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german casualties in world war ii

Angela Merkel's Coalition Talks in Germany Go Into Overtime

New York Times - 17 Nov 2017
Ms. Merkel could still try to approach the Social Democrats, her governing partners since 2013, but they suffered losses in the vote and have vowed to take time out in the opposition to regroup. Failure to find any partners to form a ...
german casualties in world war ii

Veterans find friendship 70 years after World War II

Miami County Republic - 15 Nov 2017
In the letter, Bono talked about his concern for how the display of the Nazi swastika is openly defended or ignored by many powerful groups in today's world. It's something Bono can't accept, especially after what he saw at Buchenwald near the end of ...
german casualties in world war ii

Civilian casualties in WW2, a record that will hopefully stay untouched (Science and Technology) - 15 Nov 2017
The deadliest conflict in world history by a long shot, World War II has a series of dubious titles linked to its name, including the most civilian casualties during a war. With thousands killed across the globe as a result of military action and war ...
german casualties in world war ii

Roland World War II veteran guarded German POWs, visited Dachau

Times Record - 11 Nov 2017
In addition to several fellow World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans, joining him on the Warrior Flight was his grandson, Zack Wheeler, to visit the grave of a war hero at Arlington National Cemetery. Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler, Zack Wheeler's ...
german casualties in world war ii

Saluting the Brave

Minden Press-Herald - 13 Nov 2017
So gifted that he served as an alternate for the triple jump in the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin, Germany. He also ...
german casualties in world war ii

How to Remember a War Without Glory?

New York Times - 10 Nov 2017
YPRES, Belgium — Late in “The Beauty and the Sorrow,” the Swedish historian Peter Englund's biographical tapestry of 20 lives upended by World War I, we meet an American surgeon called Harvey Cushing, who sails to Belgium in the summer of 1917 ...

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