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Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds Review

Digital Trends - 19 Oct 2018
Google's follow-up to its wireless Pixel Buds are the wired Google Pixel USB-C earbuds. It's the simpler route, but the earbuds are still smart (you can access ...
google pixel buds

How to update your Google Pixel Buds

CNET - 20 Feb 2018
Google is in the process of rolling out an update to its wireless earbuds, the Pixel Buds ($109 at Walmart). I first learned of the update via a post on Reddit, and ...
google pixel buds

Google Pixel Buds Review: - Headphones

PC World - 26 Mar 2018
When they debuted at Google's product event last October, the Pixel Buds delighted tech pundits and mainstream audiences worldwide. For a brief couple of ...
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Google Pixel USB earbuds review

Sound Guys - 12 Oct 2018
How good are the Google Pixel USB-C Earbuds? Not very, as it turns out. If you're on the fence about buying these, let Chris explain a few foibles first.
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6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Techie Travelers

Peter Greenberg.com Travel News - 04 Dec 2018
In the world of planned obsolescence, nothing annoys more than yesterday's technology. At the same time, especially during the holidays, nothing excites more ...
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Pixel Buds new gestures: Tappin more

SlashGear - 15 May 2018
This afternoon Google product manager Sandeep Waraich revealed a set of new ways to use Google Pixel Buds. This new set of features works with the same ...
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Review: 36-Hours With Google's Pixel Buds

Forbes - 13 Nov 2017
Despite a less than ideal out of box experience I'm quite impressed by Google's new Pixel Buds. Other reviewers had no problems with the set-up issue that I'll ...

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