Google Glass signals a wearables revolution -
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Google Glass signals a wearables revolution

CNN - 15 Apr 2014
(CNN) -- Google Glass is crazy fun, but don't worry if you missed your chance to buy a pair on Tuesday, when it went on sale to the public for $1,500. While the current generation of Google Glass is doomed to become a clunky eBay collectible, it's ...
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Google Glass: Shock update hints at return from the dead

The Independent - 22 Jun 2017
A new update for Google Glass has just rolled out, to the surprise of the entire technology community. The futuristic gadget failed to take off because people considered it to be ugly, creepy and overly expensive, and we all believed Google had killed ...
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Is Google Glass still alive?

Seeking Alpha - 23 Jun 2017
The device just received its first update in nearly three years, including bug fixes, performance improvements and Bluetooth input device support. It's a totally unexpected move from the Google (GOOG, GOOGL), prompting speculation of an impending ...
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The next iPhone could have a lot in common with Google Glass

Allentown Morning Call - 22 Jun 2017
Further down the road, Milunovich said, there could be room for iGlass - that is, Apple's take on a Google Glass-type headset. Could Apple succeed where Google failed? Advances in headset technology, plus some classic Apple design chops, could make ...
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Google Glass, Apple Newton make it to Swedish Museum of Failure - 10 Jun 2017
Google and Apple are not synonymous with failure but in the risky business of innovation, anything is possible. At Sweden's newly opened Museum of Failure, Google Glass and Apple Newton are two such devices that were either ahead of their time or the ...
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Essential may look to create the true successor to Google Glass - 01 Jun 2017
There's been a lot of information coming from Andy Rubin's new company, Essential, and some of the projects that have been in the works before the official unveiling of the Essential Phone. During an interview with Walt Mossberg, Rubin explained that ...
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Contrordine, forse i Google Glass non sono ancora morti

La Stampa - 22 Jun 2017
I Google Glass, gli occhiali smart da 1500$ prodotti dall'azienda californiana in un numero ristretto di esemplari, non si possono più acquistare già dal 2014. Le ultime notizie risalgono al 2015, quando il progetto era già stato spostato sotto il ...
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正式支援藍牙鍵盤!Google Glass 智能眼鏡相隔三年後再有更新

UNWIRE.HK - 23 Jun 2017
曾幾何時Google Glass 絕對稱得上是潮人恩物,不但外型設計搶眼,更可以用語音操作、拍攝、導航及在眼鏡上顯示各種資訊,感覺上就好像未來科技一樣。只可惜由於Google Glass 價格太昂貴及產量不多,結果不但無法普及起來,其後更停止生產。幸好官方似乎並未 ...
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Keert de Google Glass terug?

Techzine - 23 Jun 2017
Tot verrassing van velen heeft Google een nieuwe update uitgebracht voor de Google Glass. De gadget wist niet aan te slaan toen hij drie jaar geleden gelanceerd werd, dus een nieuwe software-update is voor velen verrassend. Zou de AR-bril dan ...
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Google Glass bekommt erstes Update seit drei Jahren

Futurezone - 22 Jun 2017
Das Update für die App war in den USA schon am Mittwoch verfügbar, das Update für die Firmware von Google Glass wurde dann am Donnerstag nachgereicht. Damit dürften Gerüchte, nach denen Google seine Datenbrille aufgegeben hat, vorerst ...

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