Is Godzilla Male or Female? -

Is Godzilla Male or Female?

The Slatest (blog) - 16 May 2014
Godzilla has been around for 60 years now, and the iconic movie monster's gender has sparked debate among diehard fans for much of that time. Some American moviegoers may be surprised to hear this, since, in the English-language versions of Godzilla ...

Everything you always wanted to know about 'Godzilla'

CT Post - 16 Sep 2017
He's the big guy with the radioactive breath who's been the scourge of Tokyo and other Japanese cities for more than 60 years. “Godzilla,” aka “Gojira,” was the Japanese film industry's attempt to create a giant monster to rival Hollywood's King Kong ...

Godzilla is 'great opportunity' for Mexico City

BBC News - 21 Aug 2017
Parts of Mexico City's historic centre have been closed to traffic as film crews shoot scenes for a new Godzilla film in the Mexican capital. Mexico City Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera says the fact that the capital has been chosen as one of the film's ...

GODZILLA: MONSTER PLANET Brings Together Godzilla and Hello Kitty

Nerdist - 10 Sep 2017
For the last six decades, Godzilla has defended his title as King of the Monsters against all contenders, including the Fantastic Four, King Kong, and even Charles Barkley. But now, Godzilla is heading into his most bizarre crossover yet. Ahead of this ...

Godzilla Just Announced Its Adorable Hello Kitty Collaboration - 18 Sep 2017
The Sanrio/Godzilla collaboration, set for some time this fall, will feature Godzilla hanging out with Hello Kitty, My Melody, Pompompurin, and Little Twin Stars. The individual pairings will see the iconic kaiju imagined in each Sanrio character's ...

The Godzilla Humidifier Blasts Dryness With Its Atomic Breath - 12 Sep 2017
Yes, this Godzilla humidifier is a real product. Features include LED-powered Atomic Breath mist and the ability to roar and play music from the Godzilla films. In fact, Anime News Network notes that illustrator Shinji Nishikawa will be designing the ...

Now casting: Godzilla film seeking people with medical experience

Atlanta Journal Constitution - 31 Aug 2017
Kyle Chandler, Millie Bobby Brown, Vera Farmiga and Bradley Whitford will star in the film, which is a sequel to the 2014 “Godzilla” movie. What are they looking for? Men and women who are fresh faces to the movie and have real-life medical experience ...

Godzilla vs. Kong to feature a 'more rugged, a bit more aged Kong'

SYFY WIRE (blog) - 23 Aug 2017
Instead of picking up where this year's Kong: Skull Island left off (the movie was set in the 1970s), Wingard's monster film will be a continuation of the events of modern-day-set Godzilla sequel to be directed by Michael Dougherty (Krampus) and set to ...

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