Google enacts stricter penalties on sites that continuously spread malware -
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Google Doodle Honors Science Fiction Author Octavia E. Butler - 22 Jun 2018
Google honored the legacy of famed science fiction author Octavia E. Butler with her own Google Doodle today (June 22), which would have been the writer's 71st birthday. Butler, who died in 2006, was a prolific science fiction writer who received ...
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Google Assistant Users No Longer Need to Keep Saying 'Hey Google'

Fortune - 22 Jun 2018
Owners of Google Assistant voice-controlled speakers no longer have to say, “OK, Google” or “Hey, Google” before every question about the weather or traffic. They now only have to speak once before starting a back-and-forth conversation. The change ...
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Google's Street View cars will monitor London's air quality

Engadget - 22 Jun 2018
London Mayor Sadiq Khan has made it one of his missions to curb pollution and improve air quality in the capital. Data plays an important role, and as part of a new project, two Google Street View cars will begin pulling double duty as mobile air ...
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What is Google doing with AI? Chips with Everything podcast

The Guardian - 22 Jun 2018
In early June 2018, reports surfaced that Google had informed employees it would not renew its contract for Project Maven, and days afterwards, Pichai published the blog post AI at Google: our principles, which laid out seven objectives for AI ...
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Google adds a search feature to account settings to ease use

TechCrunch - 21 Jun 2018
Google has announced a refresh of the Google Accounts user interface. The changes are intended to make it easier for users to navigate settings and review data the company has associated with an account — including information relating to devices, ...
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World Cup sees Google Translate use within Russia jump 30%

CNET - 22 Jun 2018
Fans are making an effort to communicate with Russian locals in their own language during the World Cup, according to Google. Visitors have been using Google Translate to get some of the most useful phrases, and the company has seen a 30 percent ...
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Why Did Google Invest In JD.Com

Seeking Alpha - 22 Jun 2018
Google recently invested $550 million into Chinese online retailer The partnership with Google helps JD because the company will be able to sell their products directly through Google Shopping. The partnership also helps Google because it gives ...
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Google Vs. Apple: There Is A Clear Winner

Seeking Alpha - 22 Jun 2018
Between Google's Deepmind and Tensorflow, Google has a superior platform for developing AI, Apple's progress is not negligible, but it is behind far behind Google. Apple's culture is also proving to be a disadvantage here, many AI experts aim to ...
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Making sense of Google's podcast flip-flop

Computerworld - 21 Jun 2018
Google Podcasts, announced earlier this week, marks the company's second standalone stab at an Android podcasting service. (It also marks the launch of yet another instance of awkwardly overlapping Google services, since podcasts are currently ...
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How iPhone Could Beat Google Pixel 2's Best Feature

Forbes - 21 Jun 2018
In a patent granted earlier this month entitled 'Image Sensor With In-Pixel Depth Sensing', Apple has described a new camera device able to achieve portrait-mode-style trickery with only a single lens - much like the one built into Google's much-lauded ...

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