Gmail down, experiencing service disruptions -
gmail down

Gmail down, experiencing service disruptions

CBS News - 24 Jan 2014
The website tweeted Friday, “Gmail is down or having service trouble, based on user reports/other sources.” On Twitter, users complained that they could not access their emails. The hashtag #whengmailwasdown were attached to jokes ...
gmail down

Policing Authority slaps down Garda over Gmail policy - 14 Dec 2017
The Policing Authority has slapped down An Garda Síochána over its year-long failure to produce a new policy on the use of personal Gmail accounts by senior officers, the Irish Independent can reveal. One of the force's most senior civilians is in the ...
gmail down

Is there an easy way to delete masses of emails in Gmail?

The Guardian - 14 Dec 2017
Search for size:10m then try size:5m and size:2m depending on the sort of stuff you have stored in Gmail. (Google's version, via the down-arrow in the Search box, offers “has:attachment larger:3M”.) You can also target older attachments by using a ...
gmail down

Stock market down on 'bargain hunting'

Business Mirror - 18 Dec 2017
With every transaction that involves a negotiated contract, the buyer always determines the price and seller always determines if the transaction will take place. That is true for the stock market also. Look at this actual offer to sell taken from the ...
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Bangor Winter Wonderland cancelled after complaints

BBC News - 18 Dec 2017
A Christmas event in County Down has been cancelled after organisers apologised that it had "fallen way short of our expectations". The "Winter Wonderland NI" was due to run at the Clandeboye Estate in Bangor from 16-23 December. The company said it ...
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How to add a signature in Gmail

KnowTechie - 11 Dec 2017
Are you starting a new job and it is a requirement to have an email signature? Are you tired of writing out your address four times a day to people in your address book? The option to add a signature in Gmail is essential, and also easy. It is a useful ...
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Using Gmail with OAUTH2 in Linux and on an ESP8266

Hackaday - 14 Dec 2017
Out of the box, Gmail requires OAUTH2 for authentication and to share user data, which has the major advantage of not requiring that you store your username and password in the application that requires access to your account. While they have an 'allow ...
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Sweet thunder from down under

The Sun Chronicle - 14 Dec 2017
Student musicians from Perth, Australia traveled thousands of miles to appear in a joint concert with Foxboro High School students last week, sharing in what retired music teacher George Murphy called the “Foxboro Way.” The Foxboro High School ...
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Poythress Called Down to Go Up to the Pacers - 16 Dec 2017
Whether Alex Poythress just got called up or called down is a matter of interpretation, not to mention geography. But he's happy to be with the Pacers for a while. Poythress got a "promotion" to the NBA from the Fort Wayne Mad Ants of the G-League ...
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How to secure Android

Tech Advisor - 12 Dec 2017
Android viruses are few and far between, and you're more likely to find yourself in trouble by clicking on a dodgy link in Gmail or a text message and giving away too much personal information than you are to download a dodgy app. But it is possible ...
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How to make your phone's Gmail notifications much, much better

Computerworld - 28 Nov 2017
Now that your important messages are all nicely organized under that shiny new "ATTENTION" (or "Cake, Cake, Cake") label, it's time to instruct Gmail to notify you when any fitting missives come in. Open up Gmail on your Android phone, then open the ...
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Use These Search Tricks to Take Control of Your Gmail Inbox

Lifehacker - 30 Nov 2017
Tricks for Finding Old Emails. If you're having trouble tracking down an old email there are a few search tricks at your disposal. It all depends on what kind of messages you're looking for. Need to find an important message that you never actually ...
gmail down

How to Add Signature in Gmail (Quick!)

Ubergizmo - 22 Nov 2017
Install and Launch the Gmail app from the App Store/ Play Store. If you prefer the Inbox app, that's fine as well. After you have signed in to the desired account, you need to tap on the hamburger icon (menu icon) at the top-left corner of the screen ...
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Opinion: Tolling decision would send divisive community message

The Coloradoan - 17 Dec 2017
It's super easy to only see it through this lens today because we in the Choice City are the benefactors of exemplary infrastructure. Don't believe me? Take a ride down the side streets of Cleveland, as I did this past week. However, if you look back ...

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