This detailed map of Gaza helps explain the conflict -

This detailed map of Gaza helps explain the conflict

Vox - 17 Jul 2014
Since Israel withdrew its military forces and settlers from Gaza in 2005, the relationship between the Palestinian territory and Israeli authorities has been, to say the least, fraught. This map does a great job laying out that relationship and how ...

If Gaza had economic incentives, the violence might stop

Washington Post - 18 Nov 2018
Regarding the Nov. 14 World article “Gaza cease-fire reached after intense fighting”: The cease-fire agreement between Israel and the Hamas government in Gaza is far better than the alternative and much to be welcomed. But it's only a short-term remedy.

If Gaza Brings Down Netanyahu's Government, Can He Rise Again?

New York Times - 16 Nov 2018
But his government teetered on the edge of collapse on Friday as Mr. Netanyahu's coalition partners pressed for new elections over his handling of Gaza. The call for new elections intensified after Mr. Netanyahu rebuffed on Friday a request by the ...

After an explosion of violence, Netanyahu chooses peace in Gaza

Washington Post - 15 Nov 2018
ISRAEL'S GOVERNMENT was on the brink of collapse Wednesday after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chose a cease-fire over war with Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The decision, which prompted the defection of his defense minister, stopped a ...

Palestinian 'geeks' code their way to a better future in Gaza - 17 Nov 2018
Gaza - When Yasmin Helles was an English literature student at a Gaza college, she would spend most of her time online looking for information that could help her in academic life. She always wondered who designed these websites, making all this ...

Violence Flares After Israeli Operation In Gaza Turns Deadly

NPR - 12 Nov 2018
Militants in Gaza fired rockets into Israel for a second day on Tuesday as Israel bombed targets in the Palestinian territory — a round of violence prompted by an Israeli military operation over the weekend that caused the deaths of seven Palestinians ...

Israel-Gaza violence erupts after botched covert operation

CBS News - 12 Nov 2018
Israel carried out airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Monday after dozens of rockets were fired from the Palestinian territory into Israel. Clashes which erupted during an Israeli special forces operation in Gaza late Sunday had threatened to derail ...

Hamas: IDF attempted to plant listening devices in Gaza

Ynetnews - 18 Nov 2018
Khalil al-Hayya, a senior Hamas official, said Sunday in an interview with Al-Aqsa TV that the purpose of IDF's botched operation in Gaza last week was to plant what looked like eavesdropping devices. "This aggression," he said, constitutes "a clear ...

The Tragedy That is Gaza - The Jewish Press - 18 Nov 2018
{Originally posted to the MIDA website}. The United Nations, that incredibly morally defunct, hypocritical organisation, that thinks it has some kind of higher moral authority to dictate to others, said that a new war in Gaza would be an 'incredible ...

In besieged Gaza, poverty exacerbates child malnutrition

The National - 17 Nov 2018
Dina Eljamaal has a new kitchen but not the food her one-year-old daughter needs to be healthy. Ms Eljamaal, 20, lives in the dense, tough Shejaiya neighbourhood of Gaza City. Her extended family's home was destroyed during the 2014 war with Israel.

The Gaza family that escaped airstrikes - twice

Herald Sun - 18 Nov 2018
The Tarbaan family fled to al-Rimal after their home was destroyed in the 2014 Israle-Gaza war, but last week they had to run again. David Doyle reports. Related Videos. Labor's negative gearing plan will boost housing supply: Labor MP. 3h 07:49 ...

Tensions Ease in Gaza, Allowing Money and Fuel to Roll In

New York Times - 09 Nov 2018
JERUSALEM — For months, Israel has tried to quell Gaza's border protests through force. Now Israel is taking a different approach, easing a blockade and allowing millions of dollars in aid to flow into Gaza, the impoverished enclave controlled by ...

Egyptian intelligence officials leave Gaza

Ynetnews - 17 Nov 2018
Egyptian intelligence officials leave Gaza. Elior Levy|Published: 11.17.18 , 13:43. Egyptian Intelligence officials, who had arrived in the strip on Thursday, left Gaza on Saturday. The two sides convened in order to discuss arrangements between Hamas ...

Latest attacks on Gaza cost Israel $33m, says military

Middle East Monitor - 16 Nov 2018
The latest 48-hour Israeli escalation against the besieged Gaza Strip cost Israel around $33 million, the Israeli military announced on Wednesday. Local sources told Al-Khaleej Online that the cost included the use of “Iron Dome missiles, air force ...

Militant video purports to show rockets being launched from Gaza

ABC News - 14 Nov 2018
A Palestinian joint militants' group released a video on Tuesday reportedly showing rockets being fired towards Israeli positions and settlements. Source: ABC News | Duration: 25sec. Topics: unrest-conflict-and-war, palestinian-territory-occupied ...

Israeli air raids kill three Palestinians as Gaza tensions rise - 12 Nov 2018
At least three Palestinians have been killed in Israeli air raids in the Gaza Strip, according to health officials, in the latest escalation less than 24 hours after a deadly covert Israeli operation in the besieged enclave. The air strikes on Monday ...

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