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'Hip fans are everywhere': Gord Downie tribute beer a hit - 19 Nov 2017
People looking to get their hands on the Courage (for Gord Downie) beer made by some Nova Scotian breweries are going to need some luck as supplies are dwindling. The creators originally envisioned the special beer as a 2,000-bottle run to help raise ...
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Introduce Yerself

Pitchfork - 17 Nov 2017
So when Gord Downie—lead singer, lyricist, and charismatic frontman of the Hip, but also poet, activist, actor, accomplished solo singer-songwriter, and altogether one of the most illustrious men in Canadian pop-cultural history—died last month of ...
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Courage (for Gord Downie) beer hits Halifax shelves Nov. 20th - 14 Nov 2017
The beers were flowing freely and the bands were set up amongst the fermenters playing songs a lot of Canadians know by heart. Boxing Rock Brewery in Shelburne recently released their new beer Courage (for Gord Downie). The beer was created in ...
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Watch Gord Downie Craft Final LP in Poignant New Video - 26 Oct 2017
A new behind-the-scenes video offers a poignant look at the studio sessions that produced Gord Downie's forthcoming posthumous record, Introduce Yerself. The frontman of the beloved Canadian rock outfit the Tragically Hip died October 18th after a ...
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East Yorkers sing together to remember Gord Downie

Toronto Observer - 22 Nov 2017
It took Kathryn McLean everything in her power not to cry when she met Gord Downie in the summer of 2016 while working backstage at the Air Canada Centre during The Tragically Hip's last tour. “He was trying and you could tell he was struggling ...
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Gord Downie's bandmates, Alex Trebek named to the Order of Canada

CTV News - 18 Nov 2017
Kington, Ont. natives Rob Baker, Johnny Fay, Paul Langlois and Gord Sinclair were recognized for their cultural contributions and supporting social and environmental causes. Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie, who died exactly one month ago, received ...
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Presenting our Gord Downie special commemorative issue - 03 Nov 2017
MAC55_001_COVER.jpg Gord Downie was many things: showman, poet, friend, musician, advocate for Indigenous issues and proud Canadian. Throughout the Tragically Hip's three-decade career, Maclean's tracked the band's journey. We've created a ...
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Before you go: why we don't publicly express love - 11 Nov 2017
Even as the enigmatic Gord Downie transcended labels—musician, poet, activist—as he became a kind of Canadian medium, channeling the complicated mythologies of a people who celebrate the struggle against oversimplified clichés of patriotism, his ...
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Big KRIT, Gord Downie, Julien Baker and more music reviews

ABC News - 01 Nov 2017
Last year's excellent “Man Machine Poem” served as the final Tragically Hip album, but at the beginning of this year Downie managed to squeeze out this sprawling 73-minute set with Broken Social Scene's Kevin Drew handling production. As you'd expect, ...
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Album Review: Gord Downie – Introduce Yerself

BeatRoute Magazine - 02 Nov 2017
For the larger part of his storied career with The Tragically Hip, Gord Downie spent his time telling stories belonging to other people. From “Wheat Kings,” all the way to last year's Secret Path, Downie himself took a backseat to a cast of characters ...

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