Seven Things You Might Have Missed About Greninja's Smash Reveal -

Seven Things You Might Have Missed About Greninja's Smash Reveal

Kotaku - 08 Apr 2014
The Nintendo Direct we watched yesterday, which focused on Smash Bros? It contained more information than what Nintendo actually talked about. But if you pay close enough attention, you can catch some cool stuff hidden in the footage. Take Greninja ...

2GG Hyrule Saga results ft. Nairo, MKLeo, Tweek, Salem, Dabuz

EventHubs - 25 Jun 2018
25. DarkShad (Ryu) 25. WaDi (Mewtwo) 25. KJS|Javi (Sheik, Cloud) 25. 2GG|Komorikiri (Cloud, Sonic) 25. eM|Zenyou (Mario) 25. Falln (Rosalina & Luma). 33. Lima (Bayonetta) 33. Rags (Meta Knight) 33. CLG|Nakat (Fox, Ness, Lucina) 33. Stroder (Greninja)

Funko Recently Released The First Ever Pokemon POP! Figure

GameMite - 19 Jul 2018
There are many things that have contributed to Pokemon's success all over the world. The RPG franchise has made a name for itself as one of the best RPG series ever. But more than that, the animes and movies have helped show the world of Pokemon in a ...

Limited edition Ash, Greninja and Pikachu figure coming to Japan

Nintendo Wire - 03 Aug 2017
It's been a crazy year to be a Pokémon fan and collector. The 20th anniversary celebration has brought us a lot of new Pocket Monster merchandise, some that left even the most die hard collectors struggling to catch 'em all. Now, yet another ...

What your favourite Pokémon says about you

Red Bull - 14 Jul 2018
You favour Greninja because, of all the Pokémon, he alone resonates with that part of you that can defeat a man just by stimulating a pressure point or two. Sure, you're trying to avoid such behaviour ever since you hospitalised Rory from accounts for ...

25 Classic Pokémon Characters Reimagined As Villains

Screen Rant - 30 Jun 2018
Perhaps this Greninja could be the result of an alternate timeline in which Team Rocket successfully uses the ring device against Ash's Froakie, instead of the lab's Garchomp getting caught. The Froakie would have then evolved under the control and ...

7 Pokemon Decks That Could Win the 2017 World Championships

IGN - 12 Aug 2017
Greninja BREAK is another deck that performs well against Gardevoir-GX. Due to Greninja's low energy cost and the option to remove energy from it altogether, Gardevoir has to do all the work to earn its knockouts. This deck won 2nd place at last year's ...

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