Google Maps Is Taken Over By Pokémon In April Fools' Prank -
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Google Maps Is Taken Over By Pokémon In April Fools' Prank

Huffington Post - 31 Mar 2014
In order to find the best Pokémon master, Google has developed a Pokémon Challenge that is what it calls "the most rigorous test known to man." So how does it work? Google has added hidden Pokémon throughout the latest version of Google Maps, and to ...
google maps pokemon

Council seeks ban on Pokemon GO 'lure spots' in QC - 21 Sep 2017
Pokemon GO is an augmented reality gaming app based on the popular Pokemon game and television series. It uses GPS and Google Maps to place virtual Pokemon characters in locations ranging from train stations, interesting architecture, malls and other ...
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Pokemon GO Review: Travel Across The Land, Searching Far and Wide

GamingBolt - 25 Sep 2017
Using a combination of some admittedly cool augmented reality tech, as well as geocaching, Pokemon GO strives to answer the question. It places you in our world, putting a custom trainer on a map based on Google Maps, and then begins to populate the ...
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Are Consumers Ready to Give Augmented Reality a Try?

Voice of America - 30 Aug 2017
While "Pokemon Go" didn't require special hardware or software, more advanced AR apps will. Google and Apple are both developing technology to enable that. Google's AR technology is already on Android phones from Lenovo and Asus. On Tuesday ...
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Pokemon Go has finally landed in Asia's third biggest gaming market

Business Insider - 24 Jan 2017
SEOUL (Reuters) - Nintendo Co's smash hit Pokemon Go was finally released in South Korea on Tuesday, six months after it was released elsewhere in the world. The game relies on Google Maps to work but in most of South Korea those functions have been ...
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Pokémon Go's most useful map helps you find legendaries

Polygon - 28 Jul 2017
A community-run Pokémon Go mapping site could make it easier to guarantee you get your legendary Pokémon before time runs out. GymHuntr, a service that keeps track of gyms, recently updated to show real-time info about local Raid Battles. That means ...
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Google Maps now has a 'Catching Pokémon' feature in Timeline

The Next Web - 05 Sep 2016
To access the feature, open the menu in Maps and head to 'Your timeline'. If you haven't used Timeline until now, you'll have to activate it before you can start tagging your Pokémon Go adventures. Once you've done that, Timeline will start ...
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'Pokémon GO' Missed An Obvious April Fool's Day Joke Opportunity

Forbes - 01 Apr 2017
With that said, there's a bit of interesting history here when it comes to Pokémon GO, which actually started out as an April Fool's Day joke. Google, king of all April Fool's Day goofs, had “Pokémon Challenge” be its Google Maps joke back in 2014 ...
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Niantic Surveillance Agency - 19 Jul 2016
On 16 July 2016, Facebook user Chuck DeJarnett published the above-reproduced claim that the popular augmented reality game Pokemon Go is a trojan horse designed to mobilize users to populate Google Maps by uploading video views of their homes, ...
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Google Maps Could Make Pokémon Go Even Better

Popular Science - 08 Jul 2016
A Google login leads to so much more than just a record of what mini-monsters you've collected in Pokémon Go. Impressively, the in-game map highly resembles the streets and sidewalks of your actual surroundings, and landmarks in the game represent ...
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Pokémon Go's Next Big Move

Co.Design (blog) - 04 May 2017
[Image: Niantic, Inc./Pokémon/Nintendo]Hanke wasn't born with a love for historical architecture and public spaces. Over the course of a decade working at companies in Silicon Valley, and developing platforms like Google Maps and Google Earth, he drove ...

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