Gretchen Carlson Talks Alleged Sexual Harassment in 20/20 Interview: 'You Fear ... -
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Gretchen Carlson: Fire Sexual Predators, Protect Victims

HuffPost - 10 Nov 2017
Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson said she wants to change the workplace dynamic that allows harassers to continue their careers while accusers lose their own. Carlson has become a leading voice on workplace harassment issues after she ...
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Former Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson visits Kalamazoo

WWMT-TV - 10 Nov 2017
KALAMAZOO, Mich. — Former Fox and Friends host Gretchen Carlson visited Kalamazoo on Thursday and today to share ideas on faith, success and handling adversity. Among the messages she shared, Carlson said “courage is a building process.”.
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Gretchen Carlson's advice for her twenty-year-old self

Business Insider - 02 Nov 2017
Former Fox News anchor Gretchen Carlson spoke to Business Insider about what advice she'd giver her twenty-year-old self. In 2016, Carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Fox News founder Roger Ailes. Carlson's allegations led to his ...
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Gretchen Carlson Returning To TV In Spring

WVXU - 30 Oct 2017
Carlson left Fox News when her contract expired June 23, 2016. Two weeks later, on July 6, she filed a lawsuit against Roger Ailes, then Fox News chairman and CEO, claiming sexual harassment. Ailes was forced to resign in September 2016, after many ...
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Gretchen Carlson: Change sexual harassment training

Charlotte Business Journal - 31 Oct 2017
Gretchen Carlson finds herself still in a bit of shock over what has happened. In July 2016, she set off a chain of events by filing a lawsuit against her former boss, Roger Ailes of Fox News, alleging sexual harassment and discrimination. Two months ...
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Gretchen Carlson Launches Women's Initiative in Dallas - 08 Nov 2017
The Gretchen Carlson Leadership Initiative is a partnership of All in Together Campaign, a nonpartisan women's organization committed to providing innovative solutions to advance women's political, civic, and professional leadership in the U.S., and ...

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