How some Gamergate supporters say the controversy could stop “in one week” -

Where are Gamergate's 'ethics in journalism' now?

The Daily Dot - 17 Aug 2018
The world of Gamergate has been suspiciously calm about what should be its most prolific issue. In the face of widespread plagiarism committed by a now-former editor at a leading gaming publication, Gamergate members' “ethics in journalism” outrage ...

Trolls thought I was a man. That saved me.

Mashable - 29 Jul 2018
I'd both written about Gamergate and assigned others to write about it. My entire first novel? It was (and still is) about the phenomenon of weaponized nerds, radicalized young men (primarily white and western) terrorizing women over games. At ...

Gamergate: ¿Misoginia en el mundo de los videojuegos?

La Nació - 21 Aug 2018
En el 2014, las desarrolladoras de juegos Zöe Quinn y Brianna Wu, así como la crítica feminista de medios Anita Sarkeesian , fueron blancos de un grupo virtual que se hizo eco bajo la etiqueta #Gamergate. Los adherentes a este movimiento realizaron una ...

TotalBiscuit's Legacy And The Collateral Damage of GamerGate

Forbes - 10 Jul 2018
To progressives and what constitutes as “mainstream internet,” Bain was the man who legitimized GamerGate, the 2014 harassment-campaign-turned-consumer-revolt that went on to inspire conservatives. Esports consultant and journalist Rod “slasher” ...

Newsrooms must stand up to targeted campaigns of harassment

The Verge - 02 Aug 2018
The trolls engaged in this campaign are using the same tactics that exploded during Gamergate, and they have been employed in recent years by even broader audiences amid a rise in hostility toward journalists. From cries about “ethics in journalism” to ...

Gaming's toxic men, explained

Polygon - 25 Jul 2018
This story is not another attempt to chronicle the activities of racist and misogynist men who harass women and people of color on social media and in multiplayer games. Nor is it an existential inquiry into their particular niche in the video game ...

gamergate, hello

The Outline - 13 Jul 2018
Last night, things got messy in one of the main, most well-known hubs for GamerGate-related discussion as one of its ringleaders had a years-delayed moral crisis. u/david-me set put the subreddit with 96,000 subscribers on private, ousted the other ...

Inside the ADL's Plans to Take on Gamergate, Hate in Gaming

Variety - 29 Jun 2018
Gamergate, Kelley said, remains an issue still today, four years after it kicked off. GamerGate arose in 2014, ostensibly over concerns about ethics in game journalism, and quickly coalesced into a group of self-identified members whose concerns ...

The Ready Player One backlash, explained

Vox - 26 Mar 2018
Gamergate was a toxic cultural battle filled with harassment so vicious it would become a major influence on the alt-right — but fundamentally, it was about who gets to be a geek, which parts of geek identity are worth lauding, and which parts are ...

Gamergate vs. Trump

Vox - 05 Mar 2018
The political elements of Gamergate helped contribute to the rise of the alt-right. Some of them morphed into hardcore online Trump fans — defending him with aggressive tactics from trolling to doxxing. But Trump's anti-video game views have roared ...

Fez will be taken off GOG tomorrow at the developer's request

Destructoid - 24 Jul 2018
It is seemingly a pro-Gamergate meme that shows the protagonist pissing on a gravestone that reads "Games Journalism, Committed Suicide August 28, 2014." This is the date that's commonly accepted as the beginning of Gamergate. GOG walked back its ...

Time For Harassers To Be Held Accountable, Female Gamer Says

NPR - 09 Jan 2018
A corner of the tech world may be due for a reckoning: the gaming industry. Rachel Martin talks to Brianna Wu, a key figure in "Gamergate," a 2014 campaign of threats targeting women in the industry. STEVE INSKEEP, HOST: The #MeToo campaign forced ...

Hollywood Should Make Movies That Grapple with Gamergate

WIRED - 15 Apr 2018
“If I were to sort of boil down Gamergate and the trolling online, the trolls start to use other people's emotions as if it were a game, and they perceive because it is digital then it's not real, and so it's just a fun expression of their own free ...

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