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glossary of sumo terms

Sumo glossary

Manchester Ink Link - 17 Nov 2018
For anyone new to Sumo wrestling, here's a brief glossary of some Japanese terms used in the sport. Ranks and Titles. Rikishi – A sumo wrestler. Makuuchi – (lit ...
glossary of sumo terms

Takakeisho secures kachi-koshi

Manchester Ink Link - 20 Nov 2018
For a glossary of terms used in this article, click here. FUKUOKA, JAPAN – After nine days in November's grand sumo basho, Takakeisho remains in sole ...
glossary of sumo terms

Takakeisho keeps championship hopes alive

Manchester Ink Link - 21 Nov 2018
On Day 10 of November's Grand Sumo Basho, Takakeisho improved to 9-1, continuing his quest to become the first komusubi to win a tournament since Kaio in ...
glossary of sumo terms

12th State of Agile Report Published - 19 Apr 2018
The 2018 State of Agile Report has been published by CollabNet VersionOne. Some of the conclusions from the report are that the need for customer and user ...
glossary of sumo terms

Share tips of the week

MoneyWeek - 15 Jun 2018
MoneyWeek's comprehensive guide to the best of this week's share tips from the rest of the UK's financial pages.
glossary of sumo terms

Team Sonic Racing Gameplay Trailer Revealed - 07 Aug 2018
We went hands-on with Team Sonic Racing earlier in the year and, though we still prefer the racing spirit of Transformed, we found it to be a real treat for fans of ...
glossary of sumo terms

Guide to audience revenue and engagement

Columbia Journalism Review - 08 Feb 2018
This report is intended to aid staff from news organizations and media entrepreneurs who wish to grow their revenue by deepening interactions with their ...
glossary of sumo terms

Best New Cookbooks: Spring 2018

Eater - 21 Mar 2018
Intensely personal, experimental, painstakingly researched, and sometimes political, the authors of spring 2018's best cookbooks are more than cooks and ...
glossary of sumo terms

The free-range rock of Sumo Cyco

Toronto Star - 09 Jun 2017
With savvy ex-pop starlet Skye Sweetnam out front, the Hamilton outfit playing Burlington Sound of Music is building its future its own way.
glossary of sumo terms

A-REITs Still Finding Solid Support

FN Arena News - 07 Jun 2018
Brokers suggest A-REITs are likely to continue finding support amongst the global investment community, given an increasing need for annuity income and ...
glossary of sumo terms

Cactus guide: Spring Training in Arizona - 29 Jan 2018
Arizona D-backs: Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, ScottsdaleSalt River Fields has become a must-see ballpark during Spring Training not just for the stadium's ...
glossary of sumo terms

The Ultimate Guide to CrossFit Lingo

Greatist - 16 Feb 2012
Ready to tackle CrossFit head-on? Get pumped for a whole new level of intensity with Greatist's guide to the must-know CrossFit terms and phrases.
glossary of sumo terms

The Complete Guide to Tokyo Ghoul

Anime News Network - 04 Apr 2018
It's been three years since Tokyo Ghoul 's divisive second season aired, so it's understandable to need a refresher before diving into Tokyo Ghoul:re .
glossary of sumo terms

MovieBob Reviews: ISLE OF DOGS (2018)

Geek - 23 Mar 2018
Is Isle of Dogs good? Yes! What's it about? Directed by Wes Anderson in the deliberately artificial-looking stop-motion aesthetic previously employed for ...
glossary of sumo terms

Using APM to Monitor Data-First Apps

DZone News - 03 Aug 2016
These days, APM may not be the right tool to use for monitoring data-first apps. There may be a solution, though. Read on to find out more about APM tools and ...
glossary of sumo terms

Slot Review: Hanzo's Dojo by Yggdrasil

Online Casino Reports - 31 Aug 2018
Hanzo's Dojo is a 5-reel, 3-row, 25-payline slot set against the backdrop of a Japanese temple and bonsai trees. Bets range from 25p to £125 a spin and the ...
glossary of sumo terms

Sumo Polaris II power amplifier

Stereophile Magazine - 06 May 2007
What's in a name? Quite a bit, when you stop and think about it. Would you rather have prostate surgery by Dr. Steadyhand or Dr. Whoops? Names imply a lot, ...
glossary of sumo terms

Starving JMS Consumers in ActiveMQ

DZone News - 07 May 2016
In my day-to-day job, I analyze many ActiveMQ-related problems and have seen a number of weird behaviors that are often caused by users not knowing the ...
glossary of sumo terms

ScrumDude, to ScrumMom, to Scrum Master

DZone News - 13 Nov 2015
In an effort to relieve my manager from a hectic work schedule, earlier this year I was asked to serve in the role of Scrum Master for my team. In my Information ...
glossary of sumo terms

Queuing Tasks With Redis

DZone News - 06 May 2016
In this blog post, we will we will focus on satisfying a Consumer-Producer problem which demonstrates our problem and how using Redis as a Task Queue can ...
glossary of sumo terms

Are You Guilty of Over-Engineering?

DZone News - 20 Sep 2016
It's very easy to use too many complexities to do something simple to use the latest styles, frameworks and libraries. KISS is very tough.
glossary of sumo terms

PostgreSQL vs. Hadoop

DZone News - 20 Aug 2016
So one of the clients I do work with is moving a large database from PostgreSQL to Hadoop. The reasons are sound — volume and velocity are major issues for ...
glossary of sumo terms

Getting Started With rkt

DZone News - 09 Mar 2016
This February, CoreOS announced that their rkt container runtime had graduated to version 1.0. rkt has come a long way since its initial announcement in ...

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