The Great Smog of 1952, sometimes called The Big Smoke ,... -
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The Great Smog of 1952, sometimes called The Big Smoke ,...

wikipedia - 14 Nov 2016
The Great Smog of 1952, sometimes called The Big Smoke , was a severe air-pollution event that affected the British capital of London in December 1952. A period of cold weather, combined with an anticyclone and windless conditions, collected airborne pollutants – mostly arising from the use of coal – to form a thick layer of smog over the city. It lasted from Friday, 5 December to Tuesday, 9 December 1952 and then dispersed quickly when the weather changed.
great smog

On Climate and China, Liberals Blinded by Anti-Trump Smog

The American Conservative - 20 Jun 2018
Two very different news items on climate change have emerged in recent weeks, one a source of pessimism, the other a source of optimism. First, the pessimism: a May 30 report from Greenpeace headlined “Dramatic surge in China carbon emissions signals ...
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Man begins six-month swim through 'Great Pacific garbage patch'

The Guardian - 05 Jun 2018
Rather than being made up of large pieces of plastic, most of the pollution is made up of invisible pieces of microplastic that sit in the water like a “plastic smog”, he said. “In reality the truth is much worse – the ocean is now filled with ...
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Air Pollution Advisory continues today for smog

WHIO - 15 Jun 2018
It is with great sadness that I have to announce that The Batavia Police Department lost a fellow officer today. Officer K-9 Kraft was accidentally struck and killed by a car today. As the Chief I express my deepest sympathy to Ofc. McMillan and his ...
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Summer reading list: Books we're rescuing from the shelf

austin360 - 19 Jun 2018
“Death in the Air”: Kate Winkler Dawson, a senior lecturer at the University of Texas' School of Journalism, writes about two fascinating stories that are strangely intertwined: the crimes of serial killer John Reginald Christie, and the Great Smog ...
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Two cute videos teach kids about climate change and smog

Treehugger - 01 Jun 2018
The videos are part of a series called Trans.MISSION and are jointly supported by the National Environment Research Council. They do a great job at simplifying serious concepts without dumbing them down too much. They also offer hopeful notes at the ...
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The environmental effects of combustion

Creamer Media's Engineering News - 23 May 2018
At the SADC Combustion Seminar that was hosted by the Southern African Gas Association (SAGA) on the 27 & 28 March 2018, Carl Bothma made reference to London's great smog of 1952. This was a fog so thick and polluted it reportedly left 8,000 ...
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Storms looming just in time for the weekend. Great. Just great

The London Free Press - 25 May 2018
The federal weather agency issued a smog advisory for Sarnia and Lambton County thanks to the pollution. All high school sports in Chatham-Kent and Sarnia-Lambton were cancelled on Friday. “Individuals may experience symptoms such as increased ...
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Overflight Video: 'Crystal Clear Lava'

Big Island Now - 19 Jun 2018
The ocean entry is again creating a huge plume of steam and laze (volcanic smog), indicating a great deal of lava is entering the water, and new land is slowly forming off the eastern coast of the Big Island of Hawai'i. Remarkably, even though nearly ...
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My Quest to Get Inside Britain's Biggest Weed Greenhouse

VICE - 12 Jun 2018
"We called it 'the great smog' last year," said Brendan Morgan, landlord at The Swan pub. "It was all over town—it was horrendous, overpowering, and gave me constant headaches. For two days it was worse than the Icelandic ash cloud, but no one knew ...
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12 Ways to Make the Most of Great Outdoors Month Music and Entertainment News (blog) - 10 Jun 2018
June is Great Outdoors Month, a reminder that there is so much to enjoy and appreciate in the natural environment- across the country or just outside your door. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists a few ideas to help you stay safe and ...

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