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Is Your God Dead?

New York Times - 19 Jun 2017
“Any god who is mine but not yours, any god concerned with me but not with you, is an idol,” Heschel writes. Think of segregated white churches during Jim Crow, or the many churches today, in our “post-racial” moment, that continue to be de facto ...
gods not dead

A big heart and a love for music launched a bluegrass empire

San Tan Sun News - 25 Jun 2017
Recently, the kids took the stage in Beach's backyard, playing and singing such bluegrass and gospel standards as “God's Not Dead.” Mismatched chairs invited neighborhood moms and dads, and visitors. Group after group took the makeshift stage, playing ...
gods not dead

Tyler Perry's Taraji P. Henson Movie Gets Easter Release

Hollywood Reporter - 22 Jun 2017
It will open on Easter weekend, opposite the Warner Bros. sci-fi adaptation of Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg, and Pure Flix's faith-based follow-up God's Not Dead 3. The drama sees Henson playing a faithful wife who, after growing ...
gods not dead

What Does Christian Netflix Want From Us?

MTV.com - 13 Jun 2017
Pure Flix is already succeeding in broadening its appeal, drawing hundreds of thousands of viewers monthly and making millions off of theatrical releases like 2014's God's Not Dead, a film starring White and excoriating liberal writers like myself. As ...
gods not dead

Cross to be removed from business corner

Tidewater News - 23 Jun 2017
More specifically, the Franklin Police Department spokesman Capt. Tim Whitt confirmed via email that on June 15, “the police department received an anonymous complaint about the cross being 'creepy' and 'offensive' because it said that 'God's Not Dead.'”.
gods not dead

American Gods: Season 1 Review

IGN - 23 Jun 2017
But despite its highs, Season 1 of American Gods was not a perfect season by any means. There were several stumbles, from pacing to the execution of various episodes. "Lemon Scented You" was an example of an episode that I felt was uneven, and "A ...
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Humanists find own life's purpose... not God

Belfast Telegraph - 26 Jun 2017
The desperate, clinging attempts to hold on to a worldview founded in faith and by faith alone, all the while, as Nietzsche proclaimed, god is dead. For the last 3,000 years, gods have disappeared into the annals of lore and legend. The Christian god ...
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Faith, prayer paved way for hit movie 'God's Not Dead'

The News-Press - 22 Mar 2017
White will talk about prayer, “God's Not Dead” and its sequels, his recent book (“Between Heaven and Hollywood: Chasing Your God-Given Dream”) and a whole lot more when he visits Fort Myers on Thursday, March 30. He's speaking at McGregor Baptist ...
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Grand River Roundup

Rapid City Journal - 19 Jun 2017
Both these families have our sympathy. Father's Day was this Sunday. Slim Buttes Lutheran hosted the annual Father's Day homemade ice cream and movie night at the church. The movie was “God's Not Dead II”. It's a wonderful movie and if you weren't able ...
gods not dead

Jessie Reyez' Realness Will Not Be Diluted

SPIN - 26 Jun 2017
Umm, it's kind of like asking, do you know what kind of days God's gonna give you tomorrow? I don't know, I might be dead tomorrow, I might live 'til I'm 60 and climb fuckin' Mount Everest. It just kinda depends on what tomorrow has in store for me ...
gods not dead

Why my guitar gently weeps

Washington Post - 22 Jun 2017
“There are more makers now than ever before in the history of the instrument, but the market is not growing,” Gruhn says in a voice that flutters between a groan and a grumble. “I'm not all doomsday, but this — this is not sustainable.” ...

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