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Tati Westbrook addressed troubling rumors about her vitamin line

Revelist (blog) - 06 Mar 2018
Tati Westbrook found herself in the middle of a storm from the moment she announced the launch of her new Halo Beauty Booster vitamins. Since the launch of her new brand, Westbrook has faced a lot of questions about how, exactly, her beauty-boosting ...
halo beauty tati

The Beauty Supplement Everyone on the Internet Is Talking About

POPSUGAR Beauty Austrailia - 30 Apr 2018
Tati initially surprised fans when she announced she would be launching into supplements, as many expected her to launch with a cosmetics line. Despite this, Halo Beauty has certainly created a huge buzz, with both fans and critics sharing their ...
halo beauty tati

Tati Westbrook gave us the FIRST look at her new makeup brand

Revelist (blog) - 27 Feb 2018
Tati Westbrook has been teasing her new makeup collection LIKE CRAZY. As an OG beauty Youtuber, she has loads of fans who have been itching for her to finally drop some Tati-approved beauty products of her own. Finally, the day has come — Westbrook ...
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Beauty Boost: Your Hair and Nails Need Vitamins Too

Inquirer.net - 08 Mar 2018
To further boost the strength of your nails or the plumpness of your skin, companies have developed supplements. These can come in the form of gummies, pills, or powder that you can add to your drinks. If you think your beauty routine could use an ...
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New Beauty Brand Halo Beauty Comes Up With It's First Product

Herald of Fashion - 05 Mar 2018
The launch of not a new makeup item or collection but a beauty brand was in the cards in the past few days. New Beauty Brand Halo Beauty is the brainchild of Tati Westbrook, makeup reviewer and the face behind Glam Life Guru. And without any further ...
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The Biggest YouTube Beauty Secret Has Nothing To Do With Makeup

Racked - 02 Jun 2016
A few weeks ago, Benefit brought around 90 beauty influencers – meaning Instagrammers and YouTubers – to Las Vegas for the company's massive eyebrow product launch event. Upon entering the event space, we were confronted by a sea of tables, each ...

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