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goblin shark

Rare Goblin Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico

National Geographic - 05 May 2014
Moore caught the goblin shark at around 2,000 feet (610 meters) deep. That's on the shallower end of the average depth range for this species, Carlson says: They're usually found between 2,000 and 3,000 feet (610 and 914 meters) deep. That makes it one ...
goblin shark

Sea Serpent-like Shark Dredged From the Deep

Geek - 14 Nov 2017
To be fair, it's highly unlikely that any frilled shark would approach you, much less attempt a bite, but it's just one more creepy thing hiding in waters around the world. What about Goblin Shark? Or blobfish? Or the Gulper Eel? All of it is just too ...
goblin shark

80 Million-Year-Old Living Fossil, the Frilled Shark, Caught

Edgy Labs (blog) - 13 Nov 2017
The frilled shark is considered as one of the few 'living fossils' to exist today, which exists on a list together with the goblin shark and giant salamander, to name a few. Living fossil is a term coined by scientists to refer to living or recently ...
goblin shark

This Is Why No One Should Fuck With Nature

BuzzFeed News - 04 Sep 2017
DID YOU KNOW: A distressed wasp releases pheromones that alert her colony to join her in stinging her attacker. Ouch. 2. And these fire ants created a floating island of themselves to survive the Houston flooding. (Yes, those are ANTS.) DID YOU KNOW: ...
goblin shark

Shark on Seven Mile Beach species has 'em guessing

Illawarra Mercury - 25 Jul 2017
Grey nurse, goblin, mako and great white are among your top theories of what type of shark was found on Seven Mile Beach recently. The body of the two-metre shark is keeping beachgoers on their toes and anglers guessing as to what species it is.
goblin shark

Sad New Deep Sea Shark Reminds Us We Can't All Be Great Whites

Gizmodo - 26 Jul 2017
The tiger shark patrols the seas alone at night, prepared to eat anything from a bird to a dolphin. The goblin shark live in the ocean's canyons and abysses, grabbing prey by surprise with its extendable jaws. A great white shark can grow as large as a ...
goblin shark

Goblin shark video, Greenland shark news

EarthSky - 15 Aug 2016
Two pieces of shark news this week, the first related to a rare species of deep-sea shark called a goblin shark and the second related to Greenland sharks. You can see goblin sharks (Mitsukurina owstoni) in the unprecedented video above, used here by ...
goblin shark

Goblin Shark Gives a Lesson in Dismantling Your Face to Eat

Discover Magazine (blog) - 17 Aug 2016
The goblin shark is a weird deep-sea creature first discovered off the coast of Japan in 1898. It has a ghoulish appearance, thanks to jaws that can stretch well away from the rest of its head. Scientists have assumed the goblin shark uses this trick ...
goblin shark

Ten Horrifying Deep Sea Creatures, Ranked

Gizmodo - 17 Apr 2017
The goblin shark is clearly a predator, but other than that, we're pretty much in the dark on its lifestyle. “They're a species we don't know much about at all,” Christopher Bird, a PhD Student in deep sea Shark ecology at the University of Southampton ...
goblin shark

Unraveling the jaw-dropping goblin shark

Science Daily - 11 Aug 2016
Known as Mitsukuri sharks in Japan, goblin sharks are so called in Western nations due to their somewhat alarming appearance: a pinkish body lacking proper pigment, exposed teeth and protruding jaws. Until now, few details were known about the species.
goblin shark

How science and technology can help save sharks

Environmental Defense Fund (blog) - 04 Aug 2017
This year, we were amazed by ultrasounds for pregnant hammerhead sharks and measuring a goblin shark's bite. The latest science and technology can also help fishermen seeking other species to avoid sharks, protecting them from a significant source of ...

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