Google Glass signals a wearables revolution -
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Google Glass signals a wearables revolution

CNN - 15 Apr 2014
(CNN) -- Google Glass is crazy fun, but don't worry if you missed your chance to buy a pair on Tuesday, when it went on sale to the public for $1,500. While the current generation of Google Glass is doomed to become a clunky eBay collectible, it's ...
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Full moon patents: Alphabet isn't giving up on Google Glass

TNW - 25 Sep 2018
Ugh, the Gregorian calendar is so boring. That's why we're disrupting monthly series with a lunar cycle-based series about the best patents of the last synodic month, picked by the PatentYogi team. Get ready when that moon gets gibbous, y'all.
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Astro Teller, 'Captain of Moonshots' at Alphabet's X, Is on a Roll

Wall Street Journal - 23 Oct 2018
Google Glass wearable computers are a staple of failed-innovation lists. But Waymo, the self-driving unit that started at X and spun off in 2016, was recently estimated by Morgan Stanley to be worth $175 billion—one-fifth the market capitalization of ...
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GoFAR Improves Social Skills for Autistic Kids Using Google Glass

Reality Technologies - 17 Oct 2018
Google Glass is an Augmented Reality device that's wearable like glasses. Both regular and AR glasses allow the user to see reality. The difference is, that the AR glasses alter reality with digital content projected over it. Using the neuro assistive ...
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The techlash is coming

The Globe and Mail - 19 Oct 2018
For Google Glass, it was neither the eyes nor the “ayes” but the “nays” that had it: The Google goggles were voted down by the so-called Google Glass Explorers, early adopters who paid US$1,500 for the wearable and subsequently trashed it. One Explorer ...
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At Google's Pixel 3 event, it's all about the data

CNET - 07 Oct 2018
Google has worked hard to toughen up its hardware chops. What started as a hobby with one-off projects here and there -- the short-lived Nexus Q streaming device or the disastrous Google Glass eyewear -- is now a legitimate hardware business. In 2016 ...
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North 的Focals 智能眼镜比Google Glass 更能融入你的生活

Engadget 中国版 (博客) - 24 Oct 2018
一个多礼拜前,曾开发了Myo 臂带的加拿大公司Thalmic Labs 宣布自己正在筹备一款完全不同的产品。时至今日谜底终于揭晓,他们果然如传言一般,以新品牌North 打造了一款外观几乎跟普通眼镜一样的智能眼镜。这款被称作 ...
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Google looking to future after 20 years of search

Economic Times - 24 Sep 2018
But Google has also seen failures, such as much-maligned Google Glass eyewear. Elsewhere, the Google+ social network launched to compete with Facebook has seen little meaningful traction. In October 2015, corporate restructuring saw the creation of ...
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Google Glassよりスリムデザインのスマートメガネ「Focals」は999ドル

ニコニコニュース - 24 Oct 2018
機能的にはGoogle Glassに近い。しかしGoogle Glassはいかついデザインで、一目でスマートグラスとわかる。それに比べ、Focalsはフレームのサイド部分がやや太いものの正面からはまったく普通のメガネにしか見えない。 で、どんなことができるかというと、スマホと連携させる ...

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