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german casualties in world war ii

The 6 Most Powerful Armies in History

Scout - 18 Sep 2017
The Soviet Army (known as the Red Army before 1946), more so than any other army, was responsible for turning the tide of World War II. Indeed, the battle of Stalingrad, which ended with the surrender of the entire German 6th army, is nearly ...
german casualties in world war ii

Poland Sees Legal Grounds to Demand War Damages From Germany

Bloomberg - 11 Sep 2017
Unlike western European nations that settled claims in the decades after World War II ended, Poland signed its postwar border treaty with Germany only in 1990, a year after the collapse of communism. As part of the Soviet bloc, Poland didn't take part ...
german casualties in world war ii

Recovery From Two Hurricanes, and German Automakers Look Forward

New York Times - 11 Sep 2017
The German automakers try to put diesel problems behind them. The International Motor Show begins in Frankfurt amid one of the worst crises to hit the German auto industry since the end of World War II. The huge exhibition, which opens to the news ...
german casualties in world war ii

Marion Bence, World War II B-17 gunner and POW

Baltimore Sun - 05 Sep 2017
“As far as casualties were concerned, there was the loss of only one comrade from the normal complement of 10 crew members, the top Sperry turret gunner and engineer, Elmo Dunn, whose ghastly demise, that he saw firsthand, greatly affected him, even ...
german casualties in world war ii

Poland has no right to WWII reparations, German lawyers say

Deutsche Welle - 31 Aug 2017
Other estimates have put the figure much higher. Speaking hours before the latest German legal assertion, Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydlo said the country was simply seeking justice, insisting that the Polish people are "victims of World War Two." ...
german casualties in world war ii

Distorted Views of the Enemy and Bush's “Axis of Evil”

Dissident Voice - 20 Sep 2017
There is a tendency also to not fully appreciate how long the war might last, and how much it might cost in both resources and casualties. Germany and Japan certainly regretted having started World War II. And, in the U.S., most of the people and their ...

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