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Spike Lee explains expletive-filled rant about NYC gentrification

USA TODAY - 28 Nov 2017
Film director Spike Lee railed against gentrification in New York City in an expletive-filled speech this week. Lee grew up in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn. His parents still live there. "Why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in ...

Report lists Zip codes where gentrification made the most impact

Washington Post - 21 Mar 2018
Gentrification” is a loaded word. Some people see it as a takeover of hipsters and wealthier people in a once-poorer-but-proud neighborhood; others see it as a positive economic trend that can lift tax revenue and provide jobs for city residents ...

Fight over DC development, gentrification shifts to council chambers

Washington Business Journal - 21 Mar 2018
Bo Menkiti patiently stood outside of the D.C. Council chambers Tuesday afternoon, ready to testify before city lawmakers about a process that he says is broken when it comes to vetting developments in the District. The founder and CEO of the Menkiti ...

School Choice May Be Accelerating Gentrification

The Atlantic - 19 Mar 2018
The ability to opt out of the neighborhood school increased the likelihood that a mostly black or Hispanic neighborhood would see an influx of wealthier residents. “As school choice expands, the likelihood that low-income communities of color ...

Clayton's Corner: Of Generations and Gentrification [PHOTOS]

Bowery Boogie - 21 Mar 2018
As the unrelenting winds of the international corporate gentrification keeps eroding away the deep, rich, soil of our culture, it also disposes of “neighborhood” and “community.” It affects both collective memory and history. For example: changing the ...

How can you clean up a neighborhood without gentrifying it?

Houston Chronicle - 19 Mar 2018
As scholars who study gentrification and social justice, we prefer a model that recognizes all three aspects of sustainability: environment, economy and equity. The equity piece is often missing from development projects promoted as green or ...

Oakland Community Hub Rallies to Save Itself From Gentrification

Next City - 20 Mar 2018
Tenants and members of community groups in front of the 23rd Avenue building in east Oakland acquired by its tenants in partnership with Oakland Community Land Trust. (Credit: Luba Yusim). For seven years, Phoenix Mangrum had nowhere to call home ...

Coalition Aims to Organize Community Against Gentrification

Jackson Heights Post - 20 Mar 2018
A coalition of grassroots groups from across Queens launched this weekend, with the aim to put development proposals directly in the hands of community members. The 7 Train Coalition held its first public meeting at the Immigrant Movement International ...

With 'gentrification on trial,' mobile-home residents beat City Hall

DesMoinesRegister.com - 21 Mar 2018
Iowa's Supreme Court recently issued what Jim Nervig, the lawyer for a mobile-home park owner, calls an unprecedented ruling that may, for the first time nationally, put "the doctrine of gentrification on trial." He defines gentrification as "war on ...

Nonprofits and Their Buildings: Buying as a Gentrification Hedge

Nonprofit Quarterly - 20 Mar 2018
As nonprofits grow or decide to scale up, they often face significant decisions about their physical space, including whether to buy or keep renting. NPQ has looked at this conundrum many times, and one of the most critical questions to be answered is ...

Are Vintage Stores Harbingers of Gentrification?

Racked - 12 Mar 2018
Try as they might, these businesses can't shake the rep that they're the four horsemen of gentrification. Especially in Los Angeles, new cafes and galleries have become ground zero for gentrification protests. But the people who live in these changing ...

Westlake Gentrification: A Tale of Two Battling Visions

City Watch - 20 Mar 2018
Urban legend reports that it was known as the “Champs-Élysées of Los Angeles” when it was a vacation destination, surrounded by luxury hotels. Although it became gang-infested during a later period, now, with gentrification, it contains the lake, an ...

Where gentrification is having the biggest impact on cities

CBS News - 05 Mar 2018
It's not "90210," the TV series about the swanky Beverly Hills neighborhood, but the rich are definitely pouring into another Los Angeles zip code: 90014. That neighborhood is now America's "most gentrified" zip code in the country, even though it's ...

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