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Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎‎, al-jinn), also romanized as djinn ...

wikipedia - 13 Sep 2016
Jinn (Arabic: الجن‎‎, al-jinn), also romanized as djinn or anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of demons), are supernatural creatures in early Arabian and later Islamic mythology and theology. An individual member of the jinn is known as a jinni, djinni, or genie (الجني, al-jinnī). They are mentioned frequently in the Quran (the 72nd sura is titled Sūrat al-Jinn) and other Islamic texts. The Quran says that the jinn were created from a smokeless

Alexa support comes to DirecTV's Genie set-top boxes

TechRadar - 13 Jul 2018
Following the news that Dish TV would be adding support for Google Assistant commands, its main competitor DirecTV has announced today that it will also be joining the smart assistant revolution … just not with Google's voice assistant. To that end ...

Genie introduces high float booms

KHL Group - 12 Jul 2018
Genie has debuted high float (HF) models for its S-80 and S-85 telescopic booms that are designed to perform heavy-lifting tasks on sensitive ground conditions. Engineered to “float” on soft or delicate surfaces, the Genie S-80 and S-85 HF booms ...

Where retro is fashionable: Retro Genie turns 10

GazetteNET - 09 Jul 2018
Retro Genie sells everything from men's and women's vintage clothing to furniture, jewelry and accessories — with most pieces ranging from the 1920s to the 1970s. Mulvey said her business has been going well, a blessing she credits in part to shows ...

Genie announces high flotation 80ft booms

Vertikal.net - 15 Jul 2018
The S-80HF and S-85HF are based on Genie's new XC – eXtra Capacity models, but equipped with air filled 41/18LL x 22.5 20 ply high flotation turf type tyres, and feature dual platform capacity of 272kg unrestricted or 454kg with reduced outreach.

New field-based Genie appointment

KHL Group - 10 Jul 2018
Reporting to Matt Skipworth, Genie senior manager, service solutions, Terex AWP, in this newly created field-based position, Haldane is responsible for supporting the sales of Genie service contracts and service solutions for all products supported by ...

VAR: World Cup lets technology genie out of the bottle

Reuters - 05 Jul 2018
The technology genie is out of the bottle, and while a number of refinements must be made for it to reach peak effectiveness, it is already showing signs it can lead to a paradigm shift. Amid all the debate and drama, one virtuoso of football's darkest ...

PK Subban, Genie Bouchard crack SI's 'Fashionable 50' list

Sportsnet.ca - 11 Jul 2018
With the growth of athletes' platforms over the years, the clothing they choose to wear has accordingly garnered increased attention. The fashion industry quickly picked up on this trend, and as such has featured athletes in various catalogues, and ...

Genie Bouchard Says She's 'Very Single'

Busted Coverage (blog) - 12 Jul 2018
Yesterday I complained that the new “questions sticker” is being heavily abused on Instagram Story. I 100 percent still stand by that claim, though I will admit now it seems to be a great content source. Jimmy Garoppolo's girlfriend revealed some ...

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