Gmail down, experiencing service disruptions -
gmail down

Gmail down, experiencing service disruptions

CBS News - 24 Jan 2014
The website tweeted Friday, “Gmail is down or having service trouble, based on user reports/other sources.” On Twitter, users complained that they could not access their emails. The hashtag #whengmailwasdown were attached to jokes ...
gmail down

Google locks down OAuth after 'fake Docs' Gmail phishing attack

CSO Australia - 18 Jul 2017
The protocol relies on tokens to grant access to some account information from platform providers, however an attack on Gmail users in May demonstrated the protocol can easily be abused with a little social engineering. The indiscriminate attack on ...
gmail down

Five secret tricks only serious Gmail ninjas need to know

ZDNet - 10 Jul 2017
Search is at the core of Gmail. The search drop down offers a lot of helpful options, but the form only lets you select messages within a certain number of days of a given date (and that number maxes at one year). If you want to search for a more ...
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How to send email on Google Home

Tech Advisor - 19 Jul 2017
Tap the blue '+that' link, then scroll down to and select Gmail. On the next screen choose 'Send an email' as your action. IFTTT will require permission to connect to Gmail, so click Connect, then specify which Google account you'll be using to send ...
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8 Gmail Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

Inverse - 06 Jul 2017
And you can apply them in Gmail as well. Just click “more” in the lefthand bar to pull down the labels option, and apply them to whatever message you need. You can just drag and drop a label from the left over a message or thread, and presto — you're ...
gmail down

Two down, three to go

Mail Tribune - 22 Jul 2017
Ashland is on track to add two police officers as soon as they can be hired, trained and sworn in, but three other positions will have to wait until City Council can nail down how to pay for them. Ashland City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday to ...
gmail down

18 Reasons Why Every Company Should Use Gmail

PakWired - 14 Jul 2017
They also reckon Gmail is online 99.978% of the time, which is to say it's down just 0.022% of the working year – meaning that you can always send and receive important mails without fear of the service failing. Indeed, if you do have any problems ...
gmail down

Relax! Chill! Take a break! - 24 Jul 2017
If you scan something, open it in Adobe Reader and want to email that thing, you might just want to send it via Hotmail, or or Gmail. But Reader insists it has ...
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China cracks down on Winnie the Pooh (and Tigger too)

NBC2 News - 18 Jul 2017
After "Winnie the Pooh" was compared to Chinese President Xi Jinping, the country restricted use of the Disney character on social media. Jinping was shown in a range of images, memes and gifs. Officials said China's ruling Communist Party saw the ...
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Another Massive Ransomware Outbreak Is Going Global Fast

Forbes - 27 Jun 2017
Ukraine's government, National Bank, its transportation services and largest power companies are bearing the brunt of what appears to be a massive ransomware outbreak that's fast spreading across the world and hitting a significant number of critical ...
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RIP Gchat

The Atlantic - 26 Jun 2017
So once my son whittled his naps down to one a day, guaranteeing a solid chunk of time for me to turn off Raffi and seek adult conversation, I'd crack open my MacBook and launch Gmail, around the time my friends were eating leftovers at their desks ...
gmail down

Why they hate him

El Dorado News-Times - 24 Jul 2017
Commentators inebriated with their mission to take down Trump had zero interest in aggressive "gotcha" journalism when Obama was in office. They covered for the ...
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Jihadists claim to crack down on Islamic State cells in Idlib, Syria

Long War Journal - 09 Jul 2017
Hay'at Tahrir al Sham (the “Assembly for the Liberation of the Levant,” or HTS), an insurgent coalition of several groups, claims to have launched security operations targeting Islamic State cells throughout the Syrian province of Idlib. Earlier today ...

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