Third Parties Faded to the Background in a Shocking Election -
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Third Parties Faded to the Background in a Shocking Election

TIME - 09 Nov 2016
The once-lofty third party hopes for 2016 went out with a whimper Tuesday night, garnering just about 4% of the popular vote total and no electoral college votes in an election with one of the most shocking outcomes in recent political history. “We ...
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Gary Johnson announces campaign as his last

KRQE News 13 - 07 Nov 2018
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) - Libertarian and two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson has said this will be his last campaign. "Now that looks to be a little ridiculous at the moment, but it was a circumstance that would probably never duplicate itself ...
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Is This Gary Johnson's Last Campaign?

Reason - 02 Nov 2018
With only days remaining until election day, former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson brought Reason along for an intimate look at his campaign for a U.S. senate seat. Johnson and his supporters traversed New Mexico, attempting to win over voters from ...
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Libertarian Senate hopeful touts budget cuts as part of agenda

Farmington Daily Times - 21 Oct 2018
FARMINGTON — Libertarian Gary Johnson is a relative newcomer to the U.S. Senate race against Democratic incumbent Martin Heinrich and Republican challenger Mick Rich, but his entrance into the race garnered national attention in August when the ...
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Gary Johnson Polling in 3rd Place With 22%

Reason (blog) - 26 Oct 2018
With only 11 days before the election, time is running for short for Gary Johnson to pull off an upset and become the first Libertarian to win federal office in the party's 47-year history. In a three-way race that has featured a paucity of polling, a ...
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Is This Gary Johnson's Last Campaign? New at Reason

Reason (blog) - 02 Nov 2018
With only 12 days remaining until election day, Gary Johnson brought Reason along for an intimate look at his campaign for a U.S. senate seat. Not only did the former New Mexico governor grant Reason privileged access to his political life, he also ...
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Gary Johnson's independent libertarian views aren't fringe

Santa Fe New Mexican - 04 Nov 2018
A Taos News op-ed writer, Alma Lones (“Gary Johnson and the lure of Libertarianism,” My Turn, Sept. 27) attempts guilt-by-association and tries to to tie former Gov. Gary Johnson to some of the more radical, unforgiving stances staked out by extreme ...
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The Trailer: The Three-Party Problem

Washington Post - 23 Oct 2018
SANTA FE, N.M. – “We've done a lot of Hemp Fests,” said Gary Johnson, as he walked into the cluster of tents and booths that had temporarily taken over a city park. For the next hour, the Libertarian candidate for Senate sipped off-market health drinks ...
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Johnson would defy the status quo

Albuquerque Journal - 02 Nov 2018
For voters in New Mexico who are satisfied with the way things are going in Washington, D.C., there are two perfectly acceptable choices in Tuesday's election for the United States Senate. There's a Republican, and there's a Democrat. And if you are OK ...
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Gary Johnson

El Defensor Chieftain - 25 Oct 2018
Gary Johnson. Oct 25, 2018. Facebook · Twitter · Email; Print; Save. Gary Johnson. As featured on. Johnson: Balanced budget priority. America needs a balanced budget, doesn't need a wall on the border with Mexico and should le… Facebook · Twitter ...
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Gary Johnson's stubborn, shameful support for private prisons - 31 Oct 2018
COMMENTARY: Gary Johnson has always been stubborn. During his eight years as governor, he was notorious for refusing to compromise or find middle ground once his mind was made up. When he didn't get his way he vetoed budgets, pulled funding for ...
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Gary Johnson: Support good roads and strong schools

Loveland Reporter-Herald - 26 Oct 2018
Although I am concerned about the short and long term effects oil and gas exploration and production on our health, environment, and climate, I believe that Proposition 112 will not pass. That said, it is imperative that Amendment 73 and 110 passes ...
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Gary Johnson: Vote 'yes' on Amendment 73 and Proposition 110

Greeley Tribune - 24 Oct 2018
This post is an election letter to the editor. To share your opinion about the election, send a letter of not more than 100 words to Be sure to include your name, hometown and phone number. The Tribune will not publish your ...
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Johnson's bid for Senate is impenetrable

Weekly Alibi - 31 Oct 2018
OK, it's true enough. I secretly met with Gary Johnson at Java Joe's, even after informing my colleagues that my opinion regarding Johnson's Senate hopes should amount to radio silence; we were too busy electing progressive Dems to consider dwelling on ...

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