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Good Mooooorning, Vietnam! Robin Williams movie turns 30 today

WTOP - 15 Jan 2018
(LOS ANGELES) — On this day in 1988, Good Morning, Vietnam hit theaters. The film, loosely based on the exploits of the real-life disc jockey Adrian Cronauer, starred the late Robin Williams as the irreverent D.J. who brings smiles to the faces of U.S ...
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What a wonderful world

The Messenger - 21 Jan 2018
I remember it from the 1988 film "Good Morning, Vietnam" when it was juxtaposed against the violence of war -- a powerful vision of hope expressed in the reality that existed. We need moral courage today, and we will need it tomorrow. The courage to ...
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30 years later, The Couch Trip is still borderline insane (blog) - 19 Jan 2018
Chevy Chase appears in a cameo as a TV commercial actor who is comforted to see that his son own condoms. He and Akyroyd would work together in the disastrous Caddyshack II (also from 1988) and the unwatchable Nothing But Trouble (1991). 4. The Couch ...
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Good Morning!

KWTX - 21 Jan 2018
21, 1968, the North Vietnamese Army launched a full-scale assault against the U.S. combat base in Khe Sanh, South Vietnam, in a siege lasting 11 weeks; although the Americans were able to hold back the communists, they ended up dismantling and ...
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'Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind': Sundance Review

Screen International - 20 Jan 2018
As the film charts Williams' transition to the big screen, including clips from his first serious breakout film role Good Morning Vietnam to other subsequent significant performances (Dead Poet's Society, Awakenings, The Fisher King), the documentary ...
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Ask Wessel: What games would you like to see on an N64 Classic? - 19 Jan 2018
I guess you could go really far out on a limb and say Good Morning Vietnam is a movie about radio, but, like I said, that is a bit of a reach. I guess it is on me to write the next great radio movie. A biopic of the three of us doing a radio show and ...
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After attrition-filled offseason, Miles rights the ship

The Michigan Daily - 18 Jan 2018
Big Ten commissioner Jim Delaney is finishing up his opening remarks filled with details on the new 20-game schedule, the new location for the Big Ten Tournament and the state of the conference; details are fresh but are simultaneously hollow in ...
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How Watching Phil Rosenthal Eat on Netflix Saved My Soul—Twice

HuffPost - 17 Jan 2018
Wait, actually the most precious thing is in the second episode, when this tiny little Vietnamese girl sings him a song with “bad words” in it while her parents look on in horror and Phil pumps his fists like a teenage boy. No, hold it. When he's ...
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Danang: Visiting Vietnam nearly a half-century after a tragic war

Communities Digital News - 21 Jan 2018
The onetime French facility was a major base for the United States during the Vietnam War. Today, with large, decaying Quonset Huts scattered about the grounds, the facility still conjures up vivid images of those wartime days, as vividly depicted by ...
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Looking at Vietnam through a new lens

Hindustan Times - 13 Jan 2018
The Caravelle had once been the haunt of the legendary American journalists who had covered the war, often between drinks at its rooftop bar. The Rex Hotel was where the US military briefed the press every day through the '60s. The briefings ...
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What to Cook Right Now

New York Times - 22 Jan 2018
Good morning. I'm thinking smothered chicken tonight, with braised greens and mashed potatoes, but sometimes it's better at the top of the week to eat ramen and then bake something amazing into the night. If this is, for you, one of those times, check ...
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The Purple Parrot at 30: A life in the restaurant business

Jackson Clarion Ledger - 24 Dec 2017
When measuring events in history, 30 years is a long time. Wars rarely last that long. Presidential terms are only four years, and even with re-election, they are capped at eight years. Senatorial terms are seven years; house terms are two. The average ...
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Malaysia and Vietnam restore ASEAN pride and respect

Fox Sports Asia - 20 Jan 2018
In a relatively short time, coach Ong Kim Swee has built a team with discipline, flexibility and belief. They worked hard to win the ball back off the opposition and kept the ball well. It was fitting that Malaysia's best performance of the tournament ...
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Project Runway All Stars designed for drama

Arkansas Online - 05 Jan 2018
This one comes from Tom Fontana (St. Elsewhere, Homicide: Life on the Street, Oz) and Oscar-winning director Barry Levinson (Rain Man, Good Morning, Vietnam). In Killing Fields: Murder Isle, the series takes on the cold case of 28-year-old Carrie ...
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Next Stage review: Good Morning, Viet Mom

NOW Magazine - 05 Jan 2018
That happened several times during the sold-out weekday afternoon opening of Good Morning, Viet Mom, Franco Nguyen's solo show about being raised in Canada by his Vietnamese-born, non-English-speaking mother. Nguyen has developed the show a lot since ...

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