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AFRTS at 75

Radio World (blog) - 29 Sep 2017
There are some in our industry have roots to AFRTS in both the technical and on-air side … including people like Pat Sajak to Adrian Cronauer (“Good Morning, Vietnam”). This year AFRTS celebrates 75 years of providing “a touch of home” to the men and ...
good morning vietnam

NFL players can kneel at Vietnam memorial wall

Allentown Morning Call - 18 Oct 2017
Every one of them has a very good-paying job. They had adults and children looking up to them. If they are so upset, they should take to the streets in peaceful protests. You do not get respect with disrespect. I suggest if they still want to kneel ...
good morning vietnam

Richard Merk is Grateful

Philippine Star - 10 Oct 2017
“God healed me and made sure that I have my right leg in good condition,” Richard shared. “I also thank my physician, Dr. Luinio Tongson.” Every morning, Richard posts encouraging messages on his Facebook and sends it to his close friends, inspiring ...
good morning vietnam

Vietnam helicopter pilots honored

Delaware State News - 24 Sep 2017
Mr. Skocik opened the ceremony with a booming cry of “Good morning, Vietnam Dustoff crews,” a reference to the famous scene from the 1987 film “Good Morning, Vietnam.” During the war, Dustoff crew members had a slogan that emphasized their focus on ...
good morning vietnam

Irrational leaders show no signs of restraint, diplomacy

Albany Times Union - 27 Sep 2017
The Korean War resulted in the Demilitarized Zone. Vietnam was a military retreat for this country. Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan are, to date, no-win scenarios. The alternative to a land war with North Korea is unthinkable. My fears for South Korea and ...
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WIDR Week kicks off in early October

Western Herald - 03 Oct 2017
Beginning at 7:30 p.m., people of all ages are welcome to come by Bell's to watch “Good Morning Vietnam,” as well as pick up some WIDR swag. On Oct. 13, WIDR will be putting on the “Friday the 13th Bash” at Rupert's Brew House. This concert runs from ...
good morning vietnam

Wanderlust: The Dreamers of Saigon

Mast Media - 26 Sep 2017
Less than four months ago, I was standing on my hotel room balcony and saying, “good morning, Vietnam.” I visited the country with a team of 12 other people as part of a three-month mission trip. On my first early morning, I was taking in the scene of ...
good morning vietnam

Good Morning, Vietnam Stocks

The Diplomat - 11 Sep 2017
Foreign investors are pouring money into Vietnam stocks amid an improving growth outlook for the communist-ruled Southeast Asian nation. However, analysts have warned Hanoi not to overinflate the economy amid high debt levels and external risks.
good morning vietnam

Steve Williams column: A musical trip down memory lane

South Strand news - 22 Sep 2017
For 20 years Armstrong's song remained below radar until it was featured in the movie, "Good Morning Vietnam" starring Robin Williams. Since then, it's become a beloved standard all over the world. The song is entitled, “What a Wonderful World ...

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