George Maharis (born September 1, 1928, Astoria, Queens, New Yo... -
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George Maharis (born September 1, 1928, Astoria, Queens, New Yo...

wikipedia - 28 Jan 2018
George Maharis (born September 1, 1928, Astoria, Queens, New York City) is an American actor who portrayed Buz Murdock in the first three seasons of the TV series Route 66. Maharis also recorded numerous pop music albums at the height of his fame, and later starred in the short-lived TV series The Most Deadly Game.
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Craft: High noon for Ed & Duke

Bloomington Pantagraph (blog) - 22 Feb 2018
"Route 66: Shoulder the Sky, My Lad" (1961): In one of Ed's half-dozen-odd guest-starring roles on the great Martin Milner-George Maharis series, all shot on location, this one's a shocker. Tod (Milner) and Buzz (Maharis) are working as punch-press ...
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The Master (Blu-ray)

DVD Talk - 06 Mar 2018
Sometimes even a television series as profoundly dumb as The Master (1984) can fill a void in one's viewing habits. A faux martial arts action-adventure, this short-lived series (13 episodes), rather emblematic of mid-1980s TV action, might turn one's ...
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Route 66 Revisited

Palm Springs Life - 01 Nov 2017
His buddy, Buz Murdock, played by George Maharis, was a former employee of Tod's father and from a rough part of town. Left: Jesse wears a Cos teal sweatshirt,; The Kooples bomber jacket and black embroidered jeans, ...
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A Penis on Every Page: The Rise and Fall of Playgirl - 24 Jun 2017
George Maharis (actor, July 1973 centerfold): [First editor-in-chief Marin Scott Milam] asked whether I'd do a centerfold. Nobody told me it was a nude centerfold! But I was game. We were doing the shooting and [the photographer kept saying], "Well ...
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UPI Almanac for Friday, Sept. 1, 2017 - 01 Sep 2017
They include German composer Engelbert Humperdinck in 1854; Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1875; undefeated heavyweight boxing champ Rocky Marciano in 1923; actor George Maharis in 1928 (age 89); country music singer Boxcar Willie in 1931 ...
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Why Teen Idols Are Essential to Achieving Gay Puberty

Out Magazine - 28 Aug 2017
And throughout the years, many of them were gay themselves—though in the days of Roddy McDowall, George Maharis, and Richard Chamberlain, that certainly wasn't spoken (except when Maharis was busted for soliciting sex from a man in a Shell Station in ...
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Martin Milner dies at 83; 'Adam-12' and 'Route 66' star

Los Angeles Times - 07 Sep 2015
"Route 66" stars Martin Milner, right, and George Maharis with their Corvette. (Shout! Factory). Martin Milner , who drove a Corvette across America for four years as the co-star of TV's "Route 66" and later traded in the iconic convertible for a ...
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"Route 66" and George Maharis (continued)

Minneapolis Star Tribune - 10 Feb 2013
Last week, lamenting about words mis-pronounced on television and radio these days, one of them being "route", I also referenced the television series, "Route 66", as well as mentioning one of its stars, George Maharis. (The voice-over announcer ...
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Letters: George Maharis And 'Route 66'

NPR - 29 May 2012
Melissa Block and Robert Siegel read emails from listeners about George Maharis and the classic TV show, Route 66. MELISSA BLOCK, HOST: This is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Melissa Block. ROBERT SIEGEL, HOST: I'm Robert Siegel. And it's ...
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'Route 66': A Country-Crisscrossing Series Comes To Home Video

NPR (blog) - 25 May 2012
It was also one that featured a startling number of people who later became serious movie or TV stars, including Robert Redford, Martin Sheen, Suzanne Pleshette, William Shatner, Tuesday Weld, Leslie Nielsen, James Caan, Robert Duvall, Ed Asner and ...
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Piles Of Gossip! Gossip For Days!

NewNowNext - 11 Sep 2017
NewNowNext is very excited to be the new home for column of Michael Musto, a writer virtually synonymous with New York City nightlight and queer culture. Musto wrote the long running “La Dolce Musto” column in the Village Voice and his work has also ...
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Ford and Shelby owners embrace stories behind their cars

Tulsa World - 16 Jun 2017
He imagined America as portrayed on the show, with Martin Milner and George Maharis driving a Corvette cross-country on every kind of adventure. Now, more than 50 years later, Iinuma is living that dream with his wife, Miki, and this week they are in ...
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Essential California: Southern California's smog gets worse

Los Angeles Times - 16 Nov 2017
I was a big TV fan, so absolutely thrilled that we would be traveling on Route 66, which was one of my favorite TV shows with Martin Milner and George Maharis. We visited L.A., stayed in Anaheim, rode the Beverly Hills tour of the stars' homes bus, saw ...

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