Guanxi or Guanshi describes the basic dynamic in persona... -

Guanxi or Guanshi describes the basic dynamic in persona...

wikipedia - 20 Sep 2016
Guanxi or Guanshi describes the basic dynamic in personalized networks of influence (which can be best described as the relationships individuals cultivate with other individuals) and is a central idea in Chinese society. In Western media, the pinyin romanization of this Chinese word is becoming more widely used instead of the two common translations of it—"connections" and "relationships"—as neither of those terms sufficiently reflects the wide cultural implications that guanxi describes.

What Can All Business Learn From Family Businesses?

Forbes - 15 Jun 2018
This connection is related to the Chinese concept of guanxi: a network of respect and obligation, expressed by reciprocal favors. Family capitalism values profit and obligations to employees, suppliers, customers and the community in which the family ...

Łódź zacieśnia więzi z Chinami. "Mamy swoje guanxi" - 27 May 2018
Guanxi to sieć powiązań opartych na wzajemności – wyjaśnia prof. Dominik Mierzejewski z Zakładu Azji Wschodniej Uniwersytetu Łódzkiego. Ta wzajemność z czasem prowadzi do zmniejszania kosztów transakcji, większego dostępu do informacji czy ...

Murder in Markham

Toronto Life - 28 May 2018
In China, where social mobility is limited, members of the lower middle class can only move up in the world with the help of people who can provide favours, referrals and patronage. The Chinese have a term for these social networks: guanxi. Many ...

China's Business Future and Past

China Law Blog (blog) - 19 May 2018
“Out from Guanxi.” Guanxi is overrated and rapidly declining. “High-quality management and transparent governance structures count more.” 5. Chinese companies are going overseas. Our own experiences cause us to agree with all five of these themes and ...

How Britain can remain a soft power superpower after Brexit

The Conversation UK - 30 May 2018
Guanxi (Chinese: 关系) is best described as the relationships that individuals cultivate with other individuals and is a central idea in Chinese society. Given the all-encompassing ubiquity of the worldwide web (another British export to the world) is ...

There will be 11 playable factions in Total War: Three Kingdoms

PCGamesN - 13 Jun 2018
We've also heard that they'll have a huge impact at the campaign level, with Creative Assembly mechanising the Chinese social philosophy of guanxi. Guanxi is a system in Three Kingdoms, with your characters' personalities and interpersonal networks ...

The best way for a luxury brand to find success in China? Be there

South China Morning Post - 17 Jun 2018
This is all fine, but we are still talking about business in China – and business in China runs on guanxi. This does not mean that underhand interactions take place; it simply refers to the fact that it's relationships – long-term and based on mutual ...

Beyond Guanxi – the other side of the coin in Chinese business

Australia China Business Review - 20 Apr 2018
How should we do business and network with international partners? Should we just do business as usual, or should we learn to adapt and find mutually acceptable business etiquettes? Today, cultural literacy in international business has become more ...

Influence, favour keys to good guanxi: study

Australia China Business Review - 19 Apr 2018
Often one of the first pieces of advice a western businessperson hears when they seek to do business in China is to have a strong network, more commonly known in the People's Republic as a guanxi. However, what is not as commonly known is how to ...

MB Dec | 'Guanxi' matters in hospitality careers

Macau Business - 02 Jan 2018
'Guanxi' should not be considered a taboo, but a critical success factor in hotel career development”. So says a study by IFT scholars Fiona Yang and Virginia Lau Meng Chan. Their research on the role of workplace guanxi in building a successful career ...

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