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Why You Should Put $19.05 on Your MetroCard to Outsmart the MTA

Gizmodo - 09 Sep 2014
We've all been there. The train is coming into the station, and you grab your MetroCard and quickly try and swipe it at a turnstile. "Please Swipe Again." "Please Swipe Again." "Insufficient Fare." The last two words are killer. You think to yourself ...

Google, Allegedly: Snitches Get Stitches

Gizmodo - 08 Dec 2018
After a year of protests by its own staff against its work with the military, alleged plans to build a censored Chinese search engine, and handling of sexual ...

Doctor Who's Next Season Lands In 2020

Gizmodo Australia - 09 Dec 2018
On the heels of star Jodie Whittaker confirming that she's staying on the TARDIS through season 12 of Doctor Who, the BBC has announced that the Doctor is ...

You Can Take ECGs on the Apple Watch Now

Gizmodo - 06 Dec 2018
When the Apple Watch Series 4 shipped a few months ago, its electrocardiogram feature was still in the works. Not anymore. Apple just released its watchOS ...

Microsoft Edge Is Coming to the Mac?

Gizmodo - 07 Dec 2018
After rumors circulated that such a move was imminent, Microsoft has confirmed that it is indeed shifting from its EdgeHTML back end to Chromium, the ...

The Biggest Science Stories of 2018

Gizmodo - 03 Dec 2018
This year taught us more about distant planets and our own world, about the ways we're influencing our environment and the ways we're changing ourselves.

What Even Is A Notch?

Gizmodo Australia - 10 Dec 2018
When it comes to mobile phone design the 'notch' has been on trend for the last few years. To say that its contentious is an understatement - a lot of people hate ...

Lois Lanes, Ranked

Gizmodo Australia - 10 Dec 2018
You really can't tell a good Superman story without, at some point, introducing Lois Lane. She's crucial to Superman's character. More crucial even than either ...

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