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Spike Lee explains expletive-filled rant about NYC gentrification

USA TODAY - 28 Nov 2017
Film director Spike Lee railed against gentrification in New York City in an expletive-filled speech this week. Lee grew up in the Fort Greene neighborhood in Brooklyn. His parents still live there. "Why does it take an influx of white New Yorkers in ...

Has Gentrification Brought Dogs to the Beacon Hill Red Apple?

TheStranger.com - 19 Jan 2018
It's not unusual to see dogs in supermarkets in predominantly white and wealthy neighborhoods—indeed, the QFC on Broadway and Pike Street is practically a dog park. But it was unusual to see them in the Red Apple on Beacon Hill—a largely Asian ...

Op-Ed: How liberal critics of gentrification hurt the poor

Traverse City Record Eagle - 19 Jan 2018
Keep in mind that these metropolitan area figures include the core city – meaning that poverty rates in the remainder of the metro area are even lower. Gentrification is a hot topic of conversation in coastal cities like New York, Washington and San ...

I feel guilty for gentrifying my neighbourhood. What should I do?

The Guardian - 10 Jan 2018
A spokesperson from the radical arts collective Voices that Shake says that while it's important to campaign on important local issues, “You can definitely do those things and be a good person, and still contribute to gentrification.” What's most ...

East Austin residents protest gentrification, CodeNext

MyStatesman.com - 16 Jan 2018
There were carefully made signs and snappy chants, but also solutions to try to put an end to gentrification in East Austin and salvage the fabric of neighborhoods marred by the displacement of families who no longer can afford to live in them. In ...

How Gentrification Takes Shape Across Chicago Neighborhoods

Chicago Tonight | WTTW - 10 Jan 2018
Chris Kennedy, a Democratic candidate for Illinois governor, accused Mayor Rahm Emanuel last week of waging a “strategic gentrification plan” in Chicago. Kennedy said the mayor permits the “selective containment” of violence on the South and West Sides ...

Anti-imperialists at Seattle MLK march say no to gentrification

Liberation - 19 Jan 2018
On the morning of January 15, thousands of Seattleites gathered to march in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A large and loud anti-imperialist contingent was there to remind the crowd that Dr. King had no kind words for the system of capitalism and ...

The 10 essential steps to the gentrification of a Sydney suburb

Domain News - 16 Jan 2018
Always the first wave in the gentrification process, think of artists as the canary in the coal mine of real estate; if they survive for 12 months … it's time to consider investing in a soon-to-be built “lifestyle” apartment. Take Marrickville as an ...

Fighting Gentrification With the Holy Spirit

Pacific Standard - 01 Jan 2018
The other text was How to Kill a City: Gentrification, Inequality, and the Fight for the Neighborhood. Peter Moskowitz's book, which was published in March, takes readers into cities such as New York and San Francisco, where low-income residents of the ...

South LA Pushes Back Against Gentrification

L.A. Weekly - 12 Jan 2018
"Gentrification is a crisis that threatens all elements of the work that we do. It's a workers issue. It's a public health issue. It's an education issue. It's an environment issue. It's a civil rights issue," says Damien Goodmon, director of Housing ...

Renewal or Gentrification? London Borough Grapples With a Revamp

New York Times - 01 Jan 2018
LONDON — Victoria Alvarez is a ball of energy, darting around the Seven Sisters Indoor Market in north London. On a recent morning, she broke away from chatting with a friend to burst into a general store in the market, asking its Iranian owner if he ...

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