Review: Google's Inbox App Will Make Checking Your Email Fun Again -
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Google's Inbox can finally show multiple email accounts at once

The Verge - 21 Aug 2017
Google Inbox has a new “all inboxes” view on Android, allowing you to see all of your inboxes without tapping back and forth. This saves you two seconds of tapping each time you check your mail and keeps you from missing important messages arriving in ...
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Google Inbox now has an 'All inboxes' view

Android Police - 20 Aug 2017
Google's Inbox app is a pretty great email client, but it has always lacked something that many mobile and desktop email applications have - a merged inbox view. You always had to check each account separately, which can take at least two taps to ...
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Check Your Inbox: Google Warns Publishers Serving Annoying Ads - 08 Aug 2017
The iconic brand is one of roughly a thousand online publishers that are set to receive an email from Google warning them that they are showing "highly annoying, misleading or harmful" ads. Although there aren't many ads on Betty Crocker's website, it ...
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Newton Mail app now organizes your inbox for you

The Verge - 02 Aug 2017
Newton Mail, an email app for Gmail, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail / Outlook, iCloud, Google Apps, Office 365, and IMAP services available for iOS, Android, and Mac, is getting a new inbox sorting feature today. The new Tidy Inbox feature is similar to ...
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Vox Sentences: Breaking up is hard to do

Vox - 24 Aug 2017
Sign up for the Vox Sentences newsletter, delivered straight to your inbox Monday through Friday, or view the Vox Sentences archive for past editions. Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez faces an imminent corruption trial with big political implications ...
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What Is Ray Kurzweil Up to at Google? Writing Your Emails

WIRED - 02 Aug 2017
They showed that artificial neural networks, which had revamped Google's image search and speech-recognition services, could also respond to emails if given enough examples to learn from. In late 2015 the system was added to Inbox, Google's alternative ...
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Android 8.0: The complete Oreo FAQ

Computerworld - 22 Aug 2017
If you ask me, this may be Android Oreo's most useful and impressive new element: the software's newfound ability to snooze notifications — something I've been clamoring for ever since I got accustomed the idea of snoozing things in Google's Inbox app.
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11 hidden Gmail features you didn't know existed

The Independent - 17 Aug 2017
Gmail is great as it is, but its treasure trove of hidden features make it even more powerful than you might realise. Labs alone, which is tucked away in the Settings menu, is packed full of extra goodies you might never have realised you even needed.
google inbox Users Can 'Toggle' New Inbox Beta Experience

eWeek - 10 Aug 2017
Years after Microsoft bashed the search and online services giant for scanning Gmail users' emails for advertising purposes in its "Scroogled" campaign, Google announced earlier this summer that it was ending the practice, aligning its consumer and ...

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