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glossary of sumo terms

Sumo wrestles with its image amid string of scandals

Toronto Star - 07 Mar 2018
TOKYO—The most damage inflicted in sumo in recent times has been to the image of Japan's tradition-steeped national sport. Two scandals — an alcohol-fuelled restaurant brawl that left a Mongolian wrestler with a fractured skull, and a sexual assault ...
glossary of sumo terms

You'll never guess where this $10 next-level breakfast is from

Body and Soul - 18 Dec 2017
Gone are the days when avocado on toast had to cost you a house deposit - well, no guarantees - because the folks at Sumo Salad have brought out hot breakfast bowls - yes, with your favourite green fruit included - that cost less than $10. The new ...
glossary of sumo terms

Britain's Sumo Digital to float on AIM at 100p a share - 18 Dec 2017
British video games developer Sumo Digital priced its proposed initial public offering (IPO) at 100p a share on Monday as it prepared to launch on London's AIM market for junior listings. The Sheffield-based company, which develops the Forza Motorsport ...
glossary of sumo terms

5 essentials for choosing the right B2B order portal

PakWired - 16 Mar 2018
According to research from SUMO Heavy, a Digital Commerce Strategy consulting firm, the most important aspect of a great e-commerce website is its usability and functionality. In addition, Forrester research states that 45% of US consumers will abandon ...
glossary of sumo terms

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek - 20 Apr 2018
Audio products group Focusrite is winning new market share (460p). Talk of a restructure at chemicals business Johnson Matthey could be a catalyst for the share price (3,262p). Aim-listed video-games developer Sumo is an “attractive, cash-generative ...
glossary of sumo terms

Understanding how types of fat impact weight loss

Toronto Star - 05 Jan 2018
A sumo wrestler is a good illustration of subcutaneous fat deposited around the waist. These men, who are considerably overweight, have very high amounts of subcutaneous fat (easily seen) and very little deeper internal abdominal fat. Subcutaneous fat ...
glossary of sumo terms

These Robotic Sumo Wrestlers Are Totally Changing the Game

Geek - 27 Jun 2017
If you're into sumo wrestling, you probably know how plodding the matches can be. You've got the behemoth fighters and the matches themselves, and the actual event and fanfare surrounding all that. It can take a while to finish. But these two metal ...
glossary of sumo terms

Weekly Covers Prize Pack - 31 Oct 2017
18+ and BeGambleAware. Activities offered by advertising links to other sites may be deemed an illegal activity in certain jurisdictions. Viewers are specifically warned that they should inquire into the legality of participating in any games and/or ...
glossary of sumo terms

You Too Can Smell Like A Sumo Wrestler With This Fragrance

Geek - 22 Jun 2017
Look at your perfume or cologne rack. You've got Givenchy, Gucci, Prada, Yves Saint Laurent, and if you're in Japan, quite possibly Sumo? Yes, “sumo” as in the wrestlers. Have you ever wanted to smell like a sumo wrestler? Now you can, as the Japanese ...
glossary of sumo terms

Every Spring 2018 Cookbook That Matters

Eater - 21 Mar 2018
The intro dives into Japan's history; the last chapter spotlights some of Japan's most notable chefs (both those practicing in Japan and out) and their signature dishes, and a succinct glossary is a helpful reference. Hachisu's book may not be the ...
glossary of sumo terms

Cactus guide: Spring Training in Arizona - 29 Jan 2018
And between innings, there are numerous chances for fans to win prizes by answering trivia, sumo wrestling and more. Cleveland Indians: Goodyear Ballpark, Goodyear Goodyear Ballpark is designed to give fans clear views, great access to players and a ...
glossary of sumo terms

How many 'Easter eggs' can you spot in Cars 3?

Vancouver Sun - 10 Jun 2017
Not the coloured kind, of course. These Easter eggs are intentional inside visual jokes slipped into the background by Pixar animators. The term Easter egg was first coined to describe a hidden message in the Atari video game Adventure that led Atari ...
glossary of sumo terms

International Women's Day 2018

My Salaam - 09 Mar 2018
This year, International Women's Day saw women across the globe celebrating women's rights, freedom, and equality in various ways. Many took to the streets in peaceful rallies to make their voices heard, whilst others expressed themselves through ...
glossary of sumo terms

Alibaba sets 'Singles' Day' record with $32B of sales in one day

Toronto Star - 12 Nov 2017
“The work that's been done in the integration of offline and online, not just in terms of the technology integration, but the data and efficiencies for brands and the consumer through personalization has been enormous,” Alibaba president Mike Evans ...
glossary of sumo terms

Moneycontrol Ultimate Business Quiz #25: Test your knowledge - 04 May 2018
Q1 The organisation has organised approximately 40,000 waste pickers from the city of Ahmedabad, under the Gitanjali Co-Operative to produce notebooks from recycled paper. It is an initiative of this organisation through which these poor, vulnerable, ...
glossary of sumo terms

Matsui's HOF candidacy - 27 Dec 2017
He became a first-degree judo black belt. He won a sumo tournament. He began playing year-round baseball when he was 14, and he immediately hit such extraordinarily long home runs that people all around the country began talking about him long before ...

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