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goblin shark

Rare Goblin Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico

National Geographic - 05 May 2014
Moore caught the goblin shark at around 2,000 feet (610 meters) deep. That's on the shallower end of the average depth range for this species, Carlson says: They're usually found between 2,000 and 3,000 feet (610 and 914 meters) deep. That makes it one ...
goblin shark

These sharks could live in British waters by 2050

Sky News - 17 Jul 2018
These sharks could live in British waters by 2050. Around 40 species of shark now live off the UK coast - but warming waters are likely to increase the variety in coming decades. 12:10, UK, Tuesday 17 July 2018. Goblin Shark. Image: Goblin sharks are ...
goblin shark

Book features Mother Nature's toughest creatures

The Ellsworth American - 07 Feb 2018
The goblin shark is one of 10 species featured in Brooklin author Kimberly Ridley's new natural history book “Extreme Survivors: Animals that Time Forgot” (Tilbury House Publishers, 2017, $17.95). The other species include zebra-striped chambered ...
goblin shark

'Alien' Shark with Goblin-Like Jaws Hauled Up from the Deep Sea

Live Science - 12 Jan 2018
Imagine this fearsome sight: an ink-black shark with gnarly, needle-like teeth; creepy, glass-like eyes; a glowing belly and a potentially extendable jaw. That's what scientists saw when they pulled up this rare creature, along with four of its pals ...
goblin shark

Goblin shark video, Greenland shark news

EarthSky - 15 Aug 2016
Two pieces of shark news this week, the first related to a rare species of deep-sea shark called a goblin shark and the second related to Greenland sharks. You can see goblin sharks (Mitsukurina owstoni) in the unprecedented video above, used here by ...
goblin shark

Goblin Shark Gives a Lesson in Dismantling Your Face to Eat

Discover Magazine (blog) - 17 Aug 2016
The goblin shark is a weird deep-sea creature first discovered off the coast of Japan in 1898. It has a ghoulish appearance, thanks to jaws that can stretch well away from the rest of its head. Scientists have assumed the goblin shark uses this trick ...
goblin shark

Unraveling the jaw-dropping goblin shark

Science Daily - 11 Aug 2016
Known as Mitsukuri sharks in Japan, goblin sharks are so called in Western nations due to their somewhat alarming appearance: a pinkish body lacking proper pigment, exposed teeth and protruding jaws. Until now, few details were known about the species.
goblin shark

Shark expert Hamish Smillie calls for register

Kent Online - 28 Jul 2018
Sharks made headlines this week after research by the University of Southampton suggested the rising temperature of the sea could see 10 more species populate British waters by 2050. The great hammerhead, goblin and longfin mako are among species ...

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