Is Godzilla Male or Female? -

Is Godzilla Male or Female?

The Slatest (blog) - 16 May 2014
Godzilla has been around for 60 years now, and the iconic movie monster's gender has sparked debate among diehard fans for much of that time. Some American moviegoers may be surprised to hear this, since, in the English-language versions of Godzilla ...

'Godzilla 2': Monarch Case File Teases Another Look at Mothra

/FILM - 25 Jul 2017
Godzilla 2 (formerly titled Godzilla: King of the Monsters) began production last month, and we've since seen a few set photos emerge that indicate overturned cars, things on fire, and the general amount of destruction one might expect from a 350-foot ...

Godzilla charities threaten to overwhelm smaller rivals

Financial Times - 26 Jul 2017
Death comes rarely to big charities. The Charity 100 Index lists the largest charities in the UK, and of the 100 which it listed last year, 94 have reappeared this year. (For context, the UK has more than 200,000 charities.) The top 10 biggest ...

Godzilla: King Of The Monsters Drops Major Mothra Tease - 24 Jul 2017
Godzilla fans, it is time you tuned in to Monarch's Twitter page. Legendary Entertainment is working on the sequel to Godzilla's 2015 reboot, and the King of Monsters will return to theaters with some very famous kaijus. And, over on social media, fans ...

How Godzilla Vs. Kong Will Address The Monsters' Size Difference

Cinema Blend - 21 Jul 2017
With both stand alone movies finally set up, Godzilla and King Kong are finally going to punch each other in the face with all the power of modern CGI technology. Godzilla vs. Kong will find the classic movie monsters going toe-to-toe, but people who ...

Godzilla 2 Adds The Walking Dead Actress Elizabeth Ludlow

Den of Geek US - 12 Jul 2017
Gareth Edwards' 2014 Godzilla movie did what Roland Emmerich's 1998 version couldn't do: successfully re-launch the iconic franchise for an American audience. There have been some bumps along the way, though, notably the departure of Mr. Edwards ...

Godzilla's Secret History Reveals a New Horde of Monsters!

Nerdist - 13 Jul 2017
Kong may be King of Skull Island, but Godzilla is still the King of the Monsters! Before the inevitable cinematic rematch between Godzilla and King Kong hits theaters in 2020, Big G is getting his own cinematic sequel in 2019, with the release of ...

Behind the Scenes Footage Shows Unused 'Shin Godzilla' Puppet

Bloody Disgusting - 10 Jul 2017
From what I gather, Big G was computer-generated every time he was seen on screen in Shin Godzilla, but you may recall that a practical effects puppet was at one point teased. It seems the massive puppet just didn't work as hoped, but holy shit was it ...

Huck Treadwell: Godzilla is coming back again

Sand Mountain Reporter - 03 Jul 2017
I wonder just how many Godzilla movies people can make? I just read where “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” is coming out in 2019. Godzilla got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004. And, now, it looks like he's coming back to the big screen again.

Auto review: Nissan GT-R: Godzilla comes of age

Press Herald - 02 Jul 2017
Why does Godzilla in the wild elicit such reverence? It's part newness, part Nissan. The uninitiated recognize its power but doubt the Nissan badge better known for crossovers. It starts at $109,990 and sells only about 1,000 annually, roughly a tenth ...

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