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Dave Brockie, Alien-Garbed Leader of Gwar, Dies at 50

New York Times - 24 Mar 2014
Mr. Brockie used the stage name Oderus Urungus and wore a costume to perform. Credit Robert E. Klein/Associated Press. Dave Brockie, who as Oderus Urungus fronted the alien-costumed heavy metal band Gwar for 30 years in stage shows soaked in fake ...

GWAR set to begin work on writing new album after tour

Alternative Press (blog) - 14 Nov 2018
Get excited Gwar fans, it appears that the band will be working on a new album very soon. In a recent interview with Bullet Music, Gwar guitarist Pustulus Maximus shared that the band has a bunch of songs they're working on.

ASM-GWAR, a terrifying and unique ASMR experience

Alternative Press (blog) - 14 Nov 2018
In this APTV exclusive, GWAR belch and scratch their way through an ASMR session so riddled with vulgarity and the deep, guttural-gargling of digestive fluids, you'll wish they had brought their typical wall of feedback to drown out this hushed debauchery.

Kyle Meredith With...

Consequence of Sound (blog) - 31 Oct 2018
The Halloween episode of Kyle Meredith With… features an interview with heavy metal band Gwar's current frontman, Blothar, who dives into the mythology of the group's newest album, The Blood of Gods, which takes on social and political issues that ...

GWAR: “Even monsters have to have Christmas”

Fairfaxtimes.com - 25 Oct 2018
GWAR doesn't hate people. “We love people,” said Michael Bishop--also known as Blothar the lead singer--over the phone. “They are delicious! And babies especially have particular charm.” The only way to escape being eaten by the band members is to be ...

Watch GWAR Mercilessly Demolish a 'Rick and Morty'-Themed Bar

VICE - 02 Nov 2018
I genuinely feared for my safety when I brought a small video crew to watch GWAR, the cadre of intergalactic sex and death gods / metal band to destroy an unauthorized Rick and Morty-themed that had just been shut down in Washington, D.C.. At one point ...

Gwar to play Palladium

Worcester Telegram - 04 Nov 2018
What's not to love about GWAR? Hard-hitting, fast-driving music, awesome sci-fi costumes, epic storylines and a stage show that defies description. Just listening to the band's 2017 album, “The Blood of Gods,” with songs such as “Viking Death Machine ...

Pics: GWAR slaughtered Irving Plaza once again (10/31)

Next Mosh - 10 Nov 2018
This time around, Irving Plaza stepped up their GWAR defense and laid out what looked like disposable carpeting all throughout the main floor of the club. Smart move, as our beastly metal heroes did not hold back, spewing gruesome amounts of blood ...

GWAR Announces New Graphic Novel The Enormogantic Fail For June

Metal Injection.net - 17 Oct 2018
Gwar has really branched out over the past few years into a lot of different merchandising (and a covert Rick & Morty appearance) and extended looks into their universe, and their upcoming graphic novel The Enormogantic Fail should be no different.

GWAR On Halloween Is A Disgusting Bloodbath Of Epic Proportions

Kerrang! - 02 Nov 2018
“God, hundreds of gallons of blood,” says GWAR's lead singer, Blothar, a few hours before the show. The porcine vocalist snorts and impatiently picks at the upper right-most of his four cock-udders, antsy for the moment he is allowed to start fucking ...

Bloody and Bruised after GWAR Concert

Music in Minnesota (press release) (blog) - 30 Oct 2018
RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress, Elevate. Crowd Killing: purposefully injuring the crowd on the edge of a mosh pit while moshing. These are important definitions, but I'll get to that later. First, let's talk about the troupe of blood-spraying monsters known ...

The 13 Best Concerts in Phoenix This Weekend

Phoenix New Times - 19 Oct 2018
Get ready for a weekend of wild rock 'n' roll featuring freaks, geeks, punks, and weirdos. Bands such as GWAR, Genitorturers, Death Valley Girls, and FIDLAR will invade Valley music venues over the next couple of nights, each serving up their ...

Gwar @ the Lincoln Theatre

Triangle A&E - 12 Nov 2018
Gwar played the Lincoln Theatre November 4th. Your favorite interplanetary barbaric warriors are still chopping off heads and spewing political and religious satire to a full house. © Michale Macsuga 2018. As they come on stage I panicked in the photo pit.

GWAR Returns to the East Coast

NYSMusic - 22 Oct 2018
GWAR is in the midst of a coast to coast tour, but return to the East Coast in time for a Halloween show at New York's Irving Plaza. They've also announced a five-show holiday run between Christmas and New Year's with Iron Reagan and Against the Grain, ...

GWAR dominates the Belasco

LA Music Blog (blog) - 26 Oct 2018
Gwar are an institution. Their goofy mix of self-effacing shenanigans and absolute earnestness–coupled with their impressive musicianship and consummate showmanship–is the exact kind of solution that gets right down into my core and warms it. Sure that ...

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