The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (f... -
german presidential election, 1932

The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (f...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (first round) and 10 April (second round run-off). They were the second and final direct elections to the office of President of the Reich (Reichspräsident), Germany's head of state under the Weimar Republic. The incumbent President, Paul von Hindenburg, first elected in 1925, was re-elected to a second seven-year term of office. His major opponent in the election was Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).
german presidential election, 1932

Richard Ogier: Merkel's litmus test

Gulf Today - 13 Oct 2018
The assault section (AS), or “brown shirts”, established by Hitler from assorted thug elements in Munich in 1921, is seen by most historians today as an essential factor in his rise to power and they numbered in the hundreds of thousands by 1932-1933 ...
german presidential election, 1932

How the left enabled fascism

New Statesman - 03 Oct 2018
In 1925, for example, against the advice of Bolshevik leader Grigory Zinoviev, the KPD leadership refused to stand Thälmann down in the second round of the German presidential election. This split took enough votes away from centre candidate Wilhelm ...
german presidential election, 1932

How an Unlikely Alliance Saved the Democrats 100 Years Ago

POLITICO Magazine - 17 Sep 2018
It has been a summer of transformation within the Democratic Party as a rising new generation of self-proclaimed progressives has scored stunning victories over establishment liberals. If the party is about to have a potentially divisive internal ...
german presidential election, 1932

PHOTOS: Today in History, October 7

MetroWest Daily News - 07 Oct 2018
In this file photo taken Oct. 7, 2003, Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger is joined by wife Maria Shriver as he celebrates his victory in the California gubernatorial recall election. Schwarzenegger will be ...
german presidential election, 1932

Brazilian elections: a class position on the second round

In Defence of Marxism - 09 Oct 2018
Bolsonaro won in the first round of the Brazilian general elections and could possibly be the next president of the republic. He received support from about 33 percent of the 147 million voters. Haddad (the PT candidate) received support from about 21 ...
german presidential election, 1932

Almanac - Wednesday 10/3/18

KALW - 03 Oct 2018
Today is Wednesday, October 3, 2018, the 272nd day of the year with 89 days remaining - 34 days until the mid-term elections, 79 days until the onset of winter. Sunrise: 7:08am ...
german presidential election, 1932

The #MeToo Movement's Roots in Women Workers' Rights

City Watch - 16 Oct 2018
By 1906, she was vice president of the New York chapter of the Women's Trade Union League (WTUL), an organization founded to help working women unionize. In 1908, Irene Lewisohn, a German Jewish philanthropist, offered Schneiderman money to ...

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