The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (f... -
german presidential election, 1932

The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (f...

wikipedia - 09 Nov 2016
The 1932 German presidential elections were held on 13 March (first round) and 10 April (second round run-off). They were the second and final direct elections to the office of President of the Reich (Reichspräsident), Germany's head of state under the Weimar Republic. The incumbent President, Paul von Hindenburg, first elected in 1925, was re-elected to a second seven-year term of office. His major opponent in the election was Adolf Hitler of the Nazi Party (NSDAP).
german presidential election, 1932

How Did the Nazis Gain Power in Germany?

New York Times - 14 Jun 2018
Once Hindenburg won the presidential elections of 1925, Germany was trapped by his oversensitivity about a reputation that would not withstand scrutiny. He believed that only he could save Germany, but would not put himself forward to do so, for fear ...
german presidential election, 1932

Babylon Berlin: Germany on the Brink

The Weekly Standard - 25 May 2018
His mission, we learn, is to investigate a sophisticated blackmail plot targeting the Cologne mayor (and future German chancellor) Konrad Adenauer. Rath is played by Volker Bruch, whose carefully controlled face and perpetually baggy eyes manage to ...
german presidential election, 1932

Hitler: The rise of National Socialism in Germany

Pakistan Today - 03 Jun 2018
The 1932 presidential elections saw Adolf Hitler emerge as a national German politician. Although he came second in both rounds against Von Hindenberg, Hitler managed to capture at least 35 per cent of the national electorate. His slogan was “Hitler ...
german presidential election, 1932

Elections, promises and cheap politicking

The Herald - 17 Jun 2018
WITH just a few weeks before the elections on July 30, presidential candidates might feel tempted to promise the world to still-undecided voters, and we have already heard of some outrageous promises in the run-up to this election; some that do not ...
german presidential election, 1932

Philanthropy Against Democracy

Capital Research Center - 11 Jun 2018
In 1931, the German Speier became a young lecturer at the Deutsche Hochschule für Politik (German College for Politics), a college “concerned with public policy and empirical social research” and “dedicated to workers' education,” according to Bessner ...
german presidential election, 1932

85 years later, a dark day in Kansas City remembered - 17 Jun 2018
The world was on the brink of major changes, with Adolf Hitler appointed as Chancellor of Germany in January and Franklin D. Roosevelt inaugurated as the president of the United States in March. The Kansas City ...
german presidential election, 1932

Almanac - Thursday 6/14/18

KALW - 14 Jun 2018
873 days until presidential elections Tuesday November 3, 2020. (2 years 4 months and 20 days from ...
german presidential election, 1932

Photos: Today in History, June 12 - 12 Jun 2018
[3/114] Associated Press. German President Paul Von Hindenburg hands a prize to Jockey Sadjik, back to camera, the rider of Frankonia which had won the Hindenburg race at Hoppegarten Race Track, near Berlin, on June 12, 1928. (AP Photo) ...
german presidential election, 1932

Old Voting Systems Run the Risk of Electing a Hitler

The Daily Score - 11 Jun 2018
Hitler blamed the Communists for the fire and used the state of emergency and public panic to expel all Communists from parliament, enabling the Nazis to seize control without an election. Germany's proportional representation system, though it may ...
german presidential election, 1932

Is Corbyn the Future of the Left?

Jacobin magazine - 28 May 2018
And yet here was Sanders: a figure who came close to becoming a major party presidential candidate and who, opinion polls showed, had he become the candidate, may well have won the presidential election itself. ...
german presidential election, 1932

Trump maintains Republican protectionist pedigree

Global Times - 18 Jun 2018
US President Donald Trump's aggressive approach to trade, which was on stark display at the 2018 G7 summit in Quebec, has elicited widespread derision. Critics point out that his tariffs hurt ...
german presidential election, 1932

June 1, 2018 Almanac

KALW - 01 Jun 2018
886 days until presidential elections on Tuesday November 03 2020. (2 years 5 months ...
german presidential election, 1932

On Philip Roth, Trump and the terror of the unforeseen

New Statesman - 23 May 2018
Philip Roth's new novel, a counter-factual satire in which the pioneering aviator Charles A Lindbergh defeats Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1940 presidential election and begins to turn America, as an ally of Nazi Germany and Japan, into a quasi ...

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