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Spike Lee explains expletive-filled rant about NYC gentrification

USA TODAY - 26 Feb 2014
Film director Spike Lee railed against gentrification in New York City in an expletive-filled speech this week. Lee grew up in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn. His parents still live there. "Why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in ...

Toward Being a Better Gentrifier

CityLab - 27 Jun 2017
Reading about gentrification, it's often not difficult to sense the distance between the subject and the author when the scribe is an academic, a politician, or even a journalist. The writer might easily be part of the gentrification problem ...

"Gentrification is the fuel of Manhattan"

Dezeen - 27 Jun 2017
"Gentrification is bad? How, exactly?" Duckusucker chimed in. "It increases property values; homeowners can sell for much more than they invested. If they're poor or low-income, they get a windfall and can move to better homes or have a nice nest egg.".

Terrorism and the De-Gentrification of Istanbul

CityLab - 27 Jun 2017
Istanbul's central Beyoğlu district experienced sweeping gentrification throughout the 2000s, as its popularity increased among locals and a boom in tourism brought more and more visitors. But a devastating string of terror attacks and woeful city ...

What Denver is doing to deal with gentrification

The Denver Post - 23 Jun 2017
Forty-five thousand people moved to Denver in just the last four years. The secret is out and we're leading the pack as one of the best places in America to live, work and raise a family. With a 2.3 percent unemployment rate, the city's growth and ...

Jamestown CEO: Gentrification Complicated

Atlanta Jewish Times - 26 Jun 2017
“People throw out gentrification like it's a bad word, and that is an oversimplification,” Jamestown CEO Matt Bronfman said at American Jewish Committee's ACCESS in the ATL event Thursday, June 22, at the Industrious office space at Ponce City Market.

Brownsville Community Gears up for Pre-Gentrification Plan

Brooklyn Reader - 27 Jun 2017
Earlier this month, the Brownsville community of residents, city staffers and elected officials announced a pre-gentrification plan that comes after a year of community engagement involving the Housing Authority, the Housing Preservation and ...

An Artists' Guide to Not Being Complicit with Gentrification

Hyperallergic - 19 Jun 2017
School of Echoes is a space for critical reflection on the conditions in working class and poor communities, including (but not limited to) struggles against gentrification and for the human right to housing. In 2015, the group joined with other ...

Is Airbnb Turning NYC's Brooklyn White? Airbnb Responds

The Root - 27 Jun 2017
They also claimed that the study determined the race of the hosts from pictures of the hosts. Finally, the company insisted that the study did not take a look at other reasons for gentrification in Brooklyn, such as homeownership rates. We contacted ...

In This LA Neighborhood, Protest Art Is A Verb

NPR - 27 Jun 2017
Vilchis fears the art galleries on Anderson Street could represent just the first wave of gentrification in Boyle Heights, a wave that could force longtime residents out as other businesses arrive and rents rise in their wake. Some observers have ...

Newark council takes step to approve anti-gentrification rule

NJ.com - 22 Jun 2017
NEWARK -- Moving to prevent gentrification as Newark's housing market heats up, the City Council voted Wednesday night to grant preliminary approval to a rule requiring 20 percent of large residential projects be set aside for people with low and ...

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