Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett jailed after airport incident -
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Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett jailed after airport incident

CNN - 22 May 2014
(CNN) -- Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett spent a dozen hours in jail after being arrested on charges of interfering with a police officer at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, officials said. Jarrett, 59, was "belligerent and uncooperative ...
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Donald Trump 'the candidate' did not commit a crime: Gregg Jarrett

Fox Business - 01 Dec 2017
FNC's Gregg Jarrett on reports that former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn will testify about Donald Trump. Former Trump national security advisor Michael Flynn plead guilty Friday to charges of lying to the FBI. Now there are reports Flynn was ...
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Has the FBI 'become America's secret police,' like the KGB?

PolitiFact - 08 Dec 2017
A Fox News legal commentator argued the FBI has become the new KGB, the Soviet-era secret police, during a segment of Hannity. Here's the exchange between Gregg Jarrett and the show's host, Sean Hannity, during the Dec. 6, 2017, edition: Jarrett: "I ...
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Gregg Jarrett: Steinle verdict is a miscarriage of justice

Fox News - 02 Dec 2017
Joining us now is Fox News contributor Charlie Hurt, FOX News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett and Fox News contributor David Webb. Thank you so much for joining us tonight, gentlemen. CHARLIE HURT, FOX NEWS LEGAL ANALYST: Thank you, Kimberly. GUILFOYLE ...

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