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'GQ' Cover: Lands' End Customers Freak Out…

Hollywood Life - 14 Aug 2014
Model Emily Ratajkowski is super sexy, but Lands' End customers were none too pleased to be gifted with a free edition of 'GQ' magazine, featuring the 'Blurred Lines' dancer on the cover. In fact, they were 'horrified' by the 'pornographic' cover! Are ...
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Robert Pattinson Is Alive Again

GQ Magazine - 09 Aug 2017
For the great big stunt of our GQ cover story, let's take great big doses of ayahuasca. Let's slide down the gooey tunnels of our ids until we Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich. Then I look it up. There's a really long period of your trip where you're just ...
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Aziz Ansari Covers the Fall Issue of GQ Style

GQ Magazine - 02 Aug 2017
No internet?!) Visit GQ Style tomorrow morning to read the interview and see the raucous cover shoot by Arnaud Pyvka that captures Aziz Ansari taking Paris Fashion Week by storm while looking cooler and more confident than ever in the fall's flyest ...
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Dak Prescott lands cover of GQ Magazine, labeled 'America's QB'

247Sports - 10 Aug 2017
It's been one hell of a ride thus far for the former Mississippi State bulldog, who entered the league in 2016 as an afterthought only to become a household name with the top selling jersey for the Dallas Cowboys. In a fortuitous turn of events, the ...
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Cara Delevingne: 'I learnt I had to be strong to be vulnerable'

British GQ - 04 Aug 2017
Cara Delevingne is showing her mettle. As a singer and an actor this one-time star supermodel has found her place in the universe. Ahead of her first blockbusting lead role in Luc Besson's new sci-fi spectacular, GQ joins the French director for a ...
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Behind the story: Carvell Wallace profiles Mahershala Ali for GQ

Columbia Journalism Review - 10 Aug 2017
His gifts are particularly apparent in his June cover story for GQ (“LimeLight”), a profile of the Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali. What follows is another installment of Behind the Story, in which we're given a peek behind the curtain at how a ...
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Aaron Sorkin's Molly's Game Has Its First Trailer

GQ Magazine - 15 Aug 2017
Good thing we got "beautiful" and "wielding automatic weapons" in there, just to cover any suspicions this might be a boring movie. It stars Jessica Chastain as the titular Molly, and will also feature GQ best boy Idris Elba, along with Kevin Costner ...
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Did You Catch the Big Twist Game of Thrones Quietly Dropped?

GQ Magazine - 14 Aug 2017
This week's Game of Thrones was so loaded with plot developments that the episode's biggest reveal might have slipped right by you. To be fair, it also slipped right by Sam Tarly, who was so wrapped up in his own professional angst that he didn't stop ...
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New Poll Shows Muslims Are Less Homophobic Than White Christians

GQ Magazine - 09 Aug 2017
Having had to read the gospels cover-to-cover in high school, I thought it seemed pretty clear how Jesus wanted people to treat each other. "Love one another as I have loved you" is advice that seemingly would lead to a religion full of warmth and ...
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How to Wear this Summer's Boldest, Craziest Shirts

GQ Magazine - 21 Jul 2017
The tropical print shirts have been cosigned by celebrity style gods ranging from soccer player Robbie Rogers, to Harry Styles, to GQ cover star Mahershala Ali for two summers in a row now. Because of that, fashion brands have a creative imperative to ...

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