impone a Costa Rica. 3. Así luce José José tras salir del hospital. 4. Duarte: único lujo de ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel Garcia Marquez: Why Google honours him today - 05 Mar 2018
One of the most popular Spanish-language writers in the world, and the best-known practitioner of magical realism, Gabriel Garcia Marquez would have been 91 on March 6. Affectionately known as Gabo, Marquez is also known as "the greatest Colombian ...
gabriel garcia marquez

മാര്‍ക്കേസിനെക്കൊണ്ട് 'ഏകാന്തത' എഴുതിച്ചയാള്‍

മാതൃഭൂമി - 19 Jun 2018
കാഫ്കയുടെ രൂപാന്തരപ്രാപ്തി എന്ന കഥ വായിച്ച് തകര്‍ന്നു തരിപ്പണമായതു പോലെയുള്ള അനുഭവമാണ് പെദ്രോ പാരമോ എന്ന നോവല്‍ തനിക്ക് നകിയതെന്ന് മാരക്കേസ് എഴുതുനുണ്ട്. മറ്റാരുമല്ല. ആള്‍വറോ ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel García Márquez: Devadesát dnů za železnou oponou

Literární noviny v síti - 12 Jun 2018
Málokdo ví, že se v 50. letech 20. století objevil García Márquez – tehdy nepříliš známý mladý novinář – v komunistickém Československu… Byl původně pozván do Sovětského svazu na Světový festival mládeže a studentstva, ale podařilo se mu tuhle „cestu ...
gabriel garcia marquez

How Gabriel García Márquez Created a World in a Sentence

The Atlantic - 24 Apr 2018
In a conversation for this series, Morris explained how Gabriel García Márquez's classic novel One Hundred Years of Solitude renewed her commitment to her art during a dark, doubt-ridden period of her life. The book's opening line provided license to ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Gabriel García Márquez's Archive Freely Available Online

New York Times - 11 Dec 2017
When Gabriel García Márquez's archive was sold to the University of Texas two years ago, some decried the fact that the literary remains of Latin America's foremost novelist — and a fierce critic of American imperialism — had come to rest in the ...
gabriel garcia marquez

KCP Interview With Playwright Darrel Alejandro Holnes

Kings County Politics - 22 Jun 2018
As an avid reader of Latin American literature, I'm inspired by writers like Isabel Allende and Gabriel Garcia Marquez to take on historical issues in this style. Magic is also a way to ground the play in many different histories. The magic in the play ...
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Gabriel García Márquez: The Man Who Unravelled Solitude

The Wire - 06 Mar 2018
Gabriel García Márquez is a beautiful name. It resonates with such a feeling more so because the name immediately reminds us of the man's imagination, the crushing beauty of his stories that mesmerised audiences reeling from the brilliant but dismal ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Thousands of Images from Gabriel García Márquez Archive Now Online

UT News | The University of Texas at Austin - 12 Dec 2017
AUSTIN, Texas — More than 27,000 images from Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez's archive are now online. A significant portion of the archive is accessible, including materials from all of García Márquez's works of fiction, 22 personal scrapbooks ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Ex-rebel looks to defy odds in Colombia presidential race - 17 Jun 2018
His nom de guerre was Aureliano, for a protagonist from “One Hundred Years of Solitude,” the beloved work by novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. But in “Bolivar 83,” most of whose residents didn't know of his double life at first, he was called “Flaco ...
gabriel garcia marquez

Jess Kidd: 'Gabriel Garcia Marquez meets The Pogues'

Irish Times - 13 Feb 2018
At an event in Cork last year, I met a lovely poet who said, 'you're like (Gabriel) Garcia Marquez meets The Pogues'.” It's certainly not an inaccurate descriptor. Himself was set in a fictional town in the Mayo hills in the 1970s, and opens with a ...

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