Groundhog Day 2014: Phil Sees His Shadow, Signifying 6 More Weeks of Winter -
groundhog day 2014

Broadway Box Office: Brendon Urie Shines Up 'Kinky Boots'

Variety - 24 Jul 2017
“Kinky Boots” ($1,452,591) posted its highest weekly gross since the 2014 holiday season last week, thanks to the fans of Urie and Panic! that turn out en masse for the show and clog the stage door after every performance. Urie has always been ...
groundhog day 2014

Groundhog Year for OPEC

The Fuse (registration) (blog) - 10 Jul 2017
It's groundhog year for the cartel, which has been unable to structurally shift fundamentals and prices in its favor since the price collapse in mid-2014, and it is reliving its catch-22 scenario with competing producers. OPEC's members have yet to ...
groundhog day 2014

Watch: All of Broadway's #Ham4All Videos in One Place - 17 Jul 2017
Similar to 2014's Ice Bucket Challenge that raised money for the ALS Association, Miranda's challenge raises funds for Immigrants We Get the Job Done Coalition, a non-profit that supports 12 organizations that, in turn, support the rights of immigrants ...
groundhog day 2014

Back the jumpers to beat the boredom

Sports Hounds - 24 Jul 2017
And it is days like that at Bendigo on Sunday that sheet home the point: jumps racing in the winter is a point of difference, a much-needed contrast to the “groundhog day”aspect of endless and pretty much inconsequential flat racing. The first three ...
groundhog day 2014

Laurel Miller: The Full Transcript

POLITICO Magazine - 24 Jul 2017
There are reports any day now we'll see an increase of new troops being sent to the region. It's almost an eerie echo of the very beginning of the Barack Obama administration. Laurel Miller, yesterday Donald Trump said—and it was almost one of those ...
groundhog day 2014

Here's How Groundhog Day Got Started

TIME - 31 Jan 2017
To the unfamiliar, Groundhog Day is perhaps one of America's weirdest traditions. Every Feb. 2, people wait for a large, furry rodent to see his shadow and then we predict the weather based on the animal's actions.
groundhog day 2014

Going Back to 'Groundhog Day.' Again.

New York Times - 15 Mar 2017
It was 1992, and he was shooting the comedy “Groundhog Day” in Woodstock, Ill. To keep people from talking with him between takes, he blasted music from a boombox he carried around; that day's selection was Talking Heads. A young actor making his movie ...
groundhog day 2014

The dark side of cruises

MarketWatch - 20 Jul 2017
To this day, the Carver family still doesn't know exactly what happened to Merrian, who was the oldest of four daughters and was described as an over-achiever, despite a nearly year-long search that consumed almost all of the family's time. “You can ...
groundhog day 2014

Everything coming to Netflix in August 2017

Looper - 17 Jul 2017
In May of last year, an explosive story revealed that dozens of Olympic athletes from Russia were part of a state-run doping program designed to ensure that the country would fare well at the 2014 winter games in Sochi. The documentary Icarus delves ...
groundhog day 2014

Do Olivier Awards Matter On Broadway? 'Groundhog Day' Hopes So

Forbes - 17 Apr 2017
There's a cosmic joke written somewhere into the development of the new Broadway musical Groundhog Day. It's just not a very funny one, at least not for the team behind the show. Based on the 1993 Bill Murray film, the production seems caught in its ...

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